Roasted Pork with Persimmons

Hi Everyone, Ahhh it’s almost the weekend.  I look so forward to the weekend so I can sleep in.  I get up everyday at 3:30am and work on my blog, then off to my day job I go.  It’s funny, as I think about it, I have mentioned my co-workers and work in general, but […]

Persimmons Butter

Howdy Everyone, My boss gave me a ton and I mean a ton of persimmons from his tree and I wasn’t sure what to do with it all.  I made a cheesecake last week and with some of the leftovers I thought I would make Persimmons Butter.  If you never had persimmons it’s a fruit […]

Fall Crisp & Happy Thanksgiving

Hi Everyone and Happy Turkey Day! I really debated on sharing a recipe with you today, but then again, maybe your still stumped on what to make or maybe you made something that didn’t turn out.  That has happened to the best of us, trust me I know!!  Well I’m here to save you, if […]