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AeroGarden / Giveaway

Hi Everyone,

I have a fun and different post for you today. Normally I like to post something about food, like a recipe or my traditional Yum Yum Wednesday product reviews. Well today I am covering both of those ideas. I have a fun product for the whole family to love and it grows food. Score! So what is this fun product I have? It’s the Miracle-Gro®AeroGarden®.  I have to admit, the perfect little holiday gift for the green thumb or  the not so green thumb friend or family member in your life.

This is so cool! I got my AeroGarden 3SL the other day and I couldn’t wait to set it up. I took it to work, so I could grow basil, parsley and dill in the office. That way I can add my office grown herbs to my salads and sandwiches. But the best part is that I can grow herbs and other produce in the winter.

The AeroGarden 3SL is super easy to put together, it took about 5 minutes. Just snap in the light, put it in its place and add water. Easy peasy! The fun part is the Gourmet Herb pack that came with it.

It came with 3 pods, 3 cups to cover the pod and plant food.

I just place my pods in the AeroGarden 3SL and put my food in the water and I am all set to grow.

Here is a little information about the AeroGarden.

The AeroGarden 3 uses NASA-tested indoor growing technology to grow 5 times faster than soil yet it’s so simple to operate that no green thumb is required.  Plants grow so fast because roots are delivered an ideal balance of water, air and specially formulated Liquid Nutrients – with no soil needed.  Just add water and grow!

The AeroGarden 3’s easy-to-use Control Panel turns lights on and off automatically and tells you when it’s time to add nutrients. Nothing could be simpler.

The AeroGarden offers a wide variety of pre-seeded, Plug & Grow Seed Pod Kits, all tested and approved for our unparalleled Guaranteed To Grow warranty.  Choose from a variety of fresh herbs, salad greens, flowers, and veggies.  The AeroGarden can keep you growing new plants year after year.  For the ultimate in variety, plant and grow your own seeds with our Grow Anything Seed Pod Kits

I have a spare desk in my office, so I placed my AeroGarden 3SL there. I love it and it’s thin enough that it doesn’t take up a lot of room.

I bet you can guess my giveaway. I am giving away an AeroGarden 3 to one of my lucky readers. Now the AeroGarden 3 is a little different from my model that I am showing you in the pictures above. It’s the same concept and comes with the same herbs, parsley, dill and basil, but it is a different shape and comes in the color black. Here is a picture of what you can win.

To enter, all you have to do is telling me what vegetable or herb you wish you could grow year round?

You can check out more information on the AeroGarden 3 here.

You can also find the AeroGarden at,,, select True Value stores.

Watch on my Instagram page to see the progress of my AeroGarden.

Have a great day!



P.S.  I was not paid for this post, I was asked to review the AeroGarden all opinions are my own.

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