Wallaby Greek Yogurt Giveaway

G’day Everyone,

Today I have teamed up with Wallaby Yogurt Company to try out there newest line of Greek Yogurts!  You know I am not one to turn down yogurt!  I kind have a thing for yogurt!  It is one those foods I can’t live with out!!  really, I’m addicted!  Just ask my Husband!  He always says, your having yogurt again!

Wallaby Greek Yogurt

The true test of yogurt for me is the plain 0% fat greek yogurt!  That is the one I use most in my cooking, baking and I like it plain so I can add whatever I like to it.  Well, I have to say I love their yogurt.  It’s not very thick, more of a regular yogurt consistency.   It’s also not tangy but it is so creamy, like whip cream dessert.   Plus it even has a slight sweetness to it.  I have to say I am impressed.  Nice job Wallaby!!  Nice job!!  But what about the nutritional stats?  You can look for yourself.

Wallaby Greek Yogurt Nutritional Stats

I love how low the sugar content is on it and how high the protein is.  Makes for a guilt-free yogurt!  Since I had my choice of yogurts to try, I decided to try almost all of them.  So far my favorite is the Mixed Berries!  Love my berries in my yogurt!  It’s my favorite add in, next to peanut butter!

Wallaby Yogurt Berrie

I thought it was pretty cool, how they packaged the yogurt.  They have their fruit in a separate cup so you can spoon it into the yogurt yourself.  That way you can use all of the fruit or a little of it that you want.

Wallaby Yogurt Berrie

I thought the flavors of all of the yogurts were perfect!  The yogurt pictured is the Wallaby Mixed Berries Greek Yogurt.  I added my berries, gave it a mix and then ate it!!  So good and only 120 calories!!

Wallaby Greek Yogurt

Honestly I never heard of Wallaby Yogurt, so I scoped them out and found out that their yogurts are sold everywhere and they are local to me!  Here is some information about the company.

Wallaby Yogurt Company is a family-owned business that has been producing organic yogurt in Napa Valley, California since 2001. The company was born out of an adventure that began Down Under. It was during a trip to Australia that Wallaby’s founders chanced across a deliciously distinctive yogurt. Convinced that Americans would love Australian-style yogurt as much as they did, they set off on a mission with one simple goal: to produce the best tasting yogurt in America. Today, Wallaby continues to achieve this mission through its Australian-style and Greek yogurt offerings. To learn more about
Wallaby Yogurt Company, please visit www.WallabyYogurt.com.

You have to love that they are family owned and what a cool story!  Do you know what a Wallaby is?  Essentially, a wallaby is any macropod that isn’t considered large enough to be a kangaroo and has not been given some other name. There is no fixed dividing line. Wallabies are smaller and generally have a stockier build than a kangaroo.  For more fun Wallaby facts, you can check it out here.

So are you ready for the giveaway?  Wallaby Yogurts was kind enough to offer 3 of my readers  five (5) coupons for the 5.3/6oz products.  Now you can try their creamy, dreamy yogurt too!!

All you have to do is tell me, What is your favorite flavor of yogurt?

For extra entries:  Just be sure you tell me you did so

I’ll announce the 3 winners on Saturday’s post!!

Have a great day and Thank you Wallaby Organic Yogurts for letting me try your yogurts.  You now have a new fan and I can’t wait to dig in and try more of your yogurts!



Winners of the Wallaby Greek Yogurt Coupons are:

Author: Ranata
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Author: Amy L
Comment: I like strawbery yogurt, but I also like to eat plain Greek yogurt with honey and whatever fresh fruit is in season.

Your Winner (confirmed)

Author: Ray S
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I e-mailed everyone, but you can always contact me at [email protected]  You have 48 hours to contact me or reply to my e-mail or I will pick another winner.




  1. My favourite flavour of yogurt is fig!

  2. i also already follow you on facebook and twitter!

  3. my favorite flavor is plain. I love to add fruit and nuts myself.!

  4. I love vanilla yogurt.

  5. Neonmoon10 says

    My favorite flavor is any citrus flavor

  6. barbara n says

    I love vanilla greek yogurt because I love to add my own fruit!

  7. barbara n says

    I am an email subscriber to peanut butter and peppers

  8. I like plain yogurt to make my own flavors!

  9. I follow you on Twitter via @serene_streams!

  10. I follow Wallaby Yogurt on Twitter via @serene_streams!

  11. I like you on Facebook!

  12. I like Wallaby Yogurt on Facebook!

  13. I’m also an email subscriber – thanks so much as I’ve been wanting to try Wallaby Greek!

  14. I love blueberry yogurt. Or pear.

  15. I like you on FB. Thx for an awesome giveaway!!

  16. My favorite is lemon! Blood orange is yummy, too!

  17. shakema g says

    Strawberry is my favorite yogurt.

  18. Raspberry chic chips

  19. I love Wallaby! I prefer plain yogurt so I can add fresh fruit.

  20. I subscribe by email 🙂

  21. I follow you both on twitter.

  22. I am a FB fan!

  23. I love vanilla yogurt.

  24. I’m a FB fan. 🙂

  25. Just tweeted the giveaway.

  26. I’m a Twitter follower.

  27. I already am an email subscriber 🙂

  28. I love peach yogurt. Yum!

  29. I follow you on facebook.

  30. I pinned your peanut butter cookie granola recipe.

  31. I follow you on pinterest.

  32. Favorite flavor is Peach! I also follow you on Facebook and subscribe to your emails.

  33. Stephanie says

    I follow you on Pinterest

  34. Stephanie says

    I follow you on FB.

  35. Stephanie says

    I follow you on twitter

  36. I love love love Wallaby!! Their yogurt is super creamy and almost tastes like dessert. Yum. My favorite flavor is pineapple!

  37. Blueberry is my favorite flavor!

  38. I like you on Facebook

  39. I like Wallaby Yogurt on Facebook

  40. I subscribe to your emails. Thanks!

  41. I love raspberry yogurt!

  42. Jessie C. says

    blueberry is my favorite

  43. Jessie C. says

    subscribe to Peanut Butter and Peppers

  44. Jessie C. says
  45. Jessie C. says
  46. I use plain a lot but my favorite would have to be cherry or blueberry.

  47. Amanda G. says

    I am addicted to yogurt too!! In fact, I’m eating one right now. My favorite flavor is peach!! YUM!!!

  48. Amanda G. says

    I follow peanut butter peppers on twitter!!!

  49. Amanda G. says

    I follow peanut butter and peppers on Facebook!!!

  50. Amanda G. says

    I pinned the blueberry Greek yogurt cookies!! Haha more yogurt!!

  51. My favorite flavor is plain, so I can add my own toppings. Love to add sliced bananas, a drizzle of honey, and a spoonful of Smuckers Natural Chunky Peanut Butter. Mmm…

  52. My favorite flavor of yogurt is greek plain or blueberry…love Wallaby!

  53. I absolutely live strawberry or vanilla yogurt! Yum!!

  54. My favs are lemon and blood orange!! 🙂 But I love vanilla too

  55. I also signed up for emails!!

  56. love peach!

  57. email subscribre!

  58. Megan Houston says

    My favorite is vanilla because you can add fresh fruit and topping and it always blends perfectly!;)

  59. I like to get plain Greek yogurt and then dress it up.

  60. I follow both on twitter!

  61. just plain is my favorite – great for baking and then i can add my own fruit to my liking.

  62. already a subscriber

  63. I like cherry flavored yogurt. In the summer I usually opt for vanilla or plain and add fresh fruit from my garden and honey.

  64. I get your email updates at [email protected].

  65. I follow you and Peppers and Wallaby Yogurt on Twitter.

  66. I like you and Wallaby’s Organic on Facebook.

  67. I follow you on Pinterest and pinned your recipe for the Shamrock Shake.

  68. I love any berry flavored yogurt

  69. Pinterest follower. I pinned your shamrock shake recipe

  70. Georgiana says

    Blueberry is my favorite – so yummy and berrilicious!

  71. Georgiana says

    I like you on Facebook

  72. Georgiana says

    I like Wallaby on Facebook

  73. Georgiana says

    I’m an email subscriber too!

  74. Already subscribed to your blog

  75. I repinned the stuffed French toast recipe

  76. Follow on twitter

  77. Liked on Facebook

  78. Tweeted @xokammie

  79. I have never heard of this yogurt, but I want to try it! My favorite flavor is just strawberry.

  80. I love Plain non-fat greek yogurt and I add my own mixins like fruit and nuts 🙂

  81. I subscribe to Peanutbutter and Peppers

  82. I follow on twitter

  83. I tweeted

  84. I liked on facebook

  85. I follow on pinterest and pinned your spicy black bean burgers 🙂

  86. Kari FKari F says

    My absolute favorite flavor of yogurt is Vanilla, but I also really like raspberry and blueberry too.

  87. I like strawbery yogurt, but I also like to eat plain Greek yogurt with honey and whatever fresh fruit is in season.

  88. I follow you on twitter @amylou61

  89. My fave flavor is blueberry.

  90. I follow you on twitter.

  91. I like you on FB.

  92. I haven’t tried wallaby yet, but I love cherry Greek yogurt!


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