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Preserving Pumpkins

Hello! It’s becoming that time of year, pumpkin season. I love pumpkin season! Every year I tend to overdo pumpkin buying. I can’t resist that pretty orange, white, tiger stripe and fairy tail pumpkins. The more pumpkins the merrier.

I know you are probably thinking it’s to early, especially since it’s been in the 100’s where I live. However, I need to tell you this before you get your pumpkins or at least shortly after.

I want to share with you how to preserve your pumpkins to last throughout the season and even longer. My friend still has her pumpkin from last year. 😳

Last year, I tried the bleach and dish soap method to preserve my pumpkins. I have to say it worked! I will be doing this again this year. I did notice that the bigger pumpkins lasted past Christmas, before my husband was tired of seeing them and threw them out. The mini pumpkins didn’t last as long, but still past Halloween.

Since I have a pumpkin addiction and I want to get them as soon as I possibly can, but the warm weather is not a friend to them. This is what I do when I buy my pumpkins to early.

Once you give the pumpkins a bleach bubble bath display them in your home. I was a little worried that they would rot, and my husband would kill me, but they didn’t. To be safe, I did check them once a week. I had them on display in my home, well over a month. Just keep them away from the heater and the sun.

Preserving Pumpkins
Prep time
Total time
This is the best way I found to preserve pumpkins to last throughout the Fall season.
Recipe type: DIY
  • Cold Water
  • Chlorine bleach (I used lemon scented it😂)
  • 1 tbsp. Dawn dish soap
  1. Fill a sink with cold water
  2. Add bleach (1 tbsp per gallon of water)
  3. Add 1 tbsp. Dawn soap
  4. Add pumpkins
  5. Let the pumpkins soak for 15-20 minutes.
  6. Take pumpkins out of water and dry them off really good. Make sure they are dry!
Clorox Bleach says not to worry about our outdoor friends who may want to eat your pumpkins, such as squirrels. Bleach oxidizes in the sun and air, and won’t hurt the animals. The pumpkin may just taste saltier to them.

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