Taco Bell – Cantina Steak Burrito

Hi Everyone,

Sometimes life gets so busy that you don’t have time to make dinner.  It seems that way for me lately.  With my trip tomorrow , I have been dong laundry, prepping food for my Husband and just trying to catch up on some household chores that I have ignored, so with that, I cheated and headed to Taco Bell for dinner.

Cantina Steak Burrito

They have the new Cantina Steak Burrito that I just had to try!  It’s full of tender steak, black beans, roasted corn and pepper salsa, pico gallo, avocado and creamy cilantro dressing.  It just called me!  You already know that I am a HUGE fan of black beans, corn and avocado that I just had to try the burrito!

Cantina Steak Burrito

This was one fat burrito!!!  I have to say it was pretty good!  I was actually impressed with it!!  I originally thought that this would not fill me until I saw how big it was!  Actually I couldn’t finish it!!  Ok, I did finish it, but it was so good!!  They also have the same burrito with chicken and veggie.  But for me I just needed some steak.  I must be hanging around my Husband to long!  If you’re not a burrito fan, they also have it in a bowl!  I was personally craving a burrito!  I haven’t had a burrito in forever!  This certainly satisfied my cravings!!

Cantina Steak Burrito

The recipe for this burrito was made by Chef Lorena Garcia where she put her Latin Spin on the Taco Bell Cantina Menu.  If you’re looking for a quick, filling dinner, I recommend checking out Taco Bell’s Cantina Menu.

Cantina Steak Burrito

Thank you Taco Bell for giving me the opportunity to try your new burrito   I’m really impressed with it!  This was one delicious burrito!  How could it not be?  It has all of my favorite things in it!  Yum!

Have a great day everyone!  I need to pack up and get ready for Vegas!



This post is sponsored by Taco Bell. See how great our steak is when you try the new Cantina Steak Burrito. Because when it comes to a great steak burrito, it’s all about the steak.


  1. I would never think this burrito came from taco bell. Looks very tasty! Have fun in Vegas!!!

  2. Taco Bell never really impressed me but this burrito looks like something I would try if I happen to be on the go and don’t have time. Enjoy Vegas!

  3. I had a veggie one a few weeks ago– suprisingly good, right? It reminded me of a burrito from Qdoba.

  4. I’ve wondered, since it’s made by an actual chef, whether that burrito was actually edible and I’m impressed to hear that it is!

  5. FUN FUN! Glad you enjoyed it too!

  6. Kate Metsch says

    Hi! The burrito looks fabulous! Any chance you were able to get nutritional info. so I can fit it into my plan?
    Have a terrific trip.

  7. I’m so jealous you got to review this! Guess I have to just go an try it myself

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