Lightened Up Stove Top Mac and Cheese / Giveaway

Hi Everyone!

Today is going to be a fun day at PB and P!  🙂  Yesterday my Husband and I celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary.  Since it happened during the week we didn’t do too much.  But I did make my Husband a shocking meal for our anniversary.  It’s one that he craves and loves and one I never make.  It’s super cheesy Macaroni and Cheese.  I know your thinking what the heck?  Don’t you make steak, potatoes, homemade bread, a side of seasonal vegetables?  No, not this wife!  I make the food my Husband really loves!! That my friends is Mac & Cheese. I also made him another one of his favorites, meatloaf.  The meatloaf turned out wonderful, however the photos did not turn out great, so I’ll debate if I’ll share that with you.  I may just have to re-make it!  🙂

Lightened Up Stove Top Mac and Cheese

The mac and cheese is so light, creamy, buttery and has just the best down home flavor. What gives this cheese the ultimate flavor is the Rumiano Monterey Jack Cheese.  This cheese is organic, non-GMO verified and just dam good!  Monterey Jack and Pepper Jack Cheese are my favorites!  I think they are my Husbands too?  To lightened up this dish I used skim milk, and to thicken it up I used a little bit of cornstarch.  It all came together beautiful and not only am I happy with this dish, so is my Husband.

Lightened Up Stove Top Mac & Cheese

Lightened Up Stove Top Mac and Cheese
Nutrition Information
  • Serves: 5 cups
  • Serving size: 1 cup (serves 5)
    Prep time: 
    Cook time: 
    Total time: 
    A creamy, cheesy, buttery cheese sauce made with monterey jack cheese served over a bed of gluten free pasta shells.
    • 8 oz shell shaped quinoa noodles or elbow noodles
    • ¾ cups organic non-fat milk
    • ½ tsp. mustard
    • 1 tbsp. organic butter
    • 1 tbsp. cornstarch
    • 2 tbsp. organic milk, non-fat
    • 4 oz. Organic Rumiano Monterey Jack Cheese, shredded
    1. Cook pasta according to manufactures directions, stop cooking pasta when it is cook until al denti, about 2 - 3 minutes before done. Drain; set aside.
    2. In a small bowl, add 2 tablespoons milk and 1 tablespoon of cornstarch. Whisk until combined; set aside.
    3. In a medium sauce pan over low heat, add ¾ cups milk, mustard and butter. Bring to a soft simmer, add cornstarch mixture. Stir constantly until thick, about 2 minutes. Stir in cheese and stir until melted. Pour cheese over cooked pasta; mix until combined.
    Calories per cup: 284, Fat: 8, Cholesterol: 25, Sodium: 167, Carbs: 39, Fiber: 2.4, Sugar: 6, Protein: 13

    Lightened Up Stove Top Mac and Cheese
    October is Non-GMO month and Rumiano Fine Natural Cheese is celebrating Non-GMO month with giving away a year supply of cheese!  What a great giveaway!!  You can enter the giveaway here!  But that’s not all!


    But before I get to my giveaway, I wanted to share some scoop with you about GMO.  Do you know what GMO is?  Honestly I didn’t know until recently.  You should really check it out on Rumiano Fine Natural Cheese Site.

    Did you read it?  Kind of gross don’t you think?  Anyway I was happy when I was contacted by Rumiano Cheese and they asked me if I wanted to celebrate Non-GMO month with them by giving away cheese to 5 lucky winners.  Yup 5 winners!!

    One last thing before the giveway, which makes me proud to work with Rumiano Natural Fine Cheese is that they are certified through the American Humane Association’s Free Farmed Certified program, which guarantees customers that the organic milk used in the making of Rumiano organic cheeses comes from cows that are raised and treated humanely. This distinction is another first in the cheese industry.  I think that is wonderful because I am a HUGE animal lover!

    This is an easy giveaway!  All you have to do is tell me, what is your favorite cheese dish?

    If you like I would love it if you tweeted my giveaway, but it’s not required.

    Enter to win organic, Non-GMO Rumiano Cheese at Peanut Butter and Peppers @Jenat PBandP @RumianoCheese

    I’ll pick five winners before the end of the month!

    You can find Rumiano Cheese at Whole Foods across the country and at several natural product stores.

    Have  a great day!



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    1. To be honest, I simply love cheese. It is hard to pick just one favorite. Since I have to, I would have to say… grilled cheese made with multi grain bread and homemade tomato soup. It is classic comfort food at its best.

    2. Hmm…my favorite cheesy dish….it would have to be my mom’s homemade macaroni and cheese. Haven’t had it in years, but can still remember how it tastes. So good! 🙂

    3. Geena O Joseph says

      I hated cheese as a kid…but cheese got the better of me. Now I love cheese on everything, my soups, chilis, salads, etc but ofcourse, I portion-control else my husband would go paranoid, lolz. Oh yeah, my fav cheese dish is Eggplant Parmigiana…yummy…just thinking about it makes my mouth water…!

    4. I love most varieties of cheese and make pizza quite often but my favorite dish is homemade Mac & Cheese using a nice sharp cheddar with a mixture of whatever’s in the fridge!
      I posted a tweet!

    5. Love a cheesy buttery grilled cheese sandwich with tomatoes & avocados inside too! 🙂

    6. Gloria Naumann says

      Cheese! Love anything with cheese! Favorite would have to say grownup grilled cheese with tomato basil soup

    7. I love grilled cheese sandwiches with tomatoes.

    8. Susan Giovannini says

      I love cheese! Yellow cheese, white cheese, soft cheese, firm cheese… My fav cheese dish. Homemade pizza with freshly cut veggies and lots of cheese!

    9. So hard to pick a cheesy favorite,but I guess I have to go with my mom’s homemade lasagna 🙂

    10. Baked ziti, lasagna, pizza, anything with tomatoes and mozzarella!

    11. Delicious mac and cheese, love that touch of ground mustard to give it that extra flavor I like. Perfect recipe!

    12. My favorite cheesy dish….pizza of course!

    13. I think a better question is, what ISN’T my favorite cheese dish? I love it all, and mac and cheese definitely ranks up there. My favorite way to eat cheese isn’t really a dish, it’s just eating cheese with good, crusty French bread. Heaven. 🙂

    14. Wow this sounds good! YUM! What does the mustard do for the mac and cheese? I have seen it before, but I am not a mustard fan…

    15. cheesy quesadillas 🙂

    16. Dyanne Spease says

      I love monterey jack and mozzarella. They are just to close to call which one is best liked.

    17. Dyanne Spease says


    18. I created my own thing – ground beef, mushrooms, cheese, and spices.

    19. I love homemade mac and cheese. SO good. I also love a good tuna bake with cheese in it.

    20. Jasanna Czellar says

      My favorite cheese dish is grilled cheese. Both basic and gourmet!

    21. Gotta go with the macaroni & cheese! Love their cheeses, hope I win!

    22. Macaroni & Cheese is my all time favorite.

    23. Oooh, it’s hard, but probably Chile Rellenos!!

    24. I CANT CHOOSE A FAVE CHEESE DISH! I looove cheese 😀

    25. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

      I love lasagna, quiche, and tacos. oh, I have a great recipe for a broccoli cheese casserole, too–one of my favorites! Thanks for the giveaway.

    26. My favorite is definitely my Ham and noodle casserole with a ton of cheese in and on it 🙂

    27. My favorite dish with cheese is pizza.

    28. I’d have to say pizza – but there are so many favorites…..quiche, lasagna, eggplant parm….the list goes on!

    29. Love a veggie pizza topped with lots of shredded cheese of all varieties and flavors!

    30. Your husband and my husband would get along swimmingly. When I ask him what he wants for a birthday meal, he always tells me meatloaf. I won’t tell him about this post, because then he’ll want meatloaf AND mac and cheese next year 🙂 But seriously, this looks to die for.

    31. Lynda Abeyta says

      grilled cheese sandwich with gluten free bread and Monterrey jack cheese

    32. Sonya Poole says

      Idaho Nachos (waffle fries with lots if cheddar cheese and all the toppings)!

    33. Lezlie Burke says

      My favorite cheesy food is grilled cheese sandwiches on sourdough. I dip them in maple syrup and it’s DELICIOUS!

    34. Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas

    35. Macaroni and cheese!

    36. Susan Christy says

      Pizza with smoked Gouda Cheese,

    37. Whitney Lindeman says

      Just…one…favorite? Cheese is literally my favorite, haha. I’d have to go with some kind of pizza, I suppose, but seriously. Cheese. Best.

    38. I really like cheese enchilladas!

    39. Mac and cheese is a favorite thanks for the giveaway


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