Banana Split Ice Cream in a Jar #SundaySupper

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Wow, Sunday already, time is going way to quick!!!  Today for #SundaySupper we are sharing recipes inspired by the Desserts In Jars cookbook by Shaina Olmanson.  This cookbook is pretty cool and has so many great ideas in it from cupcakes baked in mason jars, to pancakes to cheesecake, pies and mousse.  Everything in this cookbook looks delicious!  I swear I could eat everything in the whole book!!  The Desserts in Jar cookbook inspired me to make today’s healthy, good for you Banana Split Ice Cream.

Banana Split Ice Cream in a Jar

This was such a fun dessert to make.  I just love using Mason Jars for desserts, treats and even meals.  I don’t think I use them often enough, but I think that will change, just wait and see.  They are just so cute and remind me of something you would get in the 1950’s, kind of retro.  My Husband thinks it’s crazy of how many Mason Jars I have, but he didn’t complain when I handed him today’s dessert!!!

Banana Split Ice Cream in a Jar

My Banana Split Ice Cream is all natural, no sugar added!  I used frozen fruit and blended it in my food processor until it was ice cream consistency.  The fruit I used was banana, strawberry and pineapple.  I topped my dessert with some of my homemade sugar free chocolate syrup, TruWhip Whip Cream, maraschino cherry, after all a banana split can’t be a banana split with out the cherry and some chopped peanuts.  It was perfect!!!

Banana Split Ice Cream in a Jar

The dessert is so quick to make too!  I think the whole thing took me maybe 10 minutes.  You’ll have to forgive the photos, I had to go quick with photographing because frozen treats melt pretty fast, especially when its warm out.  This dessert is so refreshing and is perfect for eating on a hot summers day, while sitting on a swing on the front porch.  Ok, I don’t have a swing on my porch, well I don’t even have a porch, but it is a nice idea.  Plus this dessert is perfect to give to kids.  You won’t have to feel bad about them eating it!!  After all it’s 100% real fruit!!!

Banana Split Ice Cream in a Jar

Banana Split Ice Cream in a Jar
Nutrition Information
  • Serves: 2 - ½ pint jars
  • Serving size: 1 - ½ pint jar
    Prep time: 
    Total time: 
    A healthy, all natural banana split made with frozen fruit,and topped with natural whip cream, chocolate syrup and a cherry.
    • 1 large banana, frozen
    • 1 cup strawberries, frozen
    • ⅔ cup pineapple, frozen
    • ¼ cup milk (optional), divided
    • ¼ cup whipping cream, divided
    • 2 tbsp. chocolate syrup (I used homemade)
    • 2 maraschino cherries
    • 2 tsp. chopped peanuts (optional)
    1. Have two ½ pint mason jars ready or two glass cups
    2. In a blender or food processor, add banana, and process until creamy. Divided evenly between both jars and place in the freezer to keep cold while making the other fruit ice cream. Whip clean the food processor.
    3. Add strawberries to food processor and process until smooth, add about 2 tbsp. of milk to help it process. Evenly divide strawberries on top of banana mixture, place back in the freezer. Clean out food processor.
    4. In a food processor add pineapple and blend until creamy, if necessary, add milk to help process it through. Divide the pineapple mixture on top of strawberry mixture.
    5. Top each jar with 2 tablespoons of whipping cream and drizzle chocolate syrup over top. Top with maraschino cherry. If you would like add chopped nuts.
    6. Serve right away.
    Calories per jar, not including nuts: 160, Fat: 1.8, Cholesterol: .06, Sodium: 23, Potassium: 406, Carbs: 36.9, Fiber: 3.8, Sugar: 22, Protein: 2.4

    Banana Split Ice Cream

    I am so excited to see what goodies everyone made!  If your interested in the Dessert In Jars book, well you’re in luck!  A few #SundaySupper Bloggers are giving the book away.  You’ll just have to search around to see who is!!  If you can’t wait to win the cookbook, you can always buy one here.  

    I am just looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up, after all I have a major thing for little jars, especially ones with desserts in it!  Stay tuned for several posts this summer using my jars!  I am having way to much fun with them!!

    Have a great Sunday!



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    1. Fabulous idea, Jennifer! So pretty and so healthy, too =) Thank you for sharing this lovely dessert in a jar =)

    2. Banana splits scream summertime to me. Jen yours sounds so good!

    3. These are so cute. I love serving desserts in jars, they always make everyone smile.

    4. Banana split! Oh my heavens – you are speaking my language! Such a creative idea for jars and healthy, too!

    5. Yummy

    6. I need these in this Texas heat! So cute, Jen!

    7. Such gorgeous layers! And a perfect summer treat…especially on a HOT day like today!

    8. Diana @EatMoveShine says

      Beautiful dessert, Jennifer! I love the layers, and especially all those natural ingredients in there. Yum!!!

    9. I love this idea!! So yummy 😀 Happy Sunday!

    10. Oh wow what a way to have a quick fruity frozen dessert! Love how it is all done in the blender or food processor.

    11. These are so fun! I’m also a big fan of TruWhip!

    12. what a great idea to do banana split ice cream in a jar! I love this!!! Looks great!

    13. Awesome idea!

    14. I love the layered look, it’s so pretty and perfect for summer.

    15. These sound so good and so perfect for summer! They look absolutely amazing and I love that it’s a healthier dessert, as well!

    16. Jennifer, thanks for considering both my taste buds AND my waistline with this delicious yet healthy dessert. Who knew a banana split could be this healthy! I’m totally late coming onto the jar bandwagon. I bought two to use in this week’s #SS and now I want to buy more. They’re just so darn cute! And weirdly enough, things just taste better when it’s spooned out of a jar.

    17. This seriously only took 10 minutes to make?!? What?!? Best 10 minutes EVER.

    18. Such pretty layers in this dessert – and I love that it was so quick to put together!

    19. That’s so unique! I’d love to make it but nobody here would eat it 🙁


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