Grilled Pork Medallions with Asparagus Wrapped Prosciutto

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Wondering how to get a man to eat his vegetables?  That’s easy, wrap it in meat!  Yes that is what I have to do!  My Husband is totally against asparagus!  I always get ewww, asparagus!  It’s like his arch-enemy or something?  But when he saw it in front of him, he looked and tried to say no, but couldn’t resist the crispy prosciutto that was calling his name.  Next thing you knew he had them on his plate!  ha ha!!

This was the first time I grilled asparagus and I was pleased of the outcome.  The  prosciutto was very much like bacon.  One thing about my Husband is he LOVES bacon.  He goes to Whole Foods and buys a pound of it already cooked and sits in the car with a piece of french bread and goes to town on the bacon.  Whole Foods got wind of this and now they no longer have bacon at the breakfast bar.  Matter in fact I was at the breakfast bar and a worker there asked me are you the one who always takes the bacon.  I was so embarrassed and played dumb!   I said no of course.  This is a true story!  I used to go on Saturday’s and buy a pound or so and take it to my Husband at work.  Not healthy, but it made him happy, plus it made him popular with the other Guys at work. They were jealous!  What we don’t do for our men!

After dinner we did manage to have some asparagus left over and I asked my Husband if he wanted it?  He looked at me, and asked me to cut off the ends just so he could have the grilled prosciutto part!  I just shook my head and said of course Dear!  I accompanied the asparagus with Grilled Pork Medallions.  I have to tell you, the pork tasted better the next day!  It was so tender, that I decided to make a sandwich with it.  I am not normally one for left overs, but this pork was just so good!!!

I used a Pork tenderloin and cut it into medallions and placed it in a bowl with some olive oil and spices.  This was so quick and easy, not to mention tender and delicious.  I love using Pork Tenderloin over pork chops because of the tenderness of the meat.  Sometimes pork chops just seem too dry.  I think that’s why people have applesauce with it, to give it some juice!  Now don’t get me wrong I love pork chops, but tenderloin is my favorite, plus it’s pretty healthy for you.

This whole meal took me under 30 minutes to make, which makes it a perfect meal to have for the weeknight.  I had a side of my Wild Rice with Caramelized Onions and Cherries, but a good french bread would be perfect with this meal, and yes applesauce will work too!   🙂

Grilled Pork Medallions with Asparagus Wrapped Prosciutto
Nutrition Information
  • Serves: 4
  • Serving size: 4 oz Pork & 5 Asparagus Spears
    Prep time: 
    Cook time: 
    Total time: 
    Extremly tender grilled pork tenderloin brushed with olive oil and spices accompanied by grilled asparagus wrapped in a crispy prosciutto.
    • **Grilled Pork Medallions**
    • 1 lbs. pork tenderloin, cut into medallion
    • 1 tbsp. olive oil
    • ¼ tsp garlic powder
    • ¼ tsp. black pepper
    • ¼ tsp. thyme
    • ¼ tsp. parsley
    • 2 dashes salt
    • **Asparagus Wrapped Prosciutto**
    • 1 bunch of Asparagus
    • 2 oz Prosciutto, cut in half the long way
    • 1 tsp. olive oil
    1. **Grilled Pork Medallions**
    2. Heat grill to medium heat
    3. Place pork medallions in a bowl, add olive oil and spices. Mix until all the pork is covered in the olive oil mixture.
    4. Place pork on grill and cook 5 minutes per side.
    5. Cover and let it rest for 5 minutes.
    6. ***************************
    7. **Asparagus Wrapped Prosciutto Instructions**
    8. Cut off the ends of the asparagus. Place in a bowl and add olive oil and a sprinkle of salt & pepper.
    9. Wrap each piece of asparagus with prosciutto
    10. Place asparagus on grill set on medium heat. Turn every couple of minutes until asparagus is fork tender. About 5 to 10 minutes.
    Calories per 4 oz Pork: 160, Fat: 7.4, Cholesterol: 75, Sodium: 55, Potassium: 0, Carbs: 0, Fiber: 0, Sugar: 0, Protein: 24

    Calories per 5 Spears of Asparagus: 48.9, Fat: 2.2, Cholesterol: 15, Sodium: 281, Potassium: 165.2, Carbs: 2.7, Fiber: 1.3, Sugar: 0, Protein: 5.4

    I hope you don’t mind I put these recipes together on my Ziplist.  I found if I separated them, I corrupt the Internet world somewhere.  I am not a technical person, but all I know is I am supposed to only post one recipe at a time, but this is my blog and I wanted to share two!

    Time for me to scadoodle!   I have to make myself dinner, after all Hubby went to Subway, so that means I can get crazy and create whatever I want for din din!

    Have a lovely Thursday!






    1. I guess threatening with “if you dont eat your veggies, you wont get any dessert” wont work? 🙂

      I’ve found that with reluctant veggie-eaters works either disguise or adding meat. Your asparagus looks very lovely, I think any man I know would demolish them in no time. Asparagus with prosciutto is such a yummy treat! Prosciutto itself can work wonders in a pasta salad. I once had my friend to finish a big bowl of pasta salad just by adding prosciutto there, and he is a devoted meat-eater. Surprised me totally 😀

      Disguising works sometimes, just wrap it in something unhealthy looking and they dont even know it’s not meat. Like beetroot steaks (cooked whole, sliced and then covered with breadcrumbs and fried), people dont even notice there’s no meat involved 😉

      • Oddly enough my Husband would rather have his meat then a dessert so the old phrase doesn’t work with him. Ohhh I never thought of prosciutto in a pasta salad. That would be amazing. I never had beetroot, hmmm, I’ll have to look for that next time I’m at the store.

    2. Wild rice salad looks amazing!
      Perfect compliment to a well cooked protein 🙂

    3. Excellent idea to wrap the Asparagus in Prosciutto! Love it. I shall have to give it a try.

    4. This recipe is JUST what I have been looking for! I have been trying to find a simple pork recipe for some entertaining that we are doing on Sunday night and I think I might have to give this a whirl. Oh, and the title of this post made me laugh so hard haha

    5. HAHAHHA. I agree. That’s the only way my hubs will eat them 🙂

    6. That pork tenderloin looks sooo good. I totally agree about pork chops vs. tenderloin, especially if you are going to grill it. Although nothing beats a stuffed baked pork chop!

    7. I tend to hide my vegetables in food in order to get the boyfriend to eat them! Or disguise them as something else! This looks fabulous, I’m loving the simple pork medallions.

    8. I’m pretty sure that any man would eat veggies if they were wrapped in bacon 😀

    9. I love grilling asparagus! I’ve never wrapped mine before…my husband would definitely be all over this!

    10. That rice salad looks INCREDIBLE.


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