Lightened Up Creamy Potato Salad

Hi Everyone, Can you believe next week is Memorial Day weekend?  Time is going so quickly.  With the holiday weekend upon us, I thought I would whip together a simply potato salad that is a little on the healthy side.  Yup, healthy.  I’ll tell you more in a bit.  So today, let me introduce to […]

Vegetable Dill Dip / Giveaway #createwithcrisp

Hi Everyone, I can not believe Thanksgiving is on Thursday!  Where has the time gone?  Are you planning on having a dinner party?  If so, I have the perfect, easy dip to share with you, that you can share with your guests.  This is my Vegetable Dill Dip.  It’s creamy, full of dill and simply […]

Red Velvet Pancakes – #SundaySupper

Hi Everyone, Today is the Sunday Supper edition.  Today’s post we are supposed to bring something to the Sunday table that has to do with Valentine’s Day.  I thought chocolate mousse, chocolate pudding, cupcakes, but I settled on Red Velvet Pancakes.  You know how much I love pancakes, and who doesn’t love a soft, fluffy, […]

My love of Yogurt – One Yogurt 5 Ways!

Hi Everyone, You know how much I love yogurt!  I actually panic if I’m out of it, which is very rare!  I use it in just about everything!!  Not only is it delicious creamy, smooth and so versatile, but it is so healthy for you, as along as you get Greek Yogurt.  Today I thought I […]

Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip

Hi Everyone, I am just baking away today!!!  With all of these sweets breads and other goodies, I was in some serious need of some savory food that was healthy, guilt-free and tasty!!  I showed you a few weeks ago my Artichoke and Jalapeno Ranch Dip that I loved so much that I made it […]

Banana Peanut Butter Frozen Yogurt

Hi Everyone, Happy Monday to you!  I am currently writing my post on Saturday evening, since my Husband has fallen asleep on the couch watching  NASCAR and I am kind of bored.  This evening, I opened my crisper drawer in the fridge looking for veggies to dip into TJ’s newest dip, Guacamole Greek Yogurt Dip.  I have to say […]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies

Hi Everyone, I’m not even going to get into small talk, I am just to excited to share with you my newest, latest and greatest recipe.  First let me tell you I am shocked, shocked, shocked on how tasty this is.  I am in pure amazement and if you make this recipe you will be […]

Apple Cinnamon Muffins

Hi Everyone, It’s so sad to write this post because I know Monday is almost here.  We really need to do something about a 5 day work week.  Why not make it 3?  Ok, I’ll settle for 4!  🙂  Today in Northern California it was gorgeous out.  It had to have been in the 70’s. […]

Blueberry Lemon Muffins

Hi Everyone, It’s Sunday already, geez time goes fast!  A little to fast if you ask me.  As a kid you want time to fly so you can be an adult, then when you’re an adult you just want time to slow down a little so you can accomplish the things you want to.  Well today I […]

Neapolitan Pancakes

Hi Everyone! How did your Saturday go?  For me, kind of boring!  I don’t even know what I did, just a little bit of this and that.  I did manage to get my workout in this morning, so I am happy to report I did strength training 3 times this week, and I did cardio […]