Blueberry Mango Smoothie

Hi Everyone, The one thing that I absolutely love in the summer is a nice, refreshing, natural smoothie!  I love to sit on my deck, soak up the sun and drink my fruit.  I can guarantee that I will be doing that today.  So for today I have for you a simple, flavorful smoothie that […]

Get Healthy with Smoothies

Hi Everyone, I am sooooooo on a smoothie and juice kick. I have felt so much better in the morning, skipping my morning coffee and drinking my juices and or smoothies. So today I teamed up with to share with you my personal favorite smoothie drinks, plus a few good ones from my fellow […]

Breakfast Smoothies

Hi Everyone, Happy Saturday to you!  Today I am sharing with you my favorite breakfast smoothies.  These smoothies are the perfect breakfast!  They are healthy, full of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals.  They fill you up and keep you going through the day!  One thing I love to make for breakfast is a nice smoothie! […]

Weekly Recap – July 22, 2102

Hi Everyone, It’s Saturday morning and I have already done so much!  I figured I better get my errands done before the heat comes.  At 7am this morning it was already 80 degrees out.  I was going to exercise, but decided on heading to the Farmers Market and Trader Joe’s instead.  I like to go […]