Apple and Walnut Crab Dip #HolidayEntertaining

    Hi Everyone, Well it’s official!  The holidays are just about here!  It’s time to put on your party hats and start planning your holiday party.  I am here to help!!  I started a Holiday Entertaining Pintrest board to help you get ideas for table design, decorating and recipes.  I searched Pintrest and found […]

Crab Melt

Hi Everyone, It seems lately everyone in my house has been too busy to have dinner, so it’s been pretty much fend for yourself night, every night, which is nice, but sometimes it’s nice to make a family dish.  I miss sitting together as a family and eating together.  I think that it is so important. […]

Crab Wontons

Good morning, Monday was the last day of vacation for me, and I woke up to pink skies.  I know they say red skies in the morn, sailor be warned, but the day ended up sunny and cold! But the sky was kind of cool looking. So for last day of vacation, I batched cooked, made dessert, made […]