Candied Nuts & Santa’s Reindeer

Hi Everyone, Happy Saturday to you!!  Today I have for you a very addicting recipe!!  This recipe is so good, so easy, and so delicious and is perfect for gifting giving.  How much better can it get!  Well let me show you!! These are my Mixed Candied Nuts.  Oh my gosh, they are so sweet!  With a slight hint of cinnamon and […]

Breakfast Cookies

Happy Monday! I am soooooooo excited!  This is my last week of work, then I am off the whole week of Thanksgiving!  I get to relax  bake, work on my blog and gear up for Black Friday!!  Yes, I’m one of those crazy’s that goes out on Black Friday!  But I don’t go to stores like […]

Spiced Almonds – SRC

Hi Everyone and Happy Monday! Today is I have for you a recipe from the Secret Recipe Club.  I am making a wonderful recipe from The Bitchen Kitchen.  Don’t you just love the name?  I had a hard time finding a recipe to make because everything looked so yummy!!  Ellie had so many recipes, from cheesy dips to […]

Almond and Anise Biscotti

Hello, please come in and have a seat.  I set the table for you! This past Sunday I woke up craving my favorite breakfast from a little bistro that I love, but I couldn’t go because my Husband was working in the garage and Jenny was at her boyfriend’s house, so I stayed home. After […]

Grilled Haricot Vert French Green Beans with Slivered Almonds

Hi Everyone, Woohoo!!!  It’s finally Friday!!  It’s been a long week and I am so happy the weekend is here.  What do you have planned for the weekend?  All I know is I want to hike and catch up on some food making for next week!!! Today’s recipe is part two of last nights Chicken […]

Honey Nut Granola

Hi Everyone, It’s Finally Friday!  Even though I am writing this on Sunday, by the time you read this I will be home from my trip.  I am betting I’ll be happy to be home! 🙂  Today’s recipe is a simple granola recipe that I created just for topping on my yogurt and frozen yogurt. […]

Almond Raspberry Bars

Hi Everyone, It’s been a good Friday!  Work was great and I got a surprise from my Boss!  We have off on Monday for Presidents Day.  We never get that day off but our building is closed so it means no work.  Woohoo!  Three day weekend and it wasn’t even planned.  I love those type of surprises. […]

Chocolate Almond Butter

Hi Everyone! This was the first month I participated in the Foodie Penpal program sponsored by the Lean Green Machine.  Basically what you do is swap foodie items with another person that your linked up to.  For me I had to send my items to Christine at Oatmeal in my Bowl.  Check her site out to see […]

Spinach Salad with Strawberry Vinaigrette

EDIT:  Error in first e-mail, I forgot an ingredient in my salad, please disregard and use this corrected one!  Sorry for the inconvenience. – Jen Hello, Today I have a dentist appointment, yuck!  Not sure what it’s for, I think it’s to be fit for a crown and to decided on when to pull my […]

Almond Coconut Granola

Hello, This weekend I decided to make granola for Christmas presents for my co-workers, since we all seem to love the oaty stuff!  My friend really likes the combination of coconut and almonds, like Almond Joys, so I put my thinking cap on and thought how could I get that in granola form?  I also wanted a […]