Nectarine Blueberry Smoothie

Hi Everyone, Today I have for you the most refreshing smoothie.  It is made with fresh nectarines, blueberries, oranges and yogurt.  It is so light and the flavor of the nectarine really shines through.  This sure to be a summer hit. I have been over buying my summer fruit this year and I can’t keep […]

Blueberry Lemon Zucchini Cake

Hi Everyone, A vegetable that is plentiful this time of year is zucchini.  There are so many ways to use it, grill it, saute it, fry it, sub it for noodles and add it into desserts.  Today I thought I would add it into dessert.  I have been pretty good on the whole sugar thing […]

Blueberry Peach Snack Cake #SundaySupper

Hi Everyone, Did you it is National Picnic Month?  Well to celebrate this special occasion #SundaySupper has teamed up with Gallo Family Vineyards to share with you our favorite picnic recipes.  When I go on a picnic I am old fashion!  I like hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, with a side of potato […]

Traditional Blueberry Muffins

Hi Everyone, Happy Friday to you!  Any big plans for the weekend?  I have to say I don’t have too much planned as of right now, but hoping to do something fun!  So today I thought I would start your weekend with some Traditional Blueberry Muffins.  I was going through my recipe box and I […]

Blueberry Lemon Muffins

Hi Everyone, It’s Sunday already, geez time goes fast!  A little to fast if you ask me.  As a kid you want time to fly so you can be an adult, then when you’re an adult you just want time to slow down a little so you can accomplish the things you want to.  Well today I […]

National Pancake Week – Blueberry Lemon Pancakes & More…

Hi Everyone, I’m very excited!  Today is the first day of National Pancake week.  I missed Peanut Butter day in January, and there was no way I would miss Pancake week!  Yup a whole week of pancake fun!  I wish I could post a new pancake recipe everyday, but I can’t, since I have to work […]