Tequila Lime Grilled Wild Blue Shrimp Tacos

Hi Everyone,

I am very excited for today, lots going on!  First I have to tell you, he he, my Chocolate Coconut Quinoa Bake made the top 3 recipes in the Trader Joe’s contest!!  I am just so excited!!!  I have never won anything like this before.  Trader Joe’s now owns my recipe so I can’t post it, but here is the link if you would like to check it out!!!  I still can’t believe I won!  The prize was a $25.00 gift card, a reusable bag and some goodies that they won’t tell me about.  I’m wondering if it will go in the frequent flyer?  There’s a recipe that was entered for Quinoa Burgers, I am sooooooo trying that recipe!!!

I made lots of goodies that I want to post, but I could only pick one for tonight, so I decided I would show you my Monday night dinner.

I made for you, my best grilled shrimp dish ever!  It’s Tequila Lime Grilled Shrimp.  It’s my Husbands and my favorite shrimp of all time.  It tastes amazing!!!  I marinated my shrimp in a little Jose Cuervo Tequila, lime juice, garlic, pepper flakes and black pepper.  Oh my gosh!  Yum!  Doesn’t it just sound good?  Anything that has Tequila in it is ok in my book!! Ok, I’m getting a little to excited here.  I marinated the shrimp for about 8 hours, but last time I made it, I marinated it for 24 hours.  I skewered it and cooked it on the grill and it’s done in about 5 minutes.  I have said it before, but I really like to buy uncooked shrimp.  When you cook it and it turns pink, it’s done!  Nothing worse than overcooked shrimp.  Blah!

To accompany my shrimp I made a Tequila Lime Chipotle Yogurt Sauce.  This little sauce was creamy and had just enough kick of heat from the chipotle sauce.  I swear I could just eat it by its self.  To top it off my Husband actually liked it.  Your probably thinking, whats not to like?  Well let’s put it this way my Husband HATES yogurt!  Insane, I know!  I just don’t know why but he doesn’t like it and won’t touch anything that has yogurt in it.  I guess I just need to add tequila to it.  lol  That would not be good.  He always asks why do you keep buying yogurt, haven’t you had enough?  The answer to him, heck NO!!  I swear my fridge is over flowing with Chobani.  I eat yogurt everyday, sometimes three times a day. I just love it and I love this sauce!!

A lot of the times my Husband and I will just eat this shrimp with a side dish but tonight I thought I would make it as a taco.  I love tacos!  I swear I could eat anything if you wrap it in a taco shell.  I have been known to make Peanut Butter and Banana Tacos, so good!  I normally buy corn tortillas but tonight I wanted flour, so I bought Mission Low Carb Tortillas which has 13 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein!  I love that!!  We need fiber, though I probably get more fiber than I need.

Tequila Lime Grilled Wild Blue Shrimp Tacos
Nutrition Information
  • Serves: 8 Tacos
  • Serving size: 2 tacos
    Prep time: 
    Cook time: 
    Total time: 
    Fire up your grill with Wild Blue Shrimp marinated in Tequila and lime juice, placed in a flour tortilla and topped with a Tequila Lime Yogurt Dressing.
    • 1 lbs. Wild Blue Shrimp or raw shrimp, devained, tail off un-cooked
    • 1 oz tequila
    • Juice 1 lime
    • 2 tsp of garlic minced
    • 1 Dash black pepper
    • ½ tsp. red pepper chili flakes
    • 2 Tbsp. parsley, diced
    • **For Tequila Lime Yogurt Dressing**
    • ½ cup greek yogurt plain
    • ¼ tsp tequila
    • ¼ tsp. lime juice
    • ¼ tsp. garlic powder
    • ¼ tsp.chili powder
    • ¼ tsp. juice from chipotle chiles in adobo
    • 1 tsp. cilantro (optional)
    • **For tacos**
    • 8 flour tortillas
    • ½ cup romaine lettuce, shredded
    • ½ cup tomatoes, diced
    1. In a bowl add tequila, lime juice, garlic, black pepper, red pepper chili flakes and parsley. Mix until combined.
    2. In a plastic bag or bowl, add the shrimp and the marinade. Place in the fridge for at least an hour up to 24 hours.
    3. Drain marinade and place the shrimp on a skewer and place on a hot grill. Cook for about 2-3 minutes per side. Watch the shrimp, when they turn pink, there done!
    4. To assemble tacos: On a flour tortilla, add lettuce, shrimp, tomatoes and a 1 Tbsp. Tequila Lime Yogurt Dressing.
    5. To make dressing: In a small bowl, add greek yogurt, tequila, lime juice, garlic powder, chili powder, juice from chipotle chilies in adobo sauce
    Calories per 2 Tacos and 2 tbsp of Yogurt Sauce: 400, Fat: 9.1, Saturated Fat: 3, Cholesterol: 180, Sodium: 840, Potassium: 100.5, Carbs: 40, Fiber: 22.5, Sugar: .02, Protein: 35.1

    Note for calculation I used Mission Low Carb Tortillas medium size which are 120 calories each.

    I want to tell you I never promote a product I don’t like or recommend.  I will give you my honest opinion.  I am asked by several companies to try out their products and I turn them down if I don’t like it or believe in it.  I don’t want people to think I just take products because I want free stuff, that’s not me.  I would never in a million years would lie to you about a product.  I’m a firm believer of trust because without trust what do you have?  Nothing!

    Now that we established trust, I want to tell you about a company that contacted me to try their Bean Chips.  Yah bean chips.  I thought, why not?  I never had a bean chip, I’ve had bean dip, but not chips, so I decided to try it.  First thing I did when I got them was look at the calories, you know I count my calories so I had to look!  140 calories for 1 oz serving, ehhh, I don’t know, so I looked at carbs 18, but they have 4 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein, 190 mg of salt, but 6 grams of fat.  Next thing I look at when ever I try anything new is the first 3 ingredients, which are black beans, navy beans and long grain rice.  Nice, I like that!! I’m happy with the nutritional stats.

    So for dinner tonight my Husband and I decided to try Beanfields Nacho flavored Bean & Rice Chips, and oh my gosh, we finished off a full size bag of it!  Delish!  My Husband the picky, non-healthy one, ate more than half of the bag.  When I looked at the front of the bag, one thing I didn’t notice is that these chips are VEGAN.  Yes I ate vegan chips and so did my Husband.  I’m laughing right now, he still doesn’t know.  There really good!  My Husband thought that tasted similar to Doritos.  They have 5 flavors, unsalted, sea sea salt, sea salt & pepper, pico de gallo and nacho.  My favorite was nacho with Pico de Galo coming in second.

    I highly recommend them in place of regular tortilla chips.  There healthy, crunchy, salty, delicious, gluten free, corn free and made in the USA!!  If you want to check out Beanfields Chips you can go to there website here or check them out on Facebook here.  I want to thank Beanfields for sending these to me, I am going to look for them next time I’m at the store, I believe Whole Foods carries them.

    Well my Friends, time for me to prep breakfast and lunch for tomorrow.  I can’t believe how fast the time goes!

    I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!!

    See you tomorrow!





    1. Congratulations on making top 3 in the contest! LOVE shrimp tacos and your pictures are making me want this for breakfast! 🙂

    2. Great minds think alike! I made the TJ large blue shrimp on Sunday night (grilled) and marinated them in Tequila (citrus flavor), lime juice, garlic/salt mix, with a bit of chile. I love your idea for the tacos. Those shrimp are the best!

    3. Congratulations on placing in the contest!! I know how much you love TJ’s, so that is really cool!

    4. Congratulations-so exciting! Trader Joe’s is finally coming to my town at the end of this year. I am thrilled to say the least 🙂 Then I will be able to stock up on even more goodies and make more of your yummy recipes!

    5. These look so great must try!! Thank you for the recipe. Found you on foodbuzz and am happy I did. I am your newest follower!

    6. Congrats!!! And these shrimps must taste so tasty and tangy …. I would probably end up eating just the shrimps …lol. but putting them in tortillas turns it into a proper meal…

    7. Your photos are simply breathtaking, ridiculously beautiful! And your writing also, this recipe just looks amazing. You make something so simple seem so gorgeous!

    8. Cassandra says

      Yum!!! Favorite food of all time is shrimp, these look amazing! Fish tacos are delicious, I think I like them better than normal meat tacos. GREAT recipe!!

    9. Well your shrimp looks like it was cooked perfectly! Man I love me some good grilled shrimp. I am dying to give your tequila yogurt sauce a go!

    10. I like the double tequila in here! 🙂 These look so delicious and the perfect summertime dinner.

    11. Love these flavors Jennifer. sounds amazing. Shrimp tacos are a fave of mine!

    12. Those shrimp look delectable!! What a terrific summer recipe – I can’t wait to try it!

      Congrats on the TJ’s contest!!!

    13. Congrats on the contest outcome! These shrimp look so good, I need to watch out my cat doesn’t lick my computer! 🙂

    14. YUM! Shrimp tacos are THE best! Yours look super delicious!

    15. I love this recipe!! And Trader Joe’s! Too bad we don’t have one where we’re currently living. 🙁 I can’t wait to add this to our menu next week.


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