Pomegranate Mojito

Hi Everyone and Happy Friday! Welcome to my holiday cocktail hour!!  Normally I don’t drink too much alcohol except at holiday time or at parties, otherwise I can do without it, but one thing I can’t turn down is a good mojito.  Besides all the foo foo drinks, mojitos are my favorite!! My Holiday Pomegranate Mojito is […]

Candied Nuts & Santa’s Reindeer

Hi Everyone, Happy Saturday to you!!  Today I have for you a very addicting recipe!!  This recipe is so good, so easy, and so delicious and is perfect for gifting giving.  How much better can it get!  Well let me show you!! These are my Mixed Candied Nuts.  Oh my gosh, they are so sweet!  With a slight hint of cinnamon and […]

Cranberry Orange White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hi, Everyone! Today I have for you one of my favorite cookies.  Now it’s not low calorie, but I really do try whenever I make cookies.  My philosophy is if there are chocolate chips in it, then cut back on the sugar and chips and that is exactly what I did in this recipe.  Plus […]

Eggnog Banana Bread with Boozy Rum Glaze

Hi Everyone, I have to tell you something I find so funny.  My dog Sampson follows me everywhere!  You always know he’s following you because he doesn’t lift his feet when he walks, it’s kind like the sound of corduroy pants rubbing together.  I walk slow and I hear a slow swish, swish, swish sound, then I […]

Mini Chocolate Chip Blondies

Hi Everyone, I’m going to be upfront with you, I am not a good cookie! I was given the assignment from DailyBuzz Food to have a cookie exchange or a cookie sale to help raise money for Cookies for Kids with Cancer, but I failed at my assignment.  I didn’t have the resources to have […]

Deviled Eggs & Others

Happy Easter! Today I thought I would touch on the topic on what to do with your leftover eggs.  Lots of things come to mind, egg salad, eat them plain and of course deviled eggs.  Now one thing you must know about me is I always like to change it up and look for the […]

Speculoos Cookies

Hi and Happy Monday, Well this is it last week before Christmas!  I can’t believe it is on Sunday!  Crazy how time goes by so fast.  I am officially done with Christmas shopping, well I have to pick up one more gift certificate then I am DONE!!!  Woohoo!!  How about you? This weekend I went crazy!  I […]

Skinny Peppermint Mocha

“This is my first posting for the Holiday Recipe Club.  For this round all participants were required to use Peppermint, Gingerbread or Eggnog.” Hello Everyone! Remember when I told you I had a special cookie I was making that takes after one of my favorite holiday drinks?  My favorite holiday drink is….  Skinny Peppermint Mocha!  Thanks Starbucks for always […]

Spritz Cookies

Hi, Half way through the week!  Woohoo!!  Two more full work days and then the Christmas Party on Friday.  I can’t wait, I love dressing up and having someone else serve me food!  lol Today in the mail I got my very last package from the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap.  I’m sad that it’s […]