Vanilla Yogurt Bread

Hi Everyone, Now that I finally understand the heating elements of my oven, I am on a baking craze.  Now today’s recipe is pretty basic, and I have been told my baking is nothing but basic, but I decided to stick with tradition.  I have for you an amazing quick bread that is prefect with […]

Cherry Vanilla Smoothie

Hi Everyone, Today I have for you an amazing smoothie that is surly going to appeal to cherry lovers, like me.  I am so back on my smoothie kick.  It makes for a great breakfast, afternoon snack or if you want a dessert, you can skip the ice cream and make a smoothie.  I love […]

Blueberry Cream Smoothie

Hi Everyone, Happy Smoothie Monday!  Today I have for you a simple, yet classic, yet tasty smoothie recipe.  It’s funny I get ideas for recipes and I think how can I zip it up, change it up and make it different?  So I add this and that to my recipe and I have something new, […]

Non-Dairy Vanilla Coffee Creamer

Hi Everyone, Back in February I posted a recipe for Vanilla Coffee Creamer, which I just love and you asked if I could make a non-dairy coffee creamer.  I thought, how can I do it?  After some playing around, I found the perfect Non-Dairy Vanilla Coffee Creamer. The Non-Dairy Vanilla Coffee Creamer came out just […]

Blueberry Loaf Cake

Hi Everyone, Happy Saturday to you.  Today I have a little off the wall recipe, ok it’s not really off the wall.  It’s actually pretty perfect, no matter how it looks.  My Husband took a look at it and said what is that?  It’s kind of funny looking.  I said it’s a loaf cake.  He […]

Vanilla Coffee Creamer

Hi Guys! I am so excited for today’s recipe. But first let me tell you about an article I was reading about non-dairy coffee creamer and about how bad it is for you.  I don’t want to say the brands, but just about all of those flavored coffee creamers are not good for you.  It’s […]

Malted Mocha Ice Coffee

Hi Everyone, The first thing I must say is OMG!!!!  Yes OMG!!!!  Today’s recipe is totally OMG!  Well at least for me it is!!  Today’s recipe was unplanned, and then I saw something in my pantry that I did not buy, but yet it appeared there!  Darn that Little Jenny!!!  She brought in my home, […]

Vanilla Bean Bread

Hi Everyone, One of my all time favorite flavors is vanilla!  I swear I could drink it, if the extract actually tasted good!  I love the smell of vanilla too!  I used to always buy Victoria Secrets Vanilla Lace lotion, mmmm, that smelled good.  However, what I noticed is when I wore it, I was […]

Neapolitan Smoothie

Hi Everyone Happy Monday! Today I have for you a fun smoothie that tastes just like Neapolitan Ice Cream!   Yes, please!  The best part is besides the yummy flavor is it’s healthy, low in calories and pretty easy to make!  Just forgive the photos, it was a bad time of the day to make […]

Banilla Breeze Smoothie

Happy April Fools Day!! I don’t like Aprils Fools Day!  I never trust anything that happens on that day.  I don’t like tricks, it freaks me out.  Isn’t that weird?  However, I don’t mind playing a few tricks myself.  lol  Well today is another smoothie Monday!  I am telling you, I am soooooooo loving my smoothies!  It’s […]