20 Mardi Gras Recipes

Hi Everyone, Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday, other known as Mardi Gras.  I love this special day because of all of the Cajun dishes.  Yum!  One of my all time favorite style of food.  Today I put together, some of my favorite New Orleans recipes just for this special occasion.  These dishes all have flavor, lower in […]


Hi Everyone, This weekend I tried my hand at the classic Praline; a New Orleans classic.  I made this little cookie about a year ago and it didn’t turn out at all.  I bought a new candy thermometer and wanted to try it again.  I will warn you these are by far not healthy cookies. […]

Fat Tuesday Round-Up

Hi Everyone, I have fallen in love with foods from the South.  After my two trip to Baton Rouge, LA and New Orleans I never realized how wonderfully tasty southern food is.  It’s loaded with cajun flavors, kicks of spice and the variety of recipes is amazing.  On my trip I was inspired to make […]

Hurricane Smoothie

Hi Everyone and Happy Smoothie Monday! To celebrate Mardi Gras tomorrow, I thought I would make one of their famous drinks, the Hurricane, but in a healthy smoothie form.  Have you every had a Hurricane?  It is mighty delish!  It’s made with pineapple, orange juice, rum and grenadine syrup.  Yum, yum, yum!  I am sure you […]

Bourbon Balls and Bourbon Steak

Happy FAT Tuesday, As I write this, my three-day weekend is over, it was so nice having that extra day off.  I think I should have a 3 day weekend every week.  Wishful thinking! Well today’s recipe is fun one!  But first let me tell you about the Holiday Recipe Blog Hop. This blog hop […]