Pumpkin Pie Frappe / Pumpkin and Cream Frappe


Hi Everyone,

I was originally going to post this recipe on Monday, but I couldn’t wait and wanted to post it today!!  I figured I’d beat Starbucks to the punch since they already sent me a coming soon e-mail and when I saw the photo I knew I just had to share mine first!!

Yah, yah, you know what I made here!  This my friends is my Pumpkin Spice Frappe!  It’s creamy, smooth and tastes just like pumpkin pie!  I gave Little Jenny a sampling and she said “Oh my Gosh”, this tastes just like Starbucks!  Yes it does my Friends!!  But I know what your thinking, there’s coffee in it!  Well of course there is, but I thought of you non-coffee drinkers too and made, you ready?  A Pumpkin and Cream Frappe just for you!  Your getting two versions of the same drink, one with coffee and one without!!

I of course had both versions and I can’t decide which one I like better?  The non-coffee one is made with coconut milk and oh my gosh this one really tastes like pumpkin pie.  This is not an almost tastes like pie, it does tastes just like pie!!!   I just love this drink and I mean love it!  It’s so guilt-free, it’s crazy and so when I want pumpkin pie, I am so making this drink!!  It’s truly amazing!!

The coffee version tastes just as amazing!!  It has just a hint of coffee, but tastes mostly like pie.  It’s kind of like having a piece of pumpkin pie with your coffee!  Mmmm, so good!!

Both these drinks are made very similar.  I used unsweetened coconut milk, canned pumpkin, pumpkin spice and a pinch of vanilla.   I wasn’t sure about putting canned pumpkin in a coffee drink, it sounds weird, but it works out so well.  Dam, I am pleased with this drink!!  When I posted my Chocolate Raspberry Frappe this week, Joanne left a comment asking if I had a pumpkin frappe recipe and at that point I already did!  My Husband is the one who told me to wait till Fall to post it, but really how can I wait?  I get to excited and I just had to share with you!!!

You know I have to do my comparisons, so here we go!  You may have to sit when you read the difference.  This is the coffee version:

Starbucks Grande Light Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino: Calories:  290,  Fat:  0,  Sodium:  260,  Carbs:  68:  Fiber:  0,  Sugar:  67,  Protein:  5

My coffee version:  Calories:  45.6,  Fat:  2.6,  Sodium:  8,9,  Potassium:  35.6,  Carbs:  3.9,  Fiber:  1.2,  Sugar:  2.2,  Protein:  1.1

Crazy isn’t it?  Look at the calories alone!!!  he he, I get all giggly when I see such a big difference!!

Pumpkin Spice Frappe
Nutrition Information
  • Serves: 2 Heaping Cups
  • Serving size: 2 Heaping Cups
    Prep time: 
    Total time: 
    A frozen blended coffee drink that is creamy, sweet and tastes just like pumpkin pie.
    • 1½ cups coffee, frozen, partially thawed
    • 2 Tbsp. pumpkin, canned
    • ½ tsp. vanilla extract
    • ¼ tsp. pumpkin spice, ground
    • 1 tsp. stevia
    • ½ cup unsweetened coconut milk From a carton, not canned
    • 2 tbsp. whip cream, fat free
    • 1 dash cinnamon, ground
    1. In a blender add coffee, pumpkin, vanilla, pumpkin spice, stevia and coconut milk. Blend until smooth.
    2. Pour into a glass and top with whip cream and sprinkle of cinnamon.
    Calories for the whole thing including whip cream: 45.6, Fat: 2.6, Cholesterol: 0, Sodium: 8,9, Potassium: 35.6, Carbs: 3.9, Fiber: 1.2, Sugar: 2.2, Protein: 1.1

    I can’t post two recipes when using Zip List, so I am typing the recipe out for the Pumpkin and Cream Frappe (non coffee version).  But let’s do another comparison, shall we?

    Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Creme Frappuccino (Grande):  Calories:  230,  Fat:  0,  Sodium:  250,  Carbs:  51,  Sugar:  50,  Protein:  6

    My Version (2 cups):  70.6,  Fat: 5.1,  Sodium:  16,   Potassium:  68,  Carbs:  4.4,  Fiber:  1.2,  Sugar:  2.2,  Protein:  1.5

    Look at the carbs and sugar!  This is craziness!! I’m telling you this drink is fantastic!  It has healthy fat, low carb, low calories and is even vegan!!  Have I sold you yet?

    Pumpkin and Cream Frappe


    1 cup unsweetened coconut milk

    2 Tbsp. pumpkin, canned (not pumpkin pie)

    1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

    1/4 tsp. pumpkin spice, ground

    1 tsp. stevia

    5 ice cubes

    2 tbsp. whip cream, fat free

    1 dash cinnamon, ground


    In a blender add coconut milk, pumpkin, vanilla, pumpkin spice, stevia and ice cubes. Blend until smooth.

    Pour into a glass and top with whip cream and sprinkle of cinnamon.

    Makes 2 cups

    Calories including whip cream:  70.6,  Fat: 5.1,  Sodium:  16,   Potassium:  68,  Carbs:  4.4,  Fiber:  1.2,  Sugar:  2.2,  Protein:  1.5

    I almost forgot to tell I did make this drink using non-fat milk and the flavor is ok, but not as good as using coconut milk!  The coconut milk makes it very creamy and this kind of drink, you want creaminess!!

    I do have to let you know I am not ready for fall yet, since my summer seemed to short, but I can’t wait for pumpkin and apple season!  I really love my fall fruits and veggies!!!

    Have a super fabulous weekend!!!





    1. Oh.My.Word!! Just found your site through a comment on Snack Girl and I am SO glad that I did! This drink looks AMAZING!! I can not wait to try it out! Thanks for sharing!

      • I am so glad you found me! I love Snack Girl! I read her everyday!! Feel free to stop back anytime!! 🙂

      • Hi Jennifer, I dont know what happened but I made the Starbucks Pumpkin Frappe last night and it was….gross. It was an expensive mistake! I followed the directions exactly except for using Truvia instead of Stevia. I can only think it was the coconut milk. I used “Taste of Thai” canned unsweetened coconut milk ($3.19 a can!). The calories didn’t add up either. 1/2 cup of coconut milk alone was 140 calories and 11grams of Fat according to the can. What went wrong? It was bother, greasy tasting, and no flavor of pumpkin. I so want to make this work!!

        • Oh no, thats horrible!!! I use coconut milk from the carton, it’s 50 – 60 calories a cup. I think the canned coconut milk is to heavy for this recipe. I am soooooooooo sorry!! I’m going to put an update onto this post!! Again, I’m so sorry, I feel just horrible!!

          • KMontgomery says

            I just tried this tonight, too. It was gross! I tried it twice. All 5 in my family thought it was gross. I also used canned coconut milk, as that is all the stored carried. Very disappointed 🙁

            • Sorry you thought it was gross! Canned coconut is to greasy for this recipe. You have to use the unsweetened coconut milk in the carton. Sorry to disappoint you!

            • You used the wrong ingredient, which is why it was gross. The recipe states to use coconut milk that is in liquid form – as in the drink. This type of coconut milk is a substitute for cows’ milk. The type you used is for Asian stir fry dishes. It is largely oil based and is totally inappropriate for drinking. Whenever a smoothie or milkshake recipe calls for “coconut milk,” they are talking about the drinkable type, not the type used for cooking. When executed properly, this recipe is very good.

        • That type of coconut milk is for rich tasting meals, not this type of recipe. Try Silk coconut milk from the milk area of your supermarket. Or any other.

    2. Oooooh I love pumpkin pie!!! I would love the non-coffee version! YUM

    3. Wow! You read my mind, I was just thinking about trying to make a pumpkin spice latte! The mornings are feeling just a bit cooler and fall is right around the corner =) YUM!

    4. Oh..and thanks for bringing it to Foodie Friends Friday too! Got distracted by the pictures and forgot to say what I came for, lol!

    5. Pinned twice! smoothies and pumpkin! Delicious.

    6. I want this baby right now! Wow, pumpkin and coffee-yes please. You are the coffee queen. Your drinks never fail to make me drool.

    7. I need to get my hands on some more pumpkin so that I can make this drink this weekend!

    8. That’s so funny! I made one myself earlier today!

    9. I need to stock up on pumpkin again! I’m in love with the non-coffee version of this!

    10. I love, love, love all your wonderful, low calorie coffee drinks! You are giving me a taste of Fall, can’t wait!

    11. Milasmommy1214 says

      This drink looks and sounds AMAZING! I love all things pumpkin. Just wondering what kind of coffee you used in terms of brand and flavoring? Thanks!

    12. Yum! Glad you did not wait until Monday with this post 🙂 Yet another delicious frappe, and yet another RecipeNewZ success and Facebook feature: http://www.facebook.com/RecipeNewZ 🙂 Congratulation and have a fabulous weekend!

    13. Jen have you done a death by chocolate Frappe yet as i love chocolate and the more in it the better for me but need to watch weight as well and over all health. PLLLLzzzz do one with lot of chocolate for us chocolate crazed peeps

    14. OH.MY.GOODNESS! You are SUCH a woman after my heart. This awesome drink is calling…screaming!…my name. Printing right now. I will be enjoying it soon. Thanks SO much for sharing. I don’t have a Starbucks close by anyway and am always thrilled to make these treats for myself. Hugs to you!! LOVE your photos – those orange polka dotted straws are absolutely darling!

    15. Yum! This looks so Amazing – I don’t even like pumpkin pie! I’m going to give it a try. Pinning For Sure 🙂

    16. I’ve never had the pumpkin frap at Starbucks, but I think I’ll skip that and just try yours instead! I love adding pumpkin pie spice to my coffee, so I can only imagine how good a frozen version is. BTW – your straws are so cute.

    17. Have you tried making this in a hot version for winter or for those who love their morning hot coffee? Maybe warming ingredients in a sauce pan and adding to hot cup of Joe?

    18. hi! i saw this recipe on pinterest (of course!) and this sounds sooooo good. just a little question, though.. is there anything that could replace the need for stevia in the non coffee version should one not have any on hand?

    19. I found you via Amee’s Fit and Fabulous Fridays and I love you. Seriously – I LOVE YOU. I cannot wait to make this!

    20. just made some coffe with my tassimo and put it in the freezer supposed to be hot the next 3 days this will be a nice cool fall drink for this late heat wave

    21. What brand of coconut milk did you use? Would almond milk work as good?

    22. What kind of coconut milk do you use and what is the calorie count? What I picked up doesn’t seem right. (too many calories!)

      • Hi Ginger! I used Trader Joe’s refrigerated unsweetened coconut milk, it’s 50 calories for 1 cup. They have two kinds, one in the refrigerator isle, and on not refrigerated. The one not refrigerated is in a carton and is 60 calories for one cup. I have used both and both are good. I am sure other brand sell it, you just have to look.

    23. What do you mean by 1 1/2 cups coffee, frozen, partially thawed. Do you brew coffee and than freeze it? Thanks for sharing!

    24. How would you recommend storing this? Maybe if I wanted to make it beforehand and take it on a picnic….

      • I would make it, then freeze it in a freezer safe baggie, and about two hours before you drink it, I would stick it int he fridge to thaw out, since you won’t have a blender with you. I have done that with smoothies that I take to work. When it’s still partially frozen I smash it with my, while in the baggie of course! 🙂

    25. Your version is definitely the best!! Wish I had one right now! 😉

    26. Love this! Can’t wait to try it! I choose it as one of My Friday Favorites this week – you can check it out here: http://mycolorcodedlife.wordpress.com/2012/08/31/my-friday-favorites-083112/#
      Thanks for sharing!

    27. Could you use a bit of coconut oil with milk instead of coconut milk?

    28. I’m loving this recipe! The pumpkin spice latte drink at starbucks. I got a grande yesterday and it was $4.95, yikes! Anyway I need this drink in my life and this looks like a cheaper way to make that happen. I had a question though, I don’t like coconut at all, do you actually taste the coconut?

      • Hi! No you don’t really taste the coconut, it just makes it creamier. I tried it with non-fat milk and it’s ok, but not as good as with coconut. I don’t think you’ll notice the coconut taste, I really didn’t and no one in my house commented about it. They said it tastes like pumpkin. Wow, $4.95 for a pumpkin spice frappe, thats just crazy!!! Try out my recipe and let me know what you think of it. Have a great weekend!

    29. I’ve never tasted something like this, as using pumpkin in sweets is still not very familiar here
      But I LOVE what I see and I’d looooooooooooove to try it. Seems to be an amazing drink

    30. O my goodness! This looks absolutely scrumptious! Love the polka dot straw too! Would love if you’d join our Countdown to Fall link party! Hope to see you there! Have a great weekend! 🙂

    31. Oh my goodness. This looks fantastic! I actually just gave in and got myself a salted caramel mocha frappuccino from Starbuck’s, haha. I was surprised when I saw the pumpkin spice was back already! I am way excited for fall – I will definitely have to give this a try! Love the use of coconut milk – it makes everything better. 🙂

    32. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Quit eating sugar (again) couple months ago. Love all the fall drinks and now I won’t have to miss out and I’ll save a fortune!

    33. This looks AMAZING!! I cannot wait to try it!! Pumpkin Spice is my favorite beverage. I’ve been wanting to make it at home so that I know all of the ingredients going into it, it’s cheaper and healthier!! 🙂

    34. Hi, love your blog:) I found your Pumpkin Spice Frappe on Pinterest. I just finished drinking it. It was delicious, thanks for sharing it.

    35. OMG….I effing love you right now!! Just finished making my first one and I am in love with the cream version. Even my hubby approved! You are my hero!

    36. This looks amazing and I really want to try it. I’ve never had the one at Starbucks but I love pumpkin pie. Would I be able to make this with regular milk instead of coconut milk?

    37. You should add some Visalus Shake mix to that smoothie! That’s what I’m going to do! It will add a great sweet cream flavor to it with a TON of nutrients, vitamins and protein! yes it will add some calories to it, but it would make it a meal!

      • I never heard of Visalus Shake mix. Where do you get it?

        • Jennifer, you would have to go through an independent promoter to get it, which I am. I didn’t intend to “sell” here…. I am just a smoothie junkie and am always on the search for healthy ones so I can add my Vi Mix to it. This one sounded so good! I tried many many others and this is the only one that actually tasted good and helped me get healthier, losing weight, etc. If you want.. you can go to my site. http://www.AlliJenkins.myvi.net to check it out. 🙂
          again.. i had no intentions to promote .. You can certainly delete my post if you feel you need to… I am just so excited about what its done for me… I got carried away i have a new smoothie! thanks!!

          • AJ, how did it turn out? Did you make exactly as directed with a scoop of Visalus? I have some here and it is my favorite protein powder. I loved Arbonne and still do but the sugar in it is higher than I would like so I switched.

    38. I made this, but I made the one without the coffee. All I could taste was coconut =o( Maybe I’ll try it with 1/2 cup next time, and not a full cup. I love your site though!! I found it yesterday, and it now has it’s own bookmark. =o)

      • Sorry it didn’t turn out for you. Sometimes it depends on the brands you use. I used Trader Joe’s unsweetned coconut milk. I don’t find it has a very strong coconut taste, but then again I love coconut. If you do try it again, add a little more pumpkin. Thank you for bookmarking my site, and I am truly sorry you didn’t care for the drink.

        • I used the canned coconut milk and didn’t like it. I’m sure the stuff in the box is better. I tried it with almond milk and it was awesome.

    39. ” since my summer seemed to short, but I ” – too

    40. I made this with skim milk instead of the coconut milk and it didn’t turn out good. I didn’t have the coconut milk on hand and didn’t want to wait lol. Maybe next time I’ll try it with the coconut milk, now I jsut have to figure out what to do with the rest of the open can of pumpkin! haha

      • I tried it with skin milk too and it wasn’t super great. The coconut milk makes it really creamy. Hey, if you don’t want that left over pumpkin send it my way! he he Did you know you can also freeze your pumpkin. Just place in a ziplock freezer bag and pop in the the freezer. However, I doubt you’ll find ways to use it!

    41. YUMMO!!! I just found you and haven’t tried these yet, but I’m a diabetic and they sound amazing

    42. I would love to try a hot version of this drink. If you come up with hot versions of your drinks, please share!! Can’t wait to try this drink

    43. Found this via pintrest! Love pumpkin! Could you use yogurt instead of the coconut milk?

      Cannot wait to browse your other recipes!

    44. Your site is amazing! I am so glad I found it via Pinterest. I also tried your recipe this morning and it was awesome. Thank you for sharing your wonderful tips with us! (:

    45. OMG, I can hardly wait to try this. I have been drinking my own mixture as a breakfast, but you have opened up a whole new drink for me. I see a yogurt & pumpkin up above so am going to look for that recipe here. Also going to sign up for e-mails. I found your web site through Pinterest.

    46. Oh. Wow. I am most definitely gonna do this!!! I low carb and love pumpkin and coffee and, and, ALL OF IT!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!!

    47. I’m going to buy the stuff to make this today!!!! So excited! I’m on Weight Watchers and have really missed my frappes! And it’s only 1 WW+ point! How fantabulous!

    48. I just made the Cream version- so delicious! However, there just wasn’t enough of a pumpkin taste for me so next time I’ll be using less coconut milk and more pumpkin. Thank you for an awesome recipe!

      You wouldn’t happen to have a recipe for Starbucks’ Green Tea Frappe, would you? =)

      • ha ha You make me laugh! I am researching matcha tea right now and I think I’m going to order it tomorrow. I know what SB puts in there, not I just need to figure out how to do it so anybody can make it at home. So stay tuned for that recipe, I’m hoping to make it in the next few weeks.

        As for your pumpkin frappe, add more pumpkin. I found Libby’s pumpkin is pretty strong, but I just bought some organic pumpkin and I needed to add more pumpkin to my drink because it wasn’t pumpkiny enough for me.

        • Whoo-hoo!!!!! THANKS!!!! Green Tea Frappe is my weakness during the rest of the year but it’s over an hour to the next Starbucks!

    49. I just made the cream one exactly how you instructed and its not creamy, it’s very thin and not so sweet. =[ thoughts?

    50. I am just starting to use coconut milk and I can never tell if the recipe wants the kind in the can or in the carton. It says unsweetened coconut milk. Is that the one in the can? I can’t wait to try this 🙂

      • I was wonderin gthe same thing also! But eventually I ran to my kitchen and saw that my canned coconut milk said it was 140 calories for just a 1/3 cup! I was really suprised. She says earlier in the comments she buys hers in the refridgerated section at Trader Joes; it’s unsweetened and only 50 calories for a cup.

        I’m planning on trying it soon too! 🙂

        **Note to Jennifer (Author of Post): What brand of stevia do you use? (I see it in a lot of the recipes of yours that I want to try; I use ‘Sweetleaf’ Stevia and NuNaturals White Stevia Powdered Extract and am not sure if they are equivalent to yours in sweetness level)

        • Hi! I used Trader Joe’s unsweetened coconut milk. There’s one in the refrigerator section that is, like you said 50 calories a cup or there is one in the aisle with the almond and soy milks that is 60 calories a cup. I like them both. For stevia I like NuNutruals. It’s the only one that doesn’t leave an after taste in my mouth.

      • I’m sorry, thank you for pointing that out to me. I will be more detailed in my recipes. I know different brands and similar products make the recipes turn out a bit different, so your right I will say what brand I use. Oh and on this drink I use the carton one, not the canned. Trader Joe’s carton either in the refrigerated section or in the aisle with all the soy and almond milks are located.

    51. It’s quite nippy here this morning so I am delighted to have found your recipe! I am going downstairs to try it right away. I will be using unsweetened almond milk, though. I tend to keep that on hand more readily than the coconut. I will let you know how it works! Wish I had some coffee already frozen. I could go for the coffee version 😉 Thanks!

    52. Michele Lawson says

      OMG! This looks amazing. I am on a 1200 calorie diet and really miss having yummy treats! This is perfect. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    53. Can’t wait to try this! Im on Atkin’s and starbucks are just way to high in carbs and sugar for me so it order for me to enjoy one it would have to be a cheat day lol. My Diet and bank account will thank you!

    54. I usually don’t ever leave negative comments, but I really appreciate comments on recipe suggestions! I LOVE pumpkin drinks and I’ve already tried a few this week. Dairy, however, does not sit well with me so I tried the coconut version. It was not good!!! In my opinion there was too little pumpkin and spice and WAY WAY too much stevia. I used half that amount and had to dump my drink because it was soooo sweet it made me feel sick. I’m not sure if it was a typo?

      I wound up using a similar recipe, minus the banana, with more pumpkin, pie spice and maple syrup instead of stevia. That was delicious. Just a warning for anyone interested in trying this!

    55. I was wondering if this drink can be made hot. For someone who lives in a chilly place and loves pumpkin, wondering if it’s possible??

      • I haven’t tried it, but it can be done. What I would do is add the milk, sugar, vanilla, pumpkin and spices in a sauce pan over low heat; stir constantly until just heated, you don’t want to burn the milk. Add the mixture to a hot cup of coffee and enjoy!! I will try this, this coming weekend to make sure it works out ok.

        • I definitely tried it this morning and it wasn’t sweet enough. I had to dump it out cause I got More of a coffee taste than pumpkin :(.

    56. I have tried making pumpkin lattes with the plain pumpkin and you can always taste the pumpkin. I did make one with pumpkin pie filling and it was much better. The filling has all the flavors infused in the pumpkin and it doesn’t taste like plain pumpkin.

    57. This does look like a fun recipe! I have a Vita Mix and make my own almond milk so that will be my sub. There are ALWAYS coffee ice cubes in my freezer…nobody is allowed to waste leftover coffee in this house. Normally they just go into my morning protein shake but now I have to give your recipe a spin. Yum! Thank you!!

      • The only place I could find coconut milk was in a $4, 8 oz. can in the mixers area in the alcohol aisle at the grocery. It’s getting more popular, so may be able to find it in the baking aisle with the almond milk. I may try the almond milk as someone said it worked fine, too.

    58. Oh my I can’t wait to try it!!!!! I just tried coconut milk at my local dutch bros. and I have no idea where to find coconut milk? I found your site through pinterest and I can’t wait to see all your other recipes!! Also, thank you for not waiting till its offically fall to introduce this wonderful drink!!!!!!!

      • The only place I could find coconut milk was in a $4, 8 oz. can in the mixers area in the alcohol aisle at the grocery. It’s getting more popular, so may be able to find it in the baking aisle with the almond milk. I may try the almond milk as someone said it worked fine, too.

    59. I love you for coming up with this! I can’t wait to make it. Are you going to make a hot version? I hope you do 🙂

    60. how you you make the frozen coffee?

      • I take 1 1/2 cups water and add a heaping teaspoon of instant coffee, mix together and pour into a shallow piece of Tupperware that is freezer safe and cover it with a lid. Or you can use 1 1/2 cups of brewed coffee, let it cool to room temperature and place in a shallow piece of Tupperware, cover and place in the freezer. I hope this helps!

    61. Can’t seem to find any plain canned pumpkin anywhere in the store! 🙁 Would using pumpkin pie filling work as well?

    62. I made these tonight Thought I could be clever and substitute the stevia for sweetened coconut milk…BAD idea!! lol They turned out very bitter, not sweet at all. However, I did some quick thinking and added some lite maple syrup, and the day was saved! Delish! I probably upped the calorie content…but oh well. They were still healthier than the Starbucks ones!

    63. Nice! I have half a pot of un-used pumpkin spice coffee here at the office. I’ll take it home and freeze it tonight. The thought of pouring it down the drain was too much to bear. Glad someone pinned this and lured me to your site. ;^)

    64. I tried the cream one and it was good but really liquidy. Do you freeze the coconut milk first too? I ended up adding more ice to make it more of a frappe which made it a little watery and still kinda liquidy. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    65. Just tried this last night, it was delish! Thanks for posting.

    66. Sounds and looks delish. I must know….where did you get those adorable straws???

    67. Does the calorie count mean for 16ish oz’s? I’m diabetic so I have to watch carbs and sugars and cal!

    68. Hi juat wondering if the second Starbucks is a non coffee version as well?

    69. Great recipe- thanks for sharing with us! I’ve been looking for a healthy(ier) way to use up some pumpkin after I made some wicked good pumpkin “granola” yesterday. (http://paleomg.com/pumpkin-granola/)
      I don’t have coconut milk readily available, so I think I might try almond milk… do you think that’s a good or bad idea?
      Welp, I’ll give it a try and let you know how it comes out!

    70. This looked so delicious that I had to run up to the store and get the ingredients. I just made the non-coffee one, tastes great, but it is a little grainy. Is that normal?

    71. I’m so excited, I love pumpkin flavored anything and especially these treats from Starbucks. So I am super happy you’ve put a recipe up to make them and I can probably make them year-round now! I found your blog through pinterest! Also, I did have one suggestion for the coffee one, if you freeze the coffee in ice cube trays then you probably wouldn’t have to partially thaw them 🙂 Just an idea, because I make smoothies a lot and the ice cubes break down well so the coffee in that form, should too 🙂 Thanks again for the fabulous recipes!

    72. It sounds so good but I just made this and the non coffe one tastes not good, for lack of a better way to put it. Tastes raw in a way, coconut milk just isn’t the vast for this recipe. For the record i used silk’s coconut milk and Libby’s can pumpkin, not the pie. Sad.

    73. Made the one with coffee! Smelled delish! Couldn’t put my finger on what it was that threw mine off but it might just be that my blender doesn’t crush ice so well. Thanks for sharing!

    74. I grew tons of little Sugar Pie pumpkins this year. I am going to cook and sieve some of them and freeze them in 2 Tbs “pancakes” so I have pumpkin ready at all times! I haven’t even tried them yet and I am still positive I am going to love them! I am diabetic and really have to watch the cals and carbs, but love TREATS! This will be wonderful! Thank you so much!

    75. Just wanted you to know I just made this with hot coffee. Absolutely amazing…better than bucks. Thank you thank you.

    76. For the non-stop coffee recipe you mentioned using coconut milk. Are you using the refrigerated coconut milk or the can kind? Thank you! 🙂

    77. I made this tonight and absolutely loved it! I am so glad I found your site! I love frappes and smoothies so I read all of the other recipes you had as well. I read all of the above comments before posting, but I do have a tip. I put my coffee in ice cube trays AND my pumpkin in ice cube trays. Then I just put the cubes in ziploc bags. I looked on one of your other recipes and you suggested using Xanthan Gum so that it wouldn’t separate. I found it at Wal-Mart in the Gluten-free section and it was only $0.48 a package (which I think will make about 6 shakes). I followed the recipe exactly (plus the Xanthan Gum) and LOVED it!!!!!

      • Wow, you found Xanthan Gum for .48 a package? I paid $12.99 for mine at my local grocery store! I’m going to Walmart tomorrow to see if I can find it! I love the idea of putting coffee in ice cube trays!! I need to really do that, instead of making on batch at a time!! I never thought of putting pumpkin in ice cube trays, I love that!!!So glad you loved the drink!! 🙂 Thank you again for the suggestions!!! I’m really excited to go Walmart!

    78. I’m so curious if you tried the hot version? Sounds so delicious, but I prefer hot drinks!!! I will definitely be following your blog!

    79. I’m a pumpkin freak and a coffee freak – I have to try these! I never drink Starbucks, but I hear about their pumpkin drinks all the time. Thanks for sharing.

      Readers may like to use fresh homemade pumpkin puree instead of canned. It’s an easy recipe: http://cookingripe.wordpress.com/2012/09/26/homemade-pumpkin-puree/

    80. I love your recipe! I am going to try it with soy milk. Hopefully it tastes as delicious as yours looks!

    81. This sounds delish! I love pumpkin… I have linked your recipe on to my blog for a great fall treat, hope that is okay! http://fitnesshappyhour.blogspot.com

    82. This looks so delicious, and I will definitely have to try it ASAP. I posted your picture (with photo credit) and your recipe’s link to my blog today and I hope you are fine with that!


    83. THIS IS SO DELISH i used dunkin donuts pumpkin spice coffee in mine in OH MY even more pumpkin flavor now i dont have to drive 30 minutes to the closest starbucks and get my fix..haha ..!! thanks have you done a hot pumkin drink yet?

    84. Sounds amazing! Can’t wait to try it out! Could I use agave nectar instead of stevia? I really like that as my go to sweetener. Also you mentioned that the frappe was vegan? That is without the whipped cream right? Or are you using a vegan whipped cream for the recipe?

    85. I’m so going to try this!

    86. Oh my goodness, this is soo good!! I made the coffee version and instead of coconut milk I just used regular milk, and I was out of pumpkin spice so I just used cinammon and plain ol’ sugar,either way it was still delicious! I will definitly make this again and again

    87. Do you think this recipe would work using pumpkin butter instead of canned pumpkin? I’m 99% positive it would be just fine (perhaps even better since the butter has spices already in it and is already a smooth creamy texture) and I just happen to already have pumpkin butter on hand. Should I keep the measurements the same though? Let me know! I’m gonna make it this weekend for sure!

      • Hi Alex! I am not sure how it would taste! I would say go for it and taste test it to see if you need to add the pumpkin spice. It will probably work out fine! Keep the measurements the same and taste it to see if you need to add more pumpkin butter. Let me know if it works out!!

    88. I tried the non coffee version of this drink today and it is divine!!!!!! Thanks for posting this recipe!!

    89. I made this today and It was gross! Only thing I changed was unsweetened almond milk instead of coconut milk. .

    90. I just made this with hot coffee and it came out great. Yummy!

    91. I know for fact that my friend and I will so be trying this as we are both huge pumpkin pie fans, i will let you know how it goes!

    92. I am wondering if you might could figure out a way to make smaller batches of this. I had gastric sleeve not too long ago and I know there is no way I could drink 2 cups in a day and it not melt. As I’m not sure how it would keep in the freezer till I’m ready for more.

    93. So yummy! Made these for my family tonight and were perfect for a fall evening dessert! I used raw agave nectar instead of the stevia. It adds about 30 calories per serving but there is absolutely no after taste like that of stevia! Can’t wait to make these again…thanks for sharing! Love your site!

    94. Very yummy! I followed the recipe for the coffee version minus the whipped topping and I used regular sugar instead of stevia and came up with 114 calories? When I ran the numbers with stevia it was 98 calories. How did you come up with your counts?

      • Here are the stats:

        0 calories for coffee

        25 calories of milk, coconut milk unsweetened, (0.50 serving) ( I used Trader Joe’s unsweetened coconut milk that is 50 calories a cup)

        10 calories of Pumpkin, Libby’s Canned Pure Pumpkin, 3.5 cups/can, (0.12 cup)

        0 calories stevia

        6 calories of Vanilla Extract, (0.50 tsp)

        5 calories of Redi Whip No Fat Whipped Topping, (2 tbsp)

        Glad you liked it!! 🙂

    95. Oh my I can not wait to try it! I am going to the store tomorrow!

    96. Your pumpkin latte looks and sounds deLIGHTful! Nutri-Savvy approves! : )

    97. Yum-o! I substituted a bit due to what I had on hand though:
      I made 1/2 cup of strong instant espresso and used 1 cup ice cubes with it. Instead of coconut milk and vanilla extract, I also used vanilla soy milk and added 1 packet of sweet and low. It turned out wonderful, thank you!

    98. Super excited to try this! However, I’m looking at this recipe going, “A TEASPOON of stevia?????????” I would think that much stevia would make it overly, sickeningly sweet, no?

    99. First I want to saw awesome can’t wait to make it. But, I have a question on the frozen coffee. Do you sweeten the coffee before you freeze it or the rest of the ingredients are enough to sweeten the drink?

    100. I just made this and it’s redonkulous! so so so good! I cannot drink coffee (stomach issues) so I made just the pumpkin cream version. I used ‘So Delicious’ brand coconut milk, in the original variety. It was 1.49 for a 32 oz. carton. I ended up using a whole cupful of crushed ice to get it thicker. My son is going to love this since it’s coffee-free, he can actually have some! Thanks again!!

    101. hi I want to try this but I am on a diet low in carbs and fat and no dairy so this would be great for me I was just wondering the nutrition info you posted for yours is that per the whole recipe? or per serving? and if serving what is a serving? thank you in advance 🙂

    102. I love the sound if this! I think I’ll sub the coconut milk for low fat milk(1%) with a few drops of coconut extract. Thanks for posting!

    103. That looks fab! I love coconut milk, I can’t wait to try this!

    104. dianaramblesdotcom says

      I can see why this is a favorite of 2012. YUMMY!

    105. Can you use ice and liquid coffee?????

    106. What do you mean by coffee thawed/frozen. How did you prepare that?

      • Hi Adriana, Partially frozen, is to make sure you coffee isn’t super hard. You want it to the constancy your blender can handle. I freeze my coffee over night or up to four hours. If it’s to hard, then I microwave it for 30 seconds to see the constancy of it.I hope this helps. If you have more questions, let me know. – Jen

    107. Kelly Schindler says

      Can you use skim milk?

    108. I’m so excited to try this but really really don’t like coconut. can i use anything in place of the coconut milk?

    109. like would soy milk or regular milk work?
      also the frozen coffee is with milk? or just coffee and water?

    110. I’m having company coming tomorrow and I’ll be making this Pumpkin Spice Frappe for dessert! It sounds awesome! I saw a picture of it pinned on Pinterest and I just had to find out what it was because it looked SOOO yummy!
      Thanks for sharing… especially for going the extra mile too for us non-coffee drinkers. Can’t wait to try it tomorrow. I’ll have to let you know what everyone thought.

    111. Just made the coffee version and OH MY it’s AWESOME! This is something I would pay $5 for at Starbucks. I’m glad I found a version that I can make at home for a fraction of the price. THANK YOU!!

    112. Hi Jennifer,
      I cant wait to try your version of the pumpkin spice cream frappuccino! But I thought I would let you know that the nutritional values you have listed for the Starbucks versions are incorrect…

      Grande Pumpkin Spice Cream Frappuccino

    113. Regina Mize says

      I saw this recipe pinned on pinterest and remembered that I had a can of organic pumpkin pie mix in the pantry, so to the kitchen immediately I went and whipped up the non-coffee version. I was out of coconut milk so I just used regular organic whole milk and cut the sweetener and pumpkin pie spice in half since the mix was already sweetened and spiced.

      It came out great. It tastes just like pumpkin pie and two out of three of the household really liked it. Thanks for sharing.

    114. I tried this in my frappe maker, Im thinking I added too much milk (I added the 1/2 cup) and its really watered down and not a smoothie like texture that you hope for in a frappacinno, luckily I have more stuff so Im about to make another one to adjust it a bit. flavor is good just too watery for my liking 🙂

    115. I think the big mistake people r making is to use coconut milk from a can, there is a big difference if its from the can and carton, I will be trying this recipe tonight

    116. How about using Almond Milk???

    117. Love this recipe

    118. I tried this recipe this morning, and the only thing I didn’t have was the pumpkin spice and the vanilla. I made due with some nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves. It still came out pretty tasty. I did however still have an entire can of pumpkin left over, so I ran to the store and picked up my missing ingredients. I cannot wait for tomorrow morning to give this another go.. 🙂

    119. hi, I was so excited I went out and bought everything to make this! I woke up ready to make it all to find out i guess I should have pre made the coffee and froze it last night?? Is that how you do it? and how much time do you thaw it? Just need some more info on the coffee part. adding ice to the coffee this morning didn’t work too well! thanks, looks yummy!

      • I freeze 1 1/2 cups of coffee in the freezer over night or for at least 4 – 6 hours. Let it thaw on the counter or give it a quick zap in the microwave to help it melt a little. Then I break it apart with an ice pick and throw the chunks in my blender. Hope this helps. Or add a ton of ice with really cold coffee in the blender. I do this in a pinch!

    120. There’s no way a Starbucks frappuccino has 0 grams of fat because we make them with whole Milk and I know that because I work there.

    121. If you want it to blend better and creamier use an 1/8 of a tsp of xantham gum mixed with a table spoon of water and it will help it blend.

    122. I added a heaping spoon of protein powder since there wasn’t a lot in there. I try not to drink emtpy foods so adding that gave me the excuse to try it … lol. It was great! The vanilla protein powder actually gave it another flavor layer and worked well with the pumpkin.

    123. Hi I just got the ingredients to try this but am now a bit worried after reading some comments. I got canned unsweetened coconut milk. Is there any way to make this work? Also, where can you find coconut milk in a carton?

      • Hi Anna, Don’t use the canned coconut milk. I would use regular milk or non-fat milk instead. It may not turn out as creamy, but it will still taste good. But using canned coconut milk with make it greasy and not very good at all. Save the canned coconut milk for other things like mixing in soup or mashed potatoes or using in baking.

        I buy my coconut milk in a carton at Trader Joe’s or I have also used brands like So Delicious. It’s normally located in a regular grocery store in the cereal isle with the soy milk and almond milk. You may even find it in the refrigerator isle with milk.

    124. Where did you find the frozen coffee? Or is this something you made yourself? If so are there any pointers you have? Certain coffee? Certain strength? Thanks in advance!! I can’t wait to make this!!!

      • I just made some coffee and popped it in a freezer safe bowl, covered and froze for at least 4 hours. If it’s to solid, just microwave it for a few seconds until it starts to thaw a little bit and then break the rest up an drop in the blender.

        If you want it now, I recommend brewing some coffee, and placing in the freezer or fridge until it’s cold. the add it to the blender and add a cup or two of ice.

    125. I just tried the recipe out and while it tasted great, it turned out a little too thin for me. When I think of a frappé, I think of a thick texture like a smoothie, but mine was really watery. Any thoughts on where I went wrong? Not enough ice, maybe? Maybe next time I’ll treat myself to a little scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt in there… not super great for the calorie count, but I feel like it would evoke the texture that I like best. Either way, I did really like the taste of it!

    126. Hey Hun great recipes .. For those who want to pump up the protein just add one pkg unflavored gelatin to the recipe.. Does not change the flavor however adds 8 grams of protein!!

    127. I made the cream version with silk soy milk and 1 tb sugar. Turned out just fine!

    128. I just made the Pumpkin and Cream Frappe, followed the recipe, step by step, it was horrible.

    129. Wow! This tastes really good! Just shared this with LinkedIn and I hope to be able to share this on tumblr if you don’t mind.

    130. Ugh I happened to buy coconut milk in the can a couple days ago, not having any experience w coc. Milk..and now so disappointed I can’t have this tomorrow am! Thank god I read the recipe and found out about the milk before making it rho! Thanks everyone!

    131. The recipe is so good I can’t wait to try it. I have been on a keto diet for the last six months and feel that this will be my best cheat meal. Thank you for sharing.

    132. Thanks for the recipe, I want to try. You won’t believe I still have pieces of pumpkin, so the pie be


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