Mom’s Meatloaf

Hi Everyone, Well I am finally showing you my meatloaf recipe.  I have made this a bazillion times since I started blogging and either I forgot to take pictures or the pictures turn out terrible.  Meatloaf is not very photogenic, at least for me.  These are not the greatest photos, but they are the best […]

Chicken and Bacon Chopped Salad

Hi Everyone! I am writing this post in advance, but I want to tell you, WOW, we have a wicked fire on Mt. Diablo which is about 30 miles from my house.  The sky is red, and full of smoke.  Even being 30 miles away, we have ashes in our yard.  I feel so bad […]

Omelet Cooking 101

Hi Everyone, I’ve been holding out on you.  I have been secretly behind your back, have been making another kind of breakfast besides pancakes.  Yes, I’m sorry, please forgive me.  It  all started back in May when I was in Lake Tahoe.  The the hotel I was staying at had an omelet bar and ever […]

Low Carb Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

Hi Everyone!! Woohoo, we made it to Friday!  I am so happy for that!!  The weather is supposed to be poopy, but I’ll just be happy to be home.  I plan on doing kitchen clean-up, meaning cleaning the freezer, cupboards and more.  I am starting to become an unorganized mess!!  I start to get anxiety when it gets to […]