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Grilled Candied Bacon wrapped in Potatoes

Hi Everyone,

Today I have a special treat just for you!  It includes on of my favorite vegetables and one of my favorite indulgences bacon!  Oh yah! You know I have been on a major bacon kick lately.  Well this past weekend, I was wondering what could I make with these wonderful potatoes that I got from Tastful Selections?  Then I took a peek in the fridge and saw bacon that needed to be used, so then I thought, why not try bacon wrapped potatoes?  Well it came together beautifully and this has now become a family favorite recipe. I was already requested to make it again!  Even Little Jenny loved it!!!

I have to tell you the potatoes turned out perfectly cooked. They are tender, creamy and just darn good! The bacon was slightly sweetened with a smoked flavor. Some of it burnt a little too much, but that’s because I was making the other part of the dinner, while my Husband watched the grill. I have to admit I am the grill master in this house. So my advice is to watch your skewers, so your bacon doesn’t burn!

I used Tasteful Selections Sunrise Medley Potatoes, which are cute little potatoes that come in a different colors, from yellow, to purple to red. They were just the right size to skewer without having to cut them. What’s even better is Tasteful Selections are already pre-washed for you, so no scrubbing is needed. That makes life a little bit easier!Plus the skin is so tender you don’t need to peel your potatoes! Score! I think you will love Tasteful Selection Potatoes, just as much as we do.

I wrapped my potatoes in bacon, two slices per skewer and sprinkled it with a little bit of brown sugar and then added some black pepper. I placed it on aluminum foil and grilled it for 45 minutes. I found the bacon was not cooked enough, so I placed it on the grill. This is where you need to watch it so it doesn’t burn.

Grilled Candied Bacon wrapped in Potatoes
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Tender grilled potatoes, wrapped in bacon and sprinkled with brown sugar.
Serves: 6 skewers
  • 28oz. bag of Taseteful Selections Sunrise Medley potatoes
  • 12 slices bacon
  • 1 tbsp. brown sugar
  • ½ tbsp. black pepper
  1. Heat the grill to medium heat.
  2. Add 5 potatoes to each skewer, wrap each skewer with two slices of bacon. Place on aluminum foil; and sprinkle with brown sugar and black pepper. Cover the potatoes loosely with aluminum foil. Place on the grill and cook for about 45 minutes. No need to turn them.
  3. Take out of the aluminum foil, and place directly onto grill, cook for approx. 10 minutes. Let cool and serve.
Calories per skewer: 195, Fat: 7, Cholesterol: 15, Sodium: 240, Potassium: 5.2, Carbs: 23, Fiber: 2, Sugar: 4.5, Protein: 8
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1 skewer

Have you Guys tried Tasteful Selections Potatoes? They come in a wide variety, such as Honey Gold, Ruby Sensation, Sunrise Medley, Golden Temptation, Purple Passion, White Delights, Fingerlings, and Microwavable!  They are made in Bakersfield, CA and are available at grocery stores nationwide. You can go here to see the locations.

Did you also know that Tasteful Selections are FOUP /fūp/ n. the fear of undercooked, ugly, useless, uneven, unclean, unremarkable, unsightly or otherwise unappealing potatoes. lol I love that! You can go here to watch a fun video, take a quiz and more. Find out what your FOUP is! Mine is the fear of ugly potatoes!  Oddly enough it’s true!  lol  Tasteful Selections baby potatoes are 100% FOUP Free. Guaranteed! Plus they are non-GMO!

Not sure what to make with your potatoes?  Well, Tasteful Selections have a ton of delicious potato recipes. Get the recipes at:

I really had fun with today’s post!!  I love my new potatoes, I love my recipe and I loved learning more about Tasteful Selections!

Have a wonderful day!!



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This post is sponsored by Tasteful Selections. All opinions are my own.

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