Apple Pizza #LaraNutButter #Larabar

Hi Everyone, All I can say is OH MY GOSH!!!  a new product is hitting the shelves in the East Bay and North East California at Costco.  It is Lara Nut Butters.  These two nut butters will blow your mind.  They come in two flavors Chocolate Coconut and Banana Nut.  I am normally not crazy about […]

Almond Joy Cookies

Hi Everyone, I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite all time candy is Almond Joys.  I simply love them.  Chocolate, Coconut and Almonds, oh yeah!  So with that in mind I decided to create a cookie based on my favorite candies; Almond Joy Cookies!  If you love Almond Joys, you will just […]

Snowball Cookies #Cookielicious

Hi Everyone, Today I am joining a virtual cookie exchange with my friends at #SundaySupper.  Today we want to share with you cookie recipes to help  get you through the holiday season.  Can you believe it’s almost Christmas?  I don’t, it’s just pure craziness.  But it’s here and that means cookie season is upon us. […]

Oatmeal Cranberry Almond Cookies

Hi Everyone, As you may know my Sunday tradition is to bake cookies.  I guess you get that considering how many cookie recipes I share with you.  Well this week I changed up my cookie.  I made it a little healthier, I added whole wheat flour, skipped the chocolate and add a little bit of […]

Almond Mocha Smoothie

Good morning! Happy Monday to you!  Lets start the week out on a healthy foot, which includes chocolate!  Yum, yes please!  I am loving today’s Monday Smoothie!   Just look and you’ll see why! This is my Almond Mocha Smoothie. I had some leftover almond milk from my Apples and Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal and I […]

Chocolate Almond Cranberry Breakfast Cookies

Hello and Happy Sunday to you!!! Yesterday I brought you baked oatmeal which I just love and you know me once I get on a kick, I can’t stop!  So today I have for you more oatmeal.  But this isn’t just oatmeal this is my Chocolate Almond Cranberry Breakfast Cookie!  One combination that I just […]

Zucchini Almond Bread

Hello, hello! I’m going to be up front and honest with you.  I thought today’s recipe was going to be a flop.  I made a healthy, good for you quick bread that went kind of flat.  The bread felt kind of heavy too!  I thought, oh man, I made dense bread that going to taste […]

Banana Almond Breakfast Cookies

Update:  I changed the name from Bars to Cookies.  Why did I put bars I have no idea. Hi!! I have been really, really trying hard to eat well.  I tend to go through phases where I lose control of my eating and tend to over-do on everything.  Do you ever go through phases like […]

Almond Joy Cookie Balls / Weekly Recap

Hi Everyone and Happy Sunday! Today I have a full post for, you let me tell you, lots to read here today, so get your morning coffee, sit back and relax.  First on the list is today’s recipe.   These are my Almond Joy Cookie Balls.  They taste just like an Almond Joy Candy Bar! […]

Chocolate Covered Almonds

Hi Everyone, I figured for being half way through the week we could use a pick me up, so I made you some Chocolate Covered Almonds! Let me tell you the story behind these nuts!  About 5 years ago, Trader Joe’s used to carry Chocolate Covered Almonds.  My Husband loved them!  Then one day as […]