Cucumber and Watermelon Cooler

Hi Everyone, Today I have for you the most refreshing summertime drink ever!  It’s one of those drinks that I can’t stop drinking, which is a good thing because it is all natural, organic and simply amazing!  It is my Cucumber and Watermelon Cooler! I got this idea for my drink by all of the […]

Morning Workout Hydrating Juice

Hi Everyone, I debated about sharing today’s recipe with you, not because it doesn’t taste good, not because it’s healthy for you, but because it’s kind of ugly. I have to say it is the ugly duckling of juices, but I really felt the need to share it because it is so good for you, […]

Cucumber & Dill Sandwich / Lipton Pure Leaf Iced Tea

Hi Everyone, My favorite part of the work day, besides seeing my friends, is lunch time! I look so forward to 12pm to come around!  Normally for lunch we hang out in the front room where we have a couch to sit on or if it is nice out, we will go outside and sit […]

Watermelon, Tomato and Goat Cheese Salad

Woohoo it’s FRIDAY!!!! Happy Friday to you my Friends!  Today’s recipe is one that I have had in the back of my mind for a few weeks.  Every time I attempt to make this salad one of the ingredients are missing, meaning I ate it!  But not today, I finally made the salad I have […]

The Get Skinny Salad

Hi Everyone!! Time has gone so fast this summer.  I remember reading about how to get a bikini body before bathing suit season.  Well HA!  It’s now bathing suit season and with working out at the gym, eating pretty healthy, I still don’t feel I’m ready for bathing suit season.  Maybe I will be next […]

Cucumber and Tomato Summer Salad

Hi Everyone, One thing I love about this time of year is the fresh produce!   Even the produce at the grocery store tastes more fresh!  If you follow me on Instagram, On Sunday I posted a picture of my grocery cart from Trader Joe’s and as you can see, I am so into fresh […]

Mediterranean Pasta Salad #SundaySupper

Hi Everyone!!  Wow Sunday already!!  Have big plans for the day?  Maybe a Memorial Day picnic or a barbecue?  Well if so, I have one of the best pasta dishes that you can take along with you.  For today’s #SundaySupper mission, we had to make something that we could take on a picnic.  When I […]

Creamy Tzatziki Sauce

Hi Everyone! Today I have for you a new recipe, a new product I tried and a giveaway!  Let’s get things rolling by giving you a little hint to today’s giveaway.  Here’s the clue:  It’s made with something that is good to eat that will help get you ready for bikini season, plus it’s healthy […]

Cucumber and Tomato Lentil Salad

Hi Everyone, I have had a few requests lately for a nice healthy lunch that is quick to put together, will last a long time and is mighty tasty.  For myself, I normally make  a nice veggie salad or I’ll have leftovers from the night before, but this week I thought I would make a […]

Cucumber and Tomato Quinoa Salad

Hi Everyone, Hmm, it seems this week I am into quick dishes, hope you don’t mind, but I have another one for you today. This is my Cucumber and Tomato Quinoa Salad.  I really enjoyed this salad.  It’ so light, full of flavor and has two veggies that I think go hand in hand together, cucumber and […]