Coconut Clusters

Hi Everyone, I have a special treat for you today!  It contains two of my favorite ingredients, chocolate and coconut, oh yah!!  After all, those two together makes a wonderful combination, don’t you think?  Let me get down to it and share with you my recipe for the day,  Coconut Clusters! If you’re a fan […]

Dark Chocolate Dreams Truffles / Giveaway

Hi Everyone, Remember on Saturday when I said I was craving chocolate?  I wasn’t kidding and today’s recipe really cures that chocolate craving I had.  This is not the healthiest recipe in the world but oh my gosh is it ever good! I’m drooling just thinking about it.  Before looking at the photos, please note […]

Snickerway Truffles #SundaySupper

Hi Everyone! Happy Sunday to you!  Today is a fun mission with #SundaySupper!  We had to create a goody for Halloween.  There are such a wide variety of things to make, but one thing sticks out to me, and that is chocolate.  Yes I love the sugary treats, like suckers, candycorn, laughy taffy, nerds and […]

Fudgy Banana Truffles

Hi Everyone! I have been so good at eating clean and eating healthy the past couple of months, that all of a sudden my body said enough’s, enough, girl you need some chocolate!!   One thing I have learned is you should listen to your body!  If your full, stop eating, if you think your […]

Nutella Truffles

Hi Everyone! Happy National Nutella Day!  You know I had to participate in this wonderful day!  After all it’s Nutella!!  I don’t know if you recall, but I fell in love with Nutella when I was in Europe this summer.  I never had it before, until one day I was at my hotel and I […]