Southwest Apple Butter BBQ Sauce / Giveaway

Hi Everyone! I was contacted by with Musselman’s  to ask if I wanted to make a grilled recipe using Mussleman’s Apple Butter.  I couldn’t turn the opportunity down because back in January I made Grilled Chicken Wings using Mussleman’s recipe for Sweet and Spicy Wing Sauce and those wings were so darn good, that I […]

Bourbon BBQ Chicken

Hi Everyone, I am excited for tonight’s dinner, it’s a first for me!  I made homemade barbecue sauce and I couldn’t be more pleased.  Yes I’m a virgin BBQ sauce maker, but not anymore.  It was easy and so satisfying.  lol I got the recipe for the barbecue sauce from the Jim Beam website.  I pretty much used the same recipe […]

Buffalo Wing Hummus with Lime Chips

Hi Everyone! Big plans for Saturday?  Not me, as of yet, just chilling!  I need a little relaxation!  I am really excited for today’s blog!  I mentioned on Twitter Thursday night that I made the best hummus ever!  If your a Buffalo Chicken wing fan, then this Hummus is for you! I found this on […]