Guest Bathroom #OXOSpringCleaning

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Last week I started my vegetable garden and today I am spring cleaning the guest bathroom.  I actually haven’t cleaned the guest bathroom in about 5 years.  Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?  Well it used to be Jenny’s bathroom and she was responsible for cleaning it.  Now that she moved out I am solely responsible for cleaning it. This past Sunday I was inspired to clean it up from all of the OXO products that I received.  It was a choir that I needed to get done.  Here is my bathroom before I got in there and scrubbed the heck out of it.
Guest Bathroom Before #OXOSpringCleaning It’s kind of boring and dirty. When we moved into our house about 7 years ago, the bathroom was a mess. It didn’t have a shower head in the tub and when we looked at the house they stored the tub with stuffed Mickey Mouse. As much as I love Mickey Mouse, I wouldn’t want a stuffed animal of it in my tub. Anyway we gutted the bathroom, by adding the granite vanity top, new mirror, new light fixtures and we tiled the shower and painted the walls. A little story about the walls. I picked out the color and I said it ‘s a pretty blue and my Husband claims it’s green. You tell me is the bathroom blue or green? Here is one more before picture.
Guest Bathroom Before  #OXOSpringCleaning The first thing when cleaning the bathroom, I tackled the toilet, which was actually pretty clean considering no one is using it. I don’t mind cleaning toilets, but I hate cleaning the tub. I used my new OXO Stainless Steel Toilet Brush & Canister Set to scrub the toilet. It works pretty nice. It’s a lot nicer than the cheap plastic one I used to have.
Stainless Steel Toilet Brush & Canister #OXOSpringCleaning OXO gave me Stainless Steel Toilet Plunger & Canister Set. Pretty classy for a toilet plunger. I showed my Husband and he said nice, hope we don’t have to use. I love the canister that it comes in.
Stainless Steel Toilet Plunger & Canister Set - Round #OXOSpringCleaning I also scrubbed the floors pretty good. I hate cleaning floors too. I was on my hands scrubbing away. I used an all-purpose cleaner for the floors. It came out sparkling clean. I’m pretty happy with how the floors came out. Here is a picture with my new canisters next to my toilet.
Guest Bathroom #OXOSpringCleaning Next I cleaned the mirror and vanity, which was pretty easy. I am impressed how clean that was. I just basically whipped it down and shined my faucets. I also added my new OXO Good Grips Toothbrush Holder and some Coconut scented soap from Bath & Body Works. I like how clean and uncluttered the vanity is. I am not much for one to keep a lot of stuff on my vanities.
Guest Bathroom #OXOSpringCleaning Ok, next is the dreaded bathtub. Ladies, piece of advice, do not leaving bobby pins in the bathtub, they rust. We have told Jenny a million times to pick up your bobby pins and she didn’t and now I have little rust spots on the tub. So if you know how to get them off, please let me know. Anyway, after scrubbing my tub, I added the OXO Good Grips All-in-Reach Shower Shelf. I think any guest that stays with me will love that. I like using a hanging shelf better than placing shampoo and soap on the bathtub.  Plus to boot, the suction cups is a simple pop of a button and it stays in place.
OXO Good Grips All-in-Reach Shower Shelf #OXOSpringCleaning I have these little vases that I have hanging next to my mirror that I picked up from Pottery Barn. I saw them in the magazine and I just had to have them. During the holiday time I would put some Christmas decor in it, but now that it is spring and this is my spa guest bathroom, I added some freshly cut lavender from my garden. I love this look.
Guest Bathroom #OXOSpringCleaning I added some freshly clean towels that I hoarded away. There is no way I could have let Jenny use white towels. Imagine a teenage girl using white towels? I bought these towels at HomeGoods. I love that store for home accessories. Matter in fact I will be going back to finish my bathroom. I need to get a bathroom rug and maybe a new shower curtain.
Guest Bathroom #OXOSpringCleaning I love the outcome of my clean bathroom. It’s kind of hard to take photos of such a small room, sorry, but I think you get a general idea.
Guest Bathroom #OXOSpringCleaning The more I look at these photos I am loving the lavender in my little vases. Flowers add so much to a room and what’s nice about lavender is that it dries and still keeps its smell. It’s very calming.
Guest Bathroom #OXOSpringCleaning I want to thank OXO for giving me products to clean my bathroom. It’s one room I dreaded cleaning, but I was so excited because of all my new accessories. Nothing like something to give you inspiration to clean.

If you want to check out these OXO products and other products for any room in your house you can go to OXO’s website here.

I know this is a food blog, but after all we all use the bathroom, so I thought why not?  🙂

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Guest Bathroom #OXOSpringCleaning

I received the free product from OXO, please note that all opinions are my own.


  1. It’s necessary to keep clean the guest bathroom. Your guest will judge your personality with your guest bathroom..sounds crazy? But it’s true. Keep tip top your bathroom and your guest will think about your great personality. It can be positive for many other reason as well….

  2. You did a great renovation of your guest bathroom named after Jenny’s left. I visited so many houses but they never updated their guest bathroom. But they don’t know I am writing it over as a bad practice of them. All the guest are coming to my house at the next holiday, I should care about their needed, right? If you find a new set of towels, tooth brushes, toiletries and a clean scented bathroom, then you must going to remember my bathroom as well as me.

  3. Andrew Powell says

    Every body should clean own and guest bathroom. When your guest see your bathroom looking beautiful then he think positive about you. So you should clean your guest bathroom. Thank you for share such informative post.

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