Cranberry Cherry Bourbon Vanilla Sauce

Hi Everyone, One of my favorite, favorite Thanksgiving side dishes is Cranberry Sauce.  Oh my gosh, I could just eat a whole bowl of it.  It is simply delish and it’s so easy to make, so put the canned stuff back and make your own.  I’ll be honest, I never had canned cranberry sauce.  I’ve […]

Cherry Bourbon Vanilla Bean Ice Cream #IceCreamforOXO

Hi Everyone, You have no idea how excited I am for today’s recipe!  This is the first time I ever made real ice cream!  It turned out perfect!!  It is so creamy and the best part is it doesn’t turn as hard as a rock in the freezer!  Woohoo!!  I was inspired to make real […]

Honey Glazed Roasted Carrots

Hi Everyone! Today was so beautiful here in Northern California that my friend and I finally got to take a walk to the Farmers Market on our lunch.  Not too much in season, but I did manage to pick up a great big bag of kiwi’s, I can’t wait for them to ripen so I can just […]

Bourbon BBQ Chicken

Hi Everyone, I am excited for tonight’s dinner, it’s a first for me!  I made homemade barbecue sauce and I couldn’t be more pleased.  Yes I’m a virgin BBQ sauce maker, but not anymore.  It was easy and so satisfying.  lol I got the recipe for the barbecue sauce from the Jim Beam website.  I pretty much used the same recipe […]

Bourbon Balls and Bourbon Steak

Happy FAT Tuesday, As I write this, my three-day weekend is over, it was so nice having that extra day off.  I think I should have a 3 day weekend every week.  Wishful thinking! Well today’s recipe is fun one!  But first let me tell you about the Holiday Recipe Blog Hop. This blog hop […]