Grilled Chicken Wings with Sweet & Spicy Wing Sauce Man Vs Woman

Happy Friday!!!  :)

Sometimes your Husband  does something really nice for you and in return you want to do something nice for him.  But what can a Woman do to show her way of thank you?  Yah, yah, what else could I do?  I know make Chicken Wings!!

Grilled Sweet &  Spicy Chicken Wings

Yes my Husband deserved chicken wings, why?  Because I finally, after 3 years of begging, I got a treadmill!!  Woohoo!!  His Friend at work was getting rid of his and as soon as I said, I must have it, my Husband said no.  I begged and pleaded and he finally gave in.  I think this deserves chicken wings, a whole 2 pounds of them.  But these are not ordinary chicken wings, they are grilled to be healthier and the sauce, oh the sauce is a Sweet & Spicy Wing Sauce.

Grilled Sweet &  Spicy Chicken Wings

I received a little gift package from Musselman’s, which contained a big jar of apple butter and I couldn’t open the jar of Apple Butter quick enough, the next thing you knew I was eating it by the spoonful.  It’s sweet and has the most wonder apple flavor, muah!  Plus its low sugar and 0 fat!!  You know how much I love apples and this apple butter is so perfect!!   I couldn’t wait to use it.  After all, I had to use it right away, before I ate it all.

Musselman’s asked if I could come up with a Super Bowl recipe using their apple butter.  I thought, apple butter and Super Bowl?  They don’t go together!  Boy was I wrong!!  On the Musselmans website they had a ton of recipes using apple butter and one was for baked Sweet & Spicy Wing Sauce.  Hmmm, I was quite intrigued, hot sauce and apple butter, together?   Sounds like an odd combo!  I must try it!!  Normally I like to come up with my own recipe, but I couldn’t stop thinking of apple butter and hot sauce together.   Now don’t let the ingredients fool you, they are so darn good!!!  The sauce is sweet with a kick of heat from the hot sauce.  My Husband likes Habanero and Mango BBQ Sauce on his wings, which had me thinking, I wonder if he would like this sauce?  Really, he had no choice, I had to try this recipe!!  After he had one wing, he loved it and he said that he liked it better than his Habanero and Mango BBQ Sauce!  SCORE!!!!!   He ate the whole 2 pounds of wings!  For a skinny man, he sure can eat a lot!  lol

Grilled Sweet & Spicy Chicken Wings

This was the first time I ever grilled chicken wings.  I thought this would be so much healthier than frying them and I don’t care for baked wings either.  These wings were so easy to grill!  All I did was add sauce to each side of the wings, and turn every 3 minutes for about 15 minutes until done.  They turned out crispy and perfect!  I have to say, I was quite impressed.  After all I’m from Buffalo and wings is my thing!  I would so eat grilled wings again.  Your probably wondering, what is the versus Woman part in the title?  Well for me, I decided since I had one chicken breast that had to be used, that I would grill a breast with the Sweet & Spicy Wing Sauce.  It turned out perfect!!!  It was tender and has so much flavor from the wing sauce.  Honestly, I was really impressed!!  If you like your wings or chicken breasts, sticky, sweet with some heat, than you must try this sauce!!  Trust me on this one!

I decided that I would give you both recipes for grilled wings and for grilled chicken breasts.  The recipe is basically the same with a small modification.  The nutritional information is broken down for you too!!

Grilled Chicken Breast with Sweet & Spicy Wing Sauce


Grilled Chicken Breast with Sweet & Spicy Wing Sauce

Just in time for the Super Bowl, now you can make a fun apple butter recipe for the big day!  Ready for the giveaway?  For you, I have the cutest little gift pack that contains 28oz. jar of Musselmans Apple Butter, an adorable little bowl to serve your sauce and a few recipes to start you on your apple butter journey!

To win all you have to do is tell me, what is your favorite Super Bowl food?

For extra entries:  Just be sure you tell me you did so

I’ll pick a winner on Monday and announce the winner on Tuesday!!  Good Luck and Happy Friday to you!!!!!!!!




Musselman's Gift Pack


  1. Chicken wings are definitely my fav Super Bowl food. I’m also following you on Facebook and I’m a peanut butter and peppers email subscriber :)

  2. Mines Buffalo Chicken Fingers….its my family’s all time favourite…in fact, I ll be making it again today!

  3. My favorite Super Bowl food would have to be a veggie tray with ranch dip or fruit tray. I love snacky foods!

  4. The chicken wings look fantastic and I will have to try them but my favorite Super Bowl food is Rotel Cheese dip with ground beef in it :)

  5. My boyfriend would LOVE me if I made these for him!! Perhaps I’ll keep them in the back of my mind as a bribing tool…. 😛

  6. I do follow you on Pinterest but I checked just to make sure. Yep and I thought I’d never get out of there…too much to look at for just a short

  7. My favorite Superbowl food is jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese then wrapped with bacon. A brush of Bar-B-Que sauce and then bake until bacon is crisp. I believe this was originally a Pioneer Woman’s recipe.Everyone loves it.

  8. Chicken wings is definatly my favorite superbowl food and now I will be making your new recipe. I also follow you on facebook and I love your site!

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  10. I always make corn dog casserole for Super Bowl. My favorite thing though is boneless Buffalo Chicken Dip.

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