Artichoke and Jalapeno Ranch Dip

Hi Everyone, Lets talk about Friends!  I have a friend at work and she kept bragging on and on about this fabulous dip she made.  It sounded so good, I asked her for the recipe and she told me some of it, but not all of it.  She said, I’ll bring some in for you, so you […]

Pumpkin Apple Bread / Weekly Recap

Hi Everyone, Today I have for you a recipe remake of my Pumpkin Apple Bread.  I love this bread, but I didn’t like the photos that I took last year, so I decided on remaking it so I can take new photos. The only difference in this bread is I shredded the apples, instead of […]

Maple Pumpkin Butter

Hi Everyone, Boy this weather is confusing!  Last week it was chilly, in the 60’s and this past week it was in the 80’s and 90’s.  Then of course this weekend, cooler weather only in the 60’s.  Figures because I have the Food/Daily Buzz event this weekend!  At least it’s not suppose to rain.  Are […]

Pumpkin Nut Butter

Hello!! I am sharing with you something that I think you should NOT make!!  Don’t do it!  No matter how tempting it maybe!  It’s pure danger!!!  If you do decided to make it, be warned that I told you not too!! Yes I did it!  I combined peanut butter and pumpkin and came up with […]

Honey Roasted Pretzel Peanut Butter

Hi Everyone, I have been crazy busy this Fourth of July!  I cooked, baked, blogged and then did it all over again!!  I hope you like the goodies that I made for you!!  There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to make everything I want, nor is my stomach big enough to handle it all!! […]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cashew Butter

Hi Everyone, A picture can be say a thousand words, I’ll let my picture speak for its self. Ahh yes the picture above is combined with the two things I truly love, peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie dough.  Pure heaven in every bite full. But before I get to my latest Peanut Butter creation I wanted […]

Portion Control 6 Layer Taco Dip

Hi Everyone, I feel great today! Things are back to normal. Working late hours throws off my whole schedule, but now I am back to my regular routine! For the past couple of days, we had dinner and lunches out and I am so happy to be home and make my own dinner. Funny how […]

Guacamole with a kick

Hi Everyone, The past couple of days have been tiring!  I have worked 12 hour days, so I apologize for not commenting, but I promise to try to get to everyone’s comments.  I want you to know how much I appreciate them and I do read them all! Today’s recipe makes me so happy because I was […]

Chocolate Coconut Cashew Nut Butter

Hi Everyone, Can you guess what this is? Yah, I know what your thinking, why is she just showing us a piece of bread with banana’s and what looks like nutella?  Oh baby, the spread on this sandwich is amazing, amazing I tell ya!!! This my friends is chocolate coconut cashew nut butter.  Boy is […]

Taco Dip

Good morning, Well I spent my Tuesday, working on cookies for the Blog Cookie Swap, still not sure what I want to make.  I did create a cookie that tastes pretty awesome, I’ll share the recipe with you at a later date, I want to get more opinions to see what they think before I share it […]