Pistachio and Cherry Cannoli Cups #SundaySupper

Hi Everyone,

Today is a fun day at #SundaySupper!  Our mission this week was to make something movie related.   Hmmm, I had a hard time with this one because there are some great movies that is related to food!  After asking around, my Husbands friend said how about the Godfather.  The Godfather!  A classic movie!  I love mafia type movies and I haven’t seen the Godfather in so long and I own the box set.  I remember years ago my Husband and I watched almost all of them on a Saturday!  Yes, I spent a Saturday snuggled on my couch watching the Godfather!  Crazy, but true!

Pistachio and Cherry Cannoli Cups

So what does one make from the Godfather?  First thing that comes to mine is Italian food, you know things like pasta and pizza.  But nah, that is to traditional and with a classic movie like the Godfather, I needed something special, but what?  Remember the famous scene Leave the gun Take the cannoli?  Such a great and ever so popular scene!  Did you know that scene was a mistake it, was supposed to be take the gun and leave the Cannoli, but the blunder made it famous!  lol  So with that the Pistachio and Cherry Cannoli was made!

Pistachio and Cherry Cannoli Cups

My cannoli’s are a little different from the standard cannoli’s for many reasons.  The main reason was I wanted a lower calorie cannoli so I can enjoy it without guilt, second was I didn’t have cannoli tube to wrap around the pastry and three I wanted something easy, so you can make these too!!  So I decided instead of a pastry shell, I would use Phyllo Dough for the cups, which would make the cannoli’s light and flaky, plus phyllo dough is pretty forgiving if you use it.  I had some tears in the dough, but that is ok, once you push them into a muffin cup, they will bake up nicely.  You don’t even need to make them perfect, once you fill them with the delicious filling, you don’t even notice any mistakes in the dough.

Pistachio and Cherry Cannoli Cups

For the filling, I thought about going traditional and having plain with chocolate chips, but I have been craving pistachios and cherries for some odd reason?  Plus the Godfather is kind of a dark movie and I needed to lighten it up, so I make a pretty pink cannoli because you know you think of pink, when you think of the Godfather!  lol  The filling is so easy to make!  All it is fat-free Ricotta Cheese, Mascarpone Cheese, maraschino cherry juice and sugar.  I topped these little guys with some finely chopped pistachios and a maraschino cherry!  I couldn’t keep these on the plate!  I was getting ready to photograph them and my Husband took one that I plated, sure enough I plated a few more and he ate them too!  He was sitting on the couch saying these are so good!!  I must admit they turned out way better than I ever could have dreamed off!  Flaky dough, rich, creamy, sweet filling with the taste of cherries and almonds.  Oh man, it is good!!!!!!!!!!!

Pistachio and Cherry Cannoli Cups

The filling is just amazing!  I thought it would be gritty but it wasn’t!  I decided to go with fat free Ricotta cheese because I was using full fat Mascarpone Cheese.  Do you want to know a secret?  This is the first time I ever had Mascarpone Cheese!  OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!  It was like pure creamy deliciousness!!  I can’t believe I have never had it!  It’s amazing cheese!  I thought it would be like cream cheese, but it’s not!  It’s so good and so much better!  But due to the fat and calories I only went with 8 tablespoons of it!  If you feel like splurging use 16 tablespoons.  It’s so good!!  Oh and if your feeling a little lazy and don’t want to make the Phyllo Dough Cups, just make the filling!!!  You can dip cinnamon pita chips in it, apples or fill little glasses with it and serve it as dessert, maybe tuck a cookie in it make it look pretty.  I had fun making, testing and tasting the filling, I kept eating it!  he he

Pistachio and Cherry Cannoli Cups

I wanted to tell you that the calorie count for the Pistachio and Cherry Cannoli Cups are less than I posted.  I had left over phyllo dough, left over nuts and leftover filling, but I would rather be higher on calories then less.  Oh and the cannoli cup including everything only comes in at 130 calories!  Loves it!!  A traditional cannoli has almost 400 calories and is fried!!  To much for me!!  So I am happy to bring this recipe to you!  I guarantee know on will know it’s low-calorie.  My Husband had no clue and he is a picky dessert person and he couldn’t keep his hands off of them.

If you do decide to make them, don’t fill your cannoli cups until your ready to serve.  Other wise the cups will get soggy.  You can also make this ahead of time.  Make the filling and store in the refrigerator and the cups, can be stored in a sealed tight container at room temperature, but in my opinion the cups are best the first day you make them.

Pistachio and Cherry Cannoli Cups


Pistachio and Cherry Cannoli Cups

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 8 minutes

Total Time: 18 minutes

Yield: 12 Cannoli Cups

Serving Size: 1 Cannoli Cup

Pistachio and Cherry Cannoli Cups

A healthy spin to the traditional cannolis, made with a flaky phyllo dough and filled with a light, fluffy cherry and almond ricotta cheese mixture.


  1. To make Cups:
  2. 6 sheets phyllo dough
  3. cooking spray
  4. To make Cannoli filling:
  5. 1 3/4 cup fat free ricotta cheese
  6. 8 tbsp. Mascarpone Cheese
  7. 1/2 cup powdered sugar
  8. 1/2 tsp. almond extract or vanilla
  9. 1 tbsp. maraschino cherry juice (from the jar of cherries)
  10. 2 tsp. pistachios, finely chopped
  11. 12 maraschino cherries


  1. To make phyllo dough cups
  2. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  3. Spray a standard muffin pan with cooking spray; set a side.
  4. Layer 3 fillo sheets, lightly spraying each sheet with cooking spray. Cut into 8 equal squares to form Phyllo stack (8 squares with 3 sheets of Phyllo Dough). Place cut squares in the standard muffin pan. Carefully push fillo into pan, pressing firmly against bottom and sides.
  5. Repeat process 1 more time with remaining 3 sheets to make 12 tarts (you'll have some dough leftover).
  6. Bake empty fillo tarts in the oven for 8 – 10 minutes or until golden brown. Cool for 5 minutes. Remove fillo tarts from pans.
  7. To make Cannoli filling:
  8. In a stand mixer add the paddle attachment, add ricotta cheese, mascarpone cheese and blend until light and fluffy, about 2 - 3 minutes. Add sugar, almond extract and maraschino cherry juice. Mix until incorporated and filling is light and fluffy, about 7 minutes total time.
  9. Add cannoli filling to phyllo cups and sprinkle with pistachios and top with a cherry.
  10. Note: Fill the cups with cannoli mix when ready to use, otherwise the cups will get soggy. Store cups in a sealed container at room temperature.


Calorie per cup including toppings: 130, Fat: 5, Cholesterol: 22, Sodium: 99, Potassium: 7, Crabs: 14, Fiber: .03, Sugar: 8.3, Protein: 5.1

Please note calories are less than given do to the fact I had leftover ingredients:


The Godfather

This was such a fun #SundaySupper!  I can’t wait to see what others made that are movie related goodies!  So be sure to check them all out.

Have a wonderful Sunday!



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  1. Good thinking, Jennifer. Phyllo dough is a wonderful way to encase the yummy combo of cheeses in your filling.

    Thank you for sharing the tidbit about the serendipitous now famous line about the gun and cannoli.

  2. These are so cute and creative! I love that they’re pretty healthy too. It would be great to serve these at a party.
    Laura Dembowski recently posted…Cinnamon Vanilla Pancakes #SundaySupperMy Profile

  3. Love The Godfather! Jen, these little cups look amazing. I just want to reach through the screen and start munching.
    Jennie @themessybakerblog recently posted…“Eat Me” Blueberry Lemon Scones ~ #SundaySupperMy Profile

  4. So cute…love pistachio and cherry! If you’re a lazy baker like me, they make frozen mini phyllo shells. I buy them in the freezer section and use them for appetizers and bite-sized desserts. They work perfect…all you do is thaw ‘em out and fill!
    Wendy (The Weekend Gourmet) recently posted…Movie-Inspired #SundaySupper…Featuring Golden Ticket Peanut Butter-Pretzel Truffles Inspired by Willy Wonka & the Chocolate FactoryMy Profile

  5. I’ve never been a big cannoli fan (mostly because it was a nickname given to me by my 5th grade teacher – a play on my last name) but these I could eat!
    Susan recently posted…Patty MeltsMy Profile

  6. Girllllllll, I want these. NOW!
    Jen @JuanitasCocina recently posted…Spaghetti and Meatballs with Gravy ~ Movie Inspired #SundaySupper!My Profile

  7. I love that you made easy cannoli! They are my favorite dessert but I never make them because of how time consuming (and heavy) the original version is.
    Amanda @ MarocMama recently posted…الدار البيضاء Fish Tajine for #SundaySupperMy Profile

  8. I have seen all the godfather movie a few times but I think so I need to watch them again soon because I don’t remember the part with the cannoli. So maybe when I watch the godfather I should have your pistachio cherry cannoli cups around. It’s going to be awesome! Thanks for the share. ;)

  9. What a beautiful-looking dish, and so well photographed! I simply must try making something with phyllo dough,
    Alaiyo Kiasi-Barnes recently posted…Alaska Smoked Salmon, Celery and Apple Salad #SundaySupperMy Profile

  10. They’re so pretty, I love them…and actually the cup-form is very cool! I had no idea that was a mistake – such a fun tidbit, thank you. Now, pass me a cannoli (cup)…
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  11. So it’s okay to eat a dozen of these right? So cute and bite-sized too! Love them.
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  12. These look fabulous!
    Andrea {from the Bookshelf} recently posted…Puerco Pibil #SundaySupper #MovieInspiredRecipesMy Profile

  13. Diana @GourmetDrizzles says:

    Your healthier version is so creative. And love the pink and the cherries- so darn cute! ;-)

  14. Jen, your cannoli cups are so cute…and must be irresistible! I don’t think I’ve ever sat through the whole first Godfather movie! Now I want to see it all :)
    Liz recently posted…Croque-Monsieur..#SundaySupper, #MovieInspiredRecipesMy Profile

  15. I love that you used phyllo dough! What a creative idea. Pistachio and cherry, that could be my new all time favorite. Yum!
    Shannon @VillageGirlBlog recently posted…Scones inspired by the Movie Tea With Mussolini #SundaySupperMy Profile

  16. Love the Godfather and even more love those little cannoli cups, great combination of flavors!!
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  17. You recipe looks fantastic! Loved the Godfather. Thanks for sharing!
    Martin D. Redmond recently posted…Wines To Pair With #SundaySupper Movie-Inspired RecipesMy Profile

  18. I’m showing this to my mom- with an italian family this will be a hit!
    Sarah Reid, RHNC (@jo_jo_ba) recently posted…Better Baked Mac & Cheese for #SundaySupper Movie NightMy Profile

  19. Love the idea of these cannoli cups! I’ve always loved cannoli but the fried pastry and calorie-laden filling have put me off in recent years (argh, why can’t I keep my teenage metabolism?!). I’m definitely going to try your version – the cherry and pistachio flavours are a match made in heaven! Thanks for sharing… and I love this Sunday Supper idea. This is the first that I’ve heard of it… can’t wait to look through the other posts! xx
    laurasmess recently posted…Apricot, Coconut and Cacao Nib TreatsMy Profile

  20. This is such a unique little dessert! The colour and flavours remind me of this ice cream I had once when I was really little, it was a spumoni ice cream. I haven’t been able to find the exact one since. Little desserts are perfect for parties, one bite to gobble them down!
    Katy @ Katy’s Kitchen recently posted…Maple and Grape Amaranth PorridgeMy Profile

  21. How cute are these? They look so yummy too!
    Stephanie @ Eat. Drink. Love. recently posted…No-Bake Energy BitesMy Profile

  22. These are so cute Jennifer! And I Haven’t been here in a couple weeks – I love the website makeover!
    Sally recently posted…Butterfinger Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies.My Profile

  23. I have to see this movie, a Saturday snuggled on the couch with my hubby to watch these movies is a MUST do!! I love that you made these healthier and easier, now I can give them a shot!!

  24. What a great recipe for Cannolis… inspired by a great movie!

  25. Thank you for giving me a smaller, lower calorie cannoli!
    Shelby | Diabetic Foodie recently posted…Goat Cheese Basil Grits for #SundaySupperMy Profile

  26. These look delicious – very creative.

  27. Wow Jennifer you knocked this outta the park! I made those coconut cuties and I almost put pistachios in mine too! Great minds think alike! Hooray for Marscapone cheese, soooooo goood!

  28. I am a fan of ANYTHING that involves Mascarpone chesse! :)
    Amy @ Fun With Family and Fitness recently posted…Liebster Award!!!My Profile

  29. Jennifer! These look absolutely amazing! I love the cherry and pistachio combination. I am dreaming of the filling melting in my mouth! I would love for you to link this up on Thursday @ Great Idea Thursday’s http://ahandfulofeverything.blogspot.com Krista :)
    Krista Low recently posted…Raspberry Poppy Seed Quick BreadMy Profile

  30. Oh my goodness, isn’t mascarpone cheese amazing!?!?! These cannoli’s you made look absolutely awesome!!! Oh my heavens, I want one!
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