Maple Banana Bread

Hi Everyone, I don’t know about you, but when I have leftover banana’s, the first thought that comes to mind is banana bread.  I love banana bread, especially a nice moist one.  When it’s warm, slather it with butter and just let it soak into the bread.  Yum!  That is what I call a nice […]

Pork and Apple Shish Kabobs

Hi Everyone, Today I am sharing with you a pretty, easy, quick recipe that is loaded with fall favorites like apples and maple syrup. Ohhhhh, you just have to love fall flavors.  Anyway, I was thinking what can I do different with pork?  One thing I never have done is make pork shish kabobs.  Why […]

Cinnamon Cupcakes with Maple Frosting and Bacon

Hi Everyone, How was you Christmas?  Today I have a Christmas treat for you! It’s the last full week of the year and I need to squeeze in one more not so healthy recipe, since I am starting over in January.  So take this in mind that this is just a splurge treat that I […]

Maple Glazed Roasted Carrots

Howdy and Happy Saturday! Yupperdoodles, I bring you another side dish, but oh this one is so good!  Whether you love carrots or not, this is one that is sure to please everyone!  It’s sweet, has a slight crunch from it roasting in the maple syrup.  Oh baby, carrots and maple syrup, it’s a wonderful […]

Apple Cinnamon Cream Cheese Dip / Giveaway #SpreadCheer

Hi Everyone, I am so excited for today’s recipe.  Not because, it’s um, tasty, but because there is a new alternative to cream cheese!  Woohoo!!!  Going dairy-free, one of the things I miss is making dips with cream cheese. I love cream cheese dips, and now I can still have it!  How awesome is that?  And […]

Baked Maple Glazed Bacon

Happy Halloween!!!! Oh my gosh!  Your going to hate me today!  I’m sorry!!  Your just going to have to forgive me on this one.  Sometimes things in life must be done.  I feel bad, but kind of don’t.  I guess when I share with you today’s recipe, you’ll understand why.  But first let me ask […]

Maple Spiced Apple Butter

Howdy, This past weekend, as you may know I headed up to Apple Hill to pick apples, wander through the pumpkin patches and enjoy the Fall atmosphere.  Unfortunately it didn’t turn out as planned.  We had a late start on Sunday and when we got out there, there was a ton of traffic.  It took […]

Fall Harvest Butternut Squash Chicken Salad with Maple Dressing

Hi Everyone, I was contacted by the Culinary Content Network, which is a subsidiary of The Daily Meal, to see if I would like to enter a chicken recipe contest. All I have to do is make  a healthy chicken recipe for two in under 30 minutes, using up to 12 ingredients.  Sounds easy to me!  Actually […]

Maple Mustard Glazed Grilled Salmon

Hi Everyone, Last week, when I hit up my monthly run to Whole Foods, I saw some beautiful looking salmon at the Fish Counter and I just couldn’t resist.  I have never made salmon at home before or really any kind of fish.  I don’t make fish because my Husband the Fisherman doesn’t like fish, except for the kind […]

Fall Crisp & Happy Thanksgiving

Hi Everyone and Happy Turkey Day! I really debated on sharing a recipe with you today, but then again, maybe your still stumped on what to make or maybe you made something that didn’t turn out.  That has happened to the best of us, trust me I know!!  Well I’m here to save you, if […]