Peanut Butter and Berry Oatmeal

Hello my Friends,

Well Friday was fend for yourself night, I had my heart set on a fully loaded baked potato for dinner, I could just see it now, but when I went to put my tatters in the oven, I noticed they had a green tint to them, which is toxic, so I threw them out.  Now what to make?  Then I thought pizza, but I just wasn’t feeling like making it.  Don’t you hate nights like that?  So I ended making this quick and lovely dish.

Yup, a good old bowl of oatmeal.  After all it’s National Oatmeal month, so I might as well celebrate it by having a big bowl of comfort food.  When else fails, I always turn to oatmeal for a filling meal, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner.

This oatmeal is loaded with lots of healthy goodies!  It’s made with banana, peanut butter milk mixture and berries.  It was yummy and very filling.  I always forget how filling oatmeal is.  Since I was having breakfast for dinner I had to have a big cup of decaf coffee to go with it.  After looking at these pictures, it made me realize I drink WAY to much coffee.  Look at the size of the cup next to a normal bowl.

Plus having this nice colorful meal, it let me play around with the settings of my camera.  I don’t think the pictures look to bad considering it’s dark outside.  I’m still practicing and I hope to get better.  There’s allot of my posted meals that I want to remake so I can have more desirable looking photos.

If you look at the spoon, you can see my reflection.  🙂  I want to tell you about the peanut butter mixture.  This is something I picked up from Justin’s Nut Butter.  You mix an equal amount of peanut butter to milk, blend it in a blender or in a small bowl and mix until combined.  This gives you half the calories of peanut butter, doesn’t dilute the flavor of peanut butter and it lasts a lot longer.  I love to make this and dip my apples into it or pour over ice cream.  I’ll make a tiny batch of it and use it up within a couple of days.  You don’t want it to sit to long in the refrigerator or the milk goes bad!  I’ll probably post the quick recipe for that in the future when I make a bigger batch.

Peanut Butter and Berry Oatmeal


1/3 cup of Coaches Oats or 1 serving of any kind of oatmeal you like

1 cup of water

1/4  banana, mashed

1 egg white

1/4 cup frozen berries or fresh

1/2 Tbsp. peanut butter

1/2 Tbsp. non-fat milk


In a medium pot add your water, bring to a boil and add your oats. Give a stir and add banana.  Stir occasionally, until thicken.  About 1 minute before oatmeal is done whip in egg whites and stir constantly until done. Let it sit for a few minutes to thicken up.

In a little bowl add peanut butter and milk, mix until combined, about 1 minute. If peanut butter is to thick microwave for about 10 seconds to soften it.

In a microwavable bowl add frozen berries and microwave for about 40 seconds until berries are defrosted. Slightly mash with a spoon.  If your using fresh berries, no need to do this step.

Put your oatmeal in your bowl, top with berries and peanut butter mixture.


Calories per bowl:  289,  Fat:  6.2,  Sodium:  80,  Potassium:  175,  Carbs:  46,  Fiber:  9,  Sugar:  8,  Protein:  14

So what are your plans for Saturday?  I still don’t know what mine are, but I am sure whatever it is, it will involve food!  🙂

Have a fabulous Saturday my darlings!!





  1. I love breakfast for dinner! And I’m loving the addition of peanut butter!!

  2. i really want to try coach’s oats! yumm, love breakfast foods for dinner, especially eggs 🙂

  3. That looks soooo good! I make the same thing, but now I’m going to dilute the pb like you did. I also agree that oatmeal is my go to meal if I don’t have anything, need a quick meal, or just a hearty,healthy, and yummy meal. Yummy! 🙂

  4. Isn’t breakfast for dinner the best?! I love how much protein is in this oatmeal dish. It looks super tasty!

  5. Cassandra Bishop says

    Yikes, I had no idea a green tint meant toxic! Thanks for the tip!

  6. It’s like peanut butter and jelly for breakfast!


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