National Peanut Butter Day and a KIND Giveaway!

Hi Everyone,

Today is a very special day, its National Peanut Butter Day!!  Now normally I would post a recipe for you, but I was stumped!  Actually I was overwhelmed!  I had so many ideas of peanut butter recipes in my head that I couldn’t decide what to make and then I got frustrated and ended up making nothing!  But I did make this, just a simple greek yogurt parfait, made with peanut butter, strawberries and my new favorite granola, KIND  Peanut Butter Whole Grain Clusters!!  I’m not kidding you, I have this parfait everyday, and sometimes twice on Saturday!   If you don’t know by now I am a yogurt freak!!  Than topping it with my favorite things, peanut butter and granola (my addiction), oh man!!  I swear I could give up all food and just eat this!!  If you don’t believe me ask my Husband, he always says, your having that again!!  Yes I am!!!  :)

Kind Peanut Butter Granola

Ohhh, my love of granola!  Let me count the ways!  If you’re a frequent reader of mine you already know that granola is my addiction!  I can eat, and eat, and eat it until I am so stuffed and I can’t eat any more!!  I need help!  Is there help for a granola addiction?  Well, I got this lovely little box in the mail, to help feed my addiction!

KIND Healthy snacks

When I opened it up it was full of healthy, all natural peanut butter goodness.  It was like Christmas for me!!!  Hello Peanut butter clusters and bars!  Welcome to my home, now get into my belly!!!

KIND Healthy Snacks

KIND Healthy Snacks was kind enough to let me sample their new  Peanut Butter Whole Grain Clusters,   Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate + Protein Bars and their   Peanut Butter & Strawberry Bars!  It’s like they made this little package especially for me!!!  The Peanut Butter Whole Grain Clusters are crispy, gluten free  made from a unique blend of 100% whole grains – amaranth, quinoa, oats, millet and buckwheat.   Plus it’s only 130 calories for 1/3 of a cup!  OK, I ate half a bag!  I poured a bowl to photograph and I took a piece and then another, next thing you knew I ate it all!!  It’s that good!!  I skipped dinner because I was so full!!  Darn that yummy granola!!

Kind Peanut Butter Granola

Plus they sent 4 each of the Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate + Protein Bars and their   Peanut Butter & Strawberry Bars.  OMG!!  So good!  These babies are going in my desk drawer for my mid morning snacks.  I debated about sharing them, but I don’t know?  I’m kind of selfish that way!  I know I’m a bad person!  But the KIND bars deliver the perfect combination of protein, carbs and heart healthy fats that keep you feeling fuller longer.  I need that!!  Plus what I like about KIND Bars and Granola is that it’s words you can pronounce!  None of that weird stuff that you have to Google because you have no clue what it is!!


I’m kind of feeling like a spokes person for KIND Healthy Snacks but I’m really excited about these new products that are healthy for you!!  Trust me when I say, I never promote items I wouldn’t eat or like myself and these treats are all me!!!  But I’m pretty sure you already know that!  After all they combined strawberries and peanut butter in a bar!!  Plus chocolate and peanut butter!  If you check out my recipe page, you know these are PB&P’s combos!!!

Kind Peanut Butter Granola

Since KIND Snacks was nice enough to send me this wonderful package of peanut butter goodies, they offered the same package to you!!  Yah!!!!  So instead of a recipe, I am having a fun giveaway!!!

This is what you get!

All you have to do is tell me what is your favorite way to eat granola or what is your favorite kind of granola?

For extra entries:  Just be sure you tell me you did so

I’ll pick a winner on Sunday and post it on Monday!  Good luck and have a great day!



Kind Peanut Butter Granola

  1. I love KIND bars and that’s my favorite way to eat granola. I might sprinkle granola over oatmeal, but the bars are my favorite by far. They make a great snack between meals to keep me from splurging on chips or unhealthy sweets.

  2. My new thing is granola over fresh strawberries and fat free cool whip. I did this the other night with the Kind Peanut Butter Whole Grain Clusters and it hit the spot.

    I’ve also signed up for emails from you :)

  3. Peanut butter is my favorite food and those Kind snacks look great! Granola is addictive but I especially like it in plain siggy’s Greek yogurt :)

  4. This is my favorite granola!! I love the Kind PB…yum!! I love it in Strawberry greek yogurt since it reminds me of PB&J a little :)

  5. I love granola, too, & could eat it every day. Usually I put it on yogurt with some berries, or chocolate chips for a treat. :)

    I just found your blog a few weeks ago & already follow you on pintriest. I’ve pinned a TON of your recipes, but just today I pinned your birthday cake cashew butter.

    I followed you AND KIND snacks on twitter (those look amazing!)

  6. My favorite way to eat granola is mixed into yogurt, added into pancakes or just plain old by the handful! :) I pinned your pumpkin pancakes, and follow KIND on FB.

  7. Well, I’m trying this again, I don’t think my comment posted. If it did and I post twice, does that give me extra entries! :) My favorite way to eat granola is mixed into yogurt, or mixed into pancake batter, or simply eating by the handful all on its’ own!!! I repinned your pumpkin pancake recipe, follow you on FB and follw KIND on FB.

    Happy Thursday!

  8. Cranberry, Banana, pecan granola….yummy. Granola is my crack, definitely!

    I follow you on fb and my alternate email is subscribed to your blog! Also I follow Kind bar on fb as well. I follow you on pinterest and pinned your chocolate pb oatmeal recipe. I’ve never pinned any specific recipe before because I love EVERYTHING you make. Hee.

  9. Snack on it- it’s a great way to get that crunch in with a few pieces (when I can control myself) between meals

  10. I’m kindof old school – I eat my granola in a bowl with milk. And my favorite is my homemade craisin nut granola.

  11. I love granola by the handful…okay I like to mix it in my yogurt with fresh fruit and honey also. :)

  12. I follow you on pinterest (arjorjorian) I repinned your Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal recipe to my recipes board. It looks sooo amazing. More with the peanut butter…

  13. I get daily emails from Punchbowl notifying me of which food friendly holiday it is, I thought of you right away when I saw it was National Peanut Butter Day! My favorite way of eating granola is the pictures you have, plain greek yogurt with berries and granola. Simplicity at its best! I think the best granola I’ve had was TJ’s Granola & Berries.

  14. I love to eat my granola with a big bowl of yogurt, or just on it’s own!!

    I’m also subscribed on email and follow you on twitter and Pinterest!

  15. My favorite way to eat granola is…just eat the granola with a spoon or fingers! yum yum yummy yum yum! Would LOVE to try KIND products! thank you!

  16. My favorite way to eat granola is sprinkled over yogurt or a smoothie. I love the crunchy texture it gives!!!!

    I love Kind Bars. This is such an awesome giveaway. Thank you!!!

  17. I love eating granola with yogurt! fruit I will use sometimes, but not all the time. if my granola is more of a “fall” type flavor, generally I will omit fruit. but if it’s simpler, like honey or vanilla, I’m all over fruit. YUM, this looks so delicious!!! :)

  18. I like you on and KIND on Facebook! (and off Facebook – your blog is awesome and KIND snacks are awesome)

  19. I follow you on Pinterest and repinned your Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal. MMM. oh and when you posted that Chocolate Cherry Jubilee Frappe, I pinned it so fast – it looked sooo good! :)

  20. I follow you on Pinterest and repinned your peanut butter chocolate oatmeal and your overnight apple cinnamon oats!!

  21. My favorite granola is a super nutty version that I make myself! And I love it atop yogurt, too!

  22. My favorite way to eat granola is by the truck load! That doesn’t make me a glutton does it??? Hehehe ;) But seriously nothing beats a granola and fresh fruit parfait. You can have them year round regardless of the weather. Mmm mmm good!!!!

    • I am an avid follower of your blog ( I just made some of your butternut squash gnocchi a couple of days ago. My all time faves are the blueberry banana zucchini avocado bread (I make it every week) and Mexican Bean salad tacos! Yummy! I follow you in FB as well.

  23. My favorite way to eat granola is adding it to greek yogurt. Also, I’m following you and KIND on facebook and twitter. I also tweeted it too. @cellorockstr also, i just found your blog and i love it. great recipes. =)

  24. My favorite way to eat granola is with a serving of fresh fruit on the side. I like to alternate, taking a bite of the fruit, then a bite of granola. That sweet/salty/crisp/juicy blend is so delightful to the taste buds! Healthy and delicious – you can’t beat that. :)

  25. My favorite way to eat granola is as a on-the-go snack (right out of the bag!) Thanks for the giveaway!

  26. My favorite way to eat granola is to spread peanut butter on a Granny Smith apple and roll it in GRANOLA!
    Thanks for the contet entry.
    I also follow you on Pinterst and pinned your peanut butter cookie dough brownie recipe.
    I have been on your email stream for about 6 months.
    I am now following you on Facebook.
    I am now following Kind on Facebook.
    Hope you were able to take advantage of the Groupon, Kind was offering at the beginning of this week. I purhased two. Can’t get enough of the KIND products.

  27. I love to snack on granola jus as it is….sometimes I sprinkle them in yogurt and top it with fruit slices…yuuuum! :D

  28. My favorite way to eat granola: Right out of the box!

    Also, started following you on Pinterest. You have soooo many delicious recipes! My first pin was your Buffalo Chicken Pizza on FlatOut bread :)

  29. My favorite way to eat it is by the handful if i have to look civil i will sprinkle it on yogurt with peanut butter lol

  30. I subscribe by email and follow you on interest I’ve pinned your apple cinnamon overnight oatmeal recipes (looks fantastic)

  31. My favorite way to eat granola is in a parfait with berries and vanilla greek yogurt and my favorite granola is YOUR Almond Coconut Granola!!

  32. Right now my favourite way to eat granola is to dip it in peanut butter.. i am actually obsessed with it right now.. can’t get enough! i actually love my homemade granola, either made with peanut butter or almond butter, coconut, and seeds. this giveaway sounds amazing!

  33. i am getting ready to make a KIND order due to a groupon i got. I can promise this is the one I’ll be trying, my husband is a peanut butter lover, so i thank you for posting this so I know which one to try. I like my homemade granola, too, and love to eat it by the handful.

  34. Wait, a healthy granola that is naturally low in sugar and not obscene in the fat department either? AND it has peanut butter in it? I feel like my life is now not complete until I try it…and I am definitely like you, I love mixing granola into yogurt or combining it with fruit.

  35. Please let me win!!! I love your recipes andi love living a healthy life at 17 years old;) you should totally do some more portable lunches because I take my lunch everyday to school to have a healthy meal:)

  36. Following Pinterest. I re-pinned your grilled PB/honey/banana sandwich because today is National Peanut Butter Day!

  37. I typically don’t buy granola so this would be great to win so I can try it out. If I do have granola, it’s usually mixed in with yogurt and fruit for a snack – great giveaway!

  38. I usually make my own granola-I have a vanilla almond recipe that I love. It is best over vanilla greek yogurt and topped with strawberries. My kids love bananas smeared with peanut butter, then rolled in granola.

  39. My favourite way to eat granola? With cottage cheese, peanut butter and honey! But recently I made some delicious pancakes with granola and I think those were worth of repeating.
    My favourite kind of granola? Cconut chocolate one :)

  40. I love to have my homemade blueberry chocolate chip granola with a cup of coffee for breakfast!

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