Readers Choice, Top 10 Recipes for 2012

Hi Everyone, Happy New Years Eve! Today I thought I would give you the top 10 recipes of 2012 chosen by you.  It’s pretty cool that I get to do this because I just hit my one year in September.  I have to say, I am shocked to find that only two food recipes make my top […]

Skinny Vanilla Latte

Hi Everyone, Now that the weather is getting cold, I think I am ready to start making hot coffee drinks.  I wanted to start my first hot coffee drink with my favorite drink that I always order from Starbucks, the Skinny Vanilla Latte.  I love this drink!!! This drink is pretty easy to make and to be […]

Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

Hidy Ho Everyone, I’m officially back from my trip, however I am writing this in advance since I get in so late on Sunday.  I have been dabbling in making frozen yogurt.  I bought my machine about a month ago and I love and hate it!!  I figured I would share my experience with you to see what you think and […]

Skinny Vanilla Mocha Frappe

Hi Everyone, Since it’s Monday again, I thought I would share with you my newest coffee creation.  I figured we would need the caffeine kick to get us through the day!  Wouldn’t you agree? This my lovely Friends is so easy, so low-calorie, not to mention a chocolaty, creamy treat that is so guilt-free, that you can have two or […]

Neapolitan Pancakes

Hi Everyone! How did your Saturday go?  For me, kind of boring!  I don’t even know what I did, just a little bit of this and that.  I did manage to get my workout in this morning, so I am happy to report I did strength training 3 times this week, and I did cardio […]