What is your Kitchen Hack? #THEHACKSOFLIFE

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Hi Everyone,

I have teamed up with Fresh & Easy to make your life a little bit more convenient for you and I in the kitchen.  After all I think we could use a little tips of the trade that makes life easier.   So today I have come up with a kitchen hack that is so easy, yet I doubt we all do it.

Prevent Potatoes from Sprouting
Did you know if you add an apple to a bag of potatoes that it prevents the potato from sprouting? It’s true, plus the apple intensifies the flavor of the potatoes which is even better. I think this is perfect since the holidays are coming up and you know that you will be seeing mashed potatoes on the holiday table.

Mashed Potatoes
I know that you maybe in a rush with the holiday rush, and breakfast, lunch and dinner can seem like it’s the last thing on your mind. Well the problem is solved! Fresh & Easy has pre-made organic, wholesome meals that are healthy and delicious to satisfy anyone in your household. I’m pretty stoked because they just opened a Fresh & Easy in my neighborhood and I just love the store!

Honey and Cinnamon Glazed Sweet Potatoes

Plus when you see the Fresh & Easy label, you know that product is all natural and guaranteed to be free of artificial colors, flavors, and any other other nasties. That’s a big plus for leading a healthy life style. But for a convenience Fresh & Easy also has pre-made smoothie kits, Grab-N-Go organic breakfasts, and Fresh, organic, food at crazy affordable prices, just to name a few.

Bacon  and Potato Hash

You should check out the Fresh & Easy’s “Hacks of Life” Pinterest board using. It’s filled with a TON of genius cooking hacks.  I saw a few that I am going to include in my life!  People are so clever coming up with all of these fun ideas and tips.
Hacks of Life
Oh and you can enter Fresh & Easy’s Holiday Sweepstakes to win $150 in groceries or $300 cash.  Yeah!

To enter, participants must:

  1. Visit Pinterest.com/freshandeasy/the-hacks-of-life.
  2. Pin their favorite kitchen hack (they may use images from Fresh & Easy’s The Hacks of Life Board located here: http://www.Pinterest.com/freshandeasy/the-hacks-of-life, though they may pin their own image and the images they select will not impact their odds of winning the Sweepstakes.) They are only required to pin one image to gain entry into the Sweepstakes; multiple pins will not gain additional entries into the Sweepstakes during the Promotion Period and
  3. Include #HacksSweepstakes in the description of the pin they submit for the Sweepstakes.

You have to tell me what is your favorite Kitchen Hack?

Have a great day!


freshandeasy http://www.thesitsgirls.com/hack-life-sweepstakes-terms-conditions/

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fresh & Easy
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  1. What a great idea for keeping potatoes! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Ooohhhh…cool tip. One of my favorite kitchen hacks is to freeze fruits then blend them while frozen for instant ice cream. I learned that from a cooking show in TLC. I usually freeze sliced bananas, mangoes, and strawberries overnight. Then I put them in my mini blender the next day for a creamy frozen treat. I like to add just a bit of cream on my concoction to make them smoother.

  3. Sounds like a great site.Really like the one about putting the Apple in a bag of potatoes.Since I live by myself it is nice to have some hacks on making things last longer.Thanks


  1. […] Irish Colcannon or Deanna’s Mashed Potato Donuts, keep the extra spuds from sprouting by storing them with an apple. I keep my potatoes in a dark cupboard in a brown paper bag and now…with an apple. No […]

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