Avocado Chocolate Balls

Hey Hey Hey, Were rockin balls over here.  Ok, I really don’t know what that means, but it was fun to say.  Today I have another no bake, raw cookie dough ball recipe for you, using one of my favorite fruits, avocado.  I have an abundance of avocados in my house and me being the […]

Chocolate Strawberry Soft Serve

Hi Everyone, It’s still hot here and I mean hot.  Cooking has been the pits!  It’s been steamed veggies in the microwave, cold salads and quick grilling, because you know there is no way I want to stand near a hot grill when it’s 104 degrees out.  It’s been crazy and I know a lot […]

Chewy Corn Flake Balls / Weekly Recap

Hi Everyone, I have a random off the wall, wing it kind of recipe for you today!  I will tell you they are easy to make, but they are not the prettiest cookies around.  Matter in fact they are brown, round, chewy little balls that crunch!!  If you like chewy and crunchy and all natural, […]

No Bake Granola Bars / Weekly Recap

Hi Everyone, Today I have for you a simple, wonderful, fun recipe that is sooooooooo easy to make!!  The only problem I had with this little snack bar is the photographs.  I took pictures of them on three separate occasions and they wouldn’t photograph for me.  I picked the best ones, but they are not great!  So believe me, […]

Nutella and Mascarpone Stuffed Strawberries

Hi Everyone! Today is another edition of Fun Saturday!  Well today’s recipe is a fun tasty one, but I’ll be honest, I didn’t get great shots.  Plus my decorating skills are not exactly the best.  But you’ll get the idea of what I am creating and maybe you can make your berries prettier?   These are […]

Chocolate Pretzel Almond Chickapea Balls

Hey, hey, hey!!! Today I have a fun, off the wall recipe just for you, well me too!  Do you like Peanut Butter?  Chocolate?  and Pretzels?  Well I do!  This little cookie ball has it all and completely satisfies my sweet and salty cravings.  Let me introduce to you my newest no bake cookie ball recipe, the Chocolate Chip Pretzel […]

Almond Joy Cookie Balls / Weekly Recap

Hi Everyone and Happy Sunday! Today I have a full post for, you let me tell you, lots to read here today, so get your morning coffee, sit back and relax.  First on the list is today’s recipe.   These are my Almond Joy Cookie Balls.  They taste just like an Almond Joy Candy Bar! […]

Chocolate Coconut Mousse

Hi Everyone, Well one more day till Valentine’s Day!  I can’t believe how times flies!  It feels like Christmas was yesterday!  Today I have for you the most creamy, decadent chocolate dessert,  that is no bake, easy to make and is so perfect for Valentine’s Day!  I promise it will please any chocolate lover in your life! […]

Homemade Nutella

Hi Everyone, Since the holidays I have had a major sweet tooth, but I’m trying, key word is trying to stay away, but until then I must share with you my latest creation.   He he, I am just so proud of today’s recipe.  It is pretty darn close to the classic hazelnut chocolate spread, Nutella. If […]

Pumpkin Nut Butter

Hello!! I am sharing with you something that I think you should NOT make!!  Don’t do it!  No matter how tempting it maybe!  It’s pure danger!!!  If you do decided to make it, be warned that I told you not too!! Yes I did it!  I combined peanut butter and pumpkin and came up with […]