Baked Buffalo Chicken Wings #SundaySupper

Hi Everyone, Today for #SundaySupper we are sharing with you our hometown favorites. Well I currently live in Northern California, but I am originally from Buffalo, NY.  So today I thought I would share with you a Buffalo favorite and I bet you can guess what that is,  Chicken Wings!  That is one thing I […]

Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Cakes #SundaySupper

Hi Everyone, Today for #SundaySupper we teamed up with Gallo Family Vineyards to share with you our favorite tailgating recipes that pairs perfect with wine.  Your probably thinking wine and tailgating?  Yes!  Wine is the perfect complement to any dish that you serve up and what makes it even better is that Gallo Family Vineyards […]

Buffalo Chik Wrap #MorningStarFarms #cgc

Hi Everyone, Today I have for a quick under 20 minute meal for you. Nothing like a quick meal to serve up for dinner or at lunch and today’s recipe you can serve as both.  So what do I have for you?  I have my Buffalo Chic Wrap.  Yum!!  You know how much I love my […]

Buffalo Shredded Chicken Burger – SRC

Hi Everyone, How are you on this lovely Monday?  Not to rub it in, but I have off today!  he he  I just got back yesterday from my trip from Vegas and since we drove, I am sure we will be in pretty late, so I took the day off to recoup.  I’ll fill you […]

Buffalo Chicken Panini Sandwich

Hello! This past Sunday it was fend for yourself night since my Husband didn’t want any dinner.  I made the mistake of making him bacon, eggs and toast for breakfast and it filled him all day.  Yah, I know what your thinking, how can he not be hungry?  The thing I didn’t tell you is […]

Buffalo Chicken Soup

Hi Everyone, Today is National Sandwich day, but I don’t have a sandwich for you, but I have something that can go with a sandwich! This my friends is a recipe that is near dear to my heart!  Buffalo Chicken Soup!!  I LOVE it!  I am a HUGE, HUGE fan of hot sauce and this […]

Buffalo Wing Hummus with Lime Chips

Hi Everyone! Big plans for Saturday?  Not me, as of yet, just chilling!  I need a little relaxation!  I am really excited for today’s blog!  I mentioned on Twitter Thursday night that I made the best hummus ever!  If your a Buffalo Chicken wing fan, then this Hummus is for you! I found this on […]

Buffalo Chicken Lasagna

Hi and Happy Saturday!  Plans for the day?  Not sure yet, may do a little shopping.  I have a ton of gift certificates to use, just not sure what I want.  I’m sure kitchen goodies will definitely be a buy! So for Friday nights dinner I made a Buffalo Chicken Lasagna.  It was so good, but the […]