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I’m Back!

Hi Everyone! It’s been quite a few years since I have been here. The reason I left, is because we remodeled my kitchen and it took 10 months. My husband did all the work himself, so it took forever. Since I needed to do something else during that time, I started focusing on home decor and my garden.

For this blog, I am changing things around a bit. I still plan on sharing new recipes and I really want to update my old ones, especially with better photos.

I also plan on sharing with you some home decor, DIY’s and gardening tips and tricks. I’m dabbling in a little bit of everything. My major social media platform is Instagram @pbandp. If you follow me there, you will see cooking demos, Trader Joe’s hauls, home decor stylings, and diy videos, plus everyday life chat. Sometimes I get bored and ramble. 😂

I’m sorry I was gone for so long, but it really feels great to be back with a new look, new name and new style. I really hope you stay and continue to follow me on my journey! I’ve missed you guys!



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