Southwestern Rice

Hi Everyone, I have been in my garden picking my tomatoes and peppers.  The tomatoes are just starting to ripen, I have a few little ones, which will go perfect in my salad.  However, my peppers are going crazy.  I have so many of them growing that I can’t keep up with them.  I wasn’t […]

Southwestern Chicken Soup Revamped

Hi Everyone, I still can’t get over that we are already into a new year!  It’s crazy how fast time goes!!  All I know is I am looking forward to spring, blue skies, birds chirping and spring produce!  Boy I miss fresh strawberries.  They are not the same this time of year, no flavor!!  Are you looking […]

Barbecue Chicken Salad

Hi Everyone, I have to say OMG!!!  If you’re a Barbecue Ranch Dressing fan, then you are going to love me!!  I made the most wonderful dressing for my salad that I swear I can eat by the spoonfuls!!!  This dressing is so darn good, it’s crazy!!!  It’s Greek Yogurt, Barbecue Sauce, Hidden Valley Ranch […]