Yum Yum Wednesday – Red Velvet Pancakes

Hi Everyone, Welcome to my first edition of Yum Yum Wednesday!  I told you Guys back in December that I was going to take a day off from blogging and that didn’t happen through January, so now I am going to start a flashback post on Wednesdays.  This is kind of my way of taking […]

Pop-Up Brunch and Sweet Potato Pie Pancakes

Hi Everyone, Welcome to my last day in Baton Rouge.  It’s kind of sad for me that it’s over, but I saved the most unique, amazing tasting brunch for you!  But before we get to brunch, let me share with you one last stop that we had yesterday afternoon, which is Tin Roof Brewing Company. […]

Red Velvet Pancakes – #SundaySupper

Hi Everyone, Today is the Sunday Supper edition.  Today’s post we are supposed to bring something to the Sunday table that has to do with Valentine’s Day.  I thought chocolate mousse, chocolate pudding, cupcakes, but I settled on Red Velvet Pancakes.  You know how much I love pancakes, and who doesn’t love a soft, fluffy, […]

Lots of fun stuff, plus this weeks Weekly Recap

Happy Saturday! So glad the weekends here!  I have to tell you  Guys I’m pretty stoked for June 29th!  My Friend and I signed up for the Pretty Muddy 5k course in Sacramento, CA.  It’s a course that has you walking, running and going through obstacles in the mud!  Kind of like survivor, but you have food!  lol […]

Banana Pancakes – 2 Ingredients

Hi Everyone!! Yah, it’s finally Friday!!!  I can’t wait for the weekend, but as usual it’s suppose to be crappy weather!  Rain, cold, windy and just plain ugly.  This week the fog has been so thick that driving to work was horrible!   You drive, following the car in front of you closely because all you see […]

Readers Choice, Top 10 Recipes for 2012

Hi Everyone, Happy New Years Eve! Today I thought I would give you the top 10 recipes of 2012 chosen by you.  It’s pretty cool that I get to do this because I just hit my one year in September.  I have to say, I am shocked to find that only two food recipes make my top […]

Gingerbread Pancakes

Merry Christmas everyone!! Still stumped on what to make for breakfast today?  I have for you a simple, holiday breakfast that will please the kids and adults of all ages in your family. These are my Gingerbread Pancakes made with cinnamon, cloves, ginger and molasses to give it the gingerbread flavor.  These pancakes are not […]

Weekly Recap

UPDATE:  Trader Joe’s page is now updated with holiday seasonal items Hi Everyone, Wow was I busy this Saturday!  It’s 10:00pm and I’m still going!  My dogs got me up at 3:15 am!  Ugh!!  So I got up, read some e-mails, exercised, made breakfast and headed to Trader Joe’s when they opened at 8am.  Talk […]

Apple Cider Caramel Pancake Popovers

Happy Wednesday!! This past weekend I made the most cute little breakfast that would be so adorable to serve at a brunch or at a holiday breakfast.  It’s sweet, mostly healthy and ohhhh so good that it makes my heart skip a beat!  Besides the taste, the best part is, it doesn’t take that long […]

Whole Wheat Yogurt Apple Pancake

Hi Everyone, I am so excited for today!  I can’t believe I have been blogging for one year!!  It has been the most wonderful journey!!  I have learned so much and I have gained so many new Friends.  I finally found something that I love to do and I look so forward to doing it […]