Weekly Recap August 3rd – 8th

Hi Everyone.

Tomorrow is my birthday and today I am celebrating it with Little Jenny. I am unsure at this time what we are doing, but my guess is pedicures and lunch. We do that every year and I look forward to it. So with that said today I am taking the day off from blogging. Normally Saturday and Sundays are my recipe days, but nope not this weekend. It will be nice to have a little break. Well ok, I’ll probably still do some blogging. 🙂 But I couldn’t leave you without a post so I am going to re-cap this weeks posts.

Sunday – Restaurant Style Burger – I love this burger and it was a huge hit with the family. I know it’s a lot of calories because I did it up, but you can always use my burger making concept to make a burger your style. You simply must make your burger in a skillet! It is the best and I never thought I would say that over grilling a burger. So give it a try, guarantee burger fans will love it!
Restaurant Style Burgers #SundaySupper
Monday – Raspberry Orange Smoothie – This is simply a refreshing smoothie with a hint of orange and a pop of raspberry. It’s a nice summertime combo.
Raspberry Orange Smoothie #smoothiemonday
Tuesday – Lightened Up Italian Sausage and Peppers Pasta – I loved this dish! It was like an Italian Sausage sub to me but with pasta. This makes for a great week night meal with lots of flavor. I don’t think you could go wrong with it.
Italian Sausage and Peppers Pasta
Yum Yum Wednesday – One of my favorite summertime desserts Peach and Blueberry Cobbler. It’s light, healthy and only 149 calories a serving. I love it! Plus I have some fun product reviews.
Lightened Up Peach and Blueberry Cobbler
Thursday – Guest Blogger Culinary Adventures with Camilla. Camilla shares with us healthy lunch box options that are great for kids or for yourself. I’m still amazed about the hard-boiled egg molds. I have to get them.
Friday – Buffalo Chik Wrap – I loved this recipe. It’s low-calorie and has amazing Buffalo Chicken flavor, but I also love that it is a veggie burger. My Husband had no clue! That is priceless. So next time you’re looking for a quick meal, try this wrap, you’ll love it.
Buffalo Chik Wrap
Well I am cutting it short today. Lots to do today!

I hope you have a great weekend! See you tomorrow for a healthy after school snack.




  1. Have a great birthday, Jennifer! Enjoy your days ‘off’, if you can do it!!


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