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Cherry Vanilla Protein Shake #SmoothieMonday

Hi Everyone,

Happy Smoothie Monday!  I have to tell you I am on a serious cherry kick!  I can’t get enough of that fiberlishous little fruit!  They are so plump, sweet and juicy!  Since it is cherry season after all, I couldn’t go without creating a cherry smoothie!  So as you can guess, today’s smoothie is made with cherries!  Let me introduce to you my newest creation, Cherry Vanilla Protein Shake.

This shake tastes like a dessert! It’s sweet, thick, creamy, has the most delicious, fresh cherry flavor with just a hint of vanilla. I think I am in love! The smoothie is so simple too! It only contains 3 ingredients, cherries, coconut milk and vanilla protein powder.

This smoothie is so healthy for you too! I used fresh cherries that I pitted myself and froze them. This time of year I always buy a ton of cherries and pit them and freeze them. It saves me money, but the best part is I can savor the fresh cherry flavor all year. If you don’t have fresh cherries, I do know that Target carries frozen cherries that taste wonderful and are around $3.00 a bag. It’s there Market Pantry brand. For pitting the cherries I used OXO Cherry Pitter. I bought mine at Cost Plus World Market, but I believe Target carries it too. I have been using the pitter a lot lately. You’ll see in the coming weeks.

Cherry Vanilla Protein Shake
Prep time
Total time
A healthy, refreshing smoothie made with cherries, coconut milk and vanilla protein powder. It tastes like a cherry milkshake!
Serves: 2 cups
  • 1 cup cherries, pitted, frozen
  • 1 cup coconut milk, from carton
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  1. Add all ingredients to a blender and process until smooth.
Calories: 193, Fat: 8, Cholesterol: 0, Sodium: 130, Potassium: 259, Carbs: 38, Fiber: 11, Sugar: 17, Protein: 5.2

My protein was 70 calories a scoop
Nutrition Information
Serving size: The Whole Recipe

All I can say is yum, yum, yum! What a great treat! Well actually a great breakfast! It fills me up and my tummy loves it!

Well my friends, have a great week! I know it will be a busy one for me!



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