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Welcome to Yum Yum Wednesday!  Since, ummmm, bikini season is just about here, especially in California I think we could, ok me, could use a little debloating.  Nothing worse than putting on your bathing suit and seeing a big pouch!  So today I am bringing back the Debloating Smoothie.  Everything in the recipe will refresh you and help debloat you!  It’s made with Banana’s, Strawberries, Pineapple, Spinach and Coconut Milk.  It’s not only healthy, it is delicious!  Remember to drink lots and lots of water and if at all possible stay away from salt.  If you can do that for a few days and drink my Debloating Smoothie in the morning, this should help with bloating you may have.  You can go here for the recipe.
Debloating Smoothie
Today I also have some new products that I tried. First up is Laloo’s Goat Milk Ice Cream. This ice cream is amazing! I sampled four of their flavors; Vanilla Snowflake, Rumplemint, Deep Chocolate and Capraccino. I also let my family sample them and you know what? You can’t tell it’s goat’s milk. Laloo’s is made with 100% goat’s milk which means it is higher in nutrient rich proteins and lower in fat, naturally. And goat’s milk is easier to digest for the millions of people who are sensitive to cow’s milk or soy, like me. All of the ingredients are natural, contains, goat’s milk, eggs and sugar, just like premium ice cream. My favorite flavor is Rumplemint and and Capraccino.  Capraccino is a coffee flavored ice cream.
LaLoos Goat Milk Ice Cream Rumplemint
The ice cream is creamy smooth, scoopable and mighty delicious. Ice Cream can do a number on my stomach, it bloats me and gives me major stomach issues, but I found that LaloosGoats Milk Ice Cream doesn’t do that to me at all! I love it and I will be looking for it at my grocery store. You will be seeing some recipes using Laloos soon!  You can get more information here.
LaLoos Goat Milk Ice Cream
I have become a big fan of Annie’s Homegrown since I posted my first recipe using Annie’s which is my Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese. For writing the post Annie’s sent me some free samples. One of the samples I got was Annie’s Organic Cheddar Squares. One serving is 27 crackers for 150 calories. The ingredients are ingredients you can pronounce and all organic and not made with any artificial flavors and contains 6 grams of whole grains per serving. I love these and makes for a wonderful little snack! You can check out Annie’s Homegrown here.

Annie's Cheddar Squares
I was sent some samples of Oatworks and I must say it is very good. Oatworks is a fruit juice that contains 2 servings of oatmeal in every 12oz. serving. The flavors that I was sent was Peach Mango, Pomegranate Blueberry and Strawberry Banana. I have been mixing them up in my morning smoothies, they are so good! They are also good to drink plain! Oatworks contains no sugar, no artificial flavors or preservatives, 100% juice and is vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. This is a wonderful drink ; mix half a serving in a smoothie and you have the most awesome smoothie ever. I like to mix the Mango Peach with frozen peaches and frozen mango. Give it a blend and yum, you have an awesome breakfast or lunch! It will fill you for hours! So next you’re at the store check out Oatworks. You can get more information here.
Oat Works
My last product I tried is Fit Frappe from Big Train! Let me tell you OMG!!!! First I must tell you a story. We have a local donut shop that serves ice cream, donuts and frappuccinos. Well one of their Frappes said low carb. I said I’ll try the Vanilla Late flavor and see how I like it. I LOVED it! Way better that Starbucks and way cheaper too. I saw a poster on their wall for Big Train Frappes. I ran home and googled it because I have to google everything. I saw that they made a Vanilla Latte protein powder and thought, hmmmmmm I wonder how that is? I am not a fan of protein powder, I have tried and tried and I just haven’t found one I liked until now. I mixed one scoop of Fit Frappe into my blender with a cup of non-fat milk and a cup of ice. I blended it and took a sip. I thought for sure it would taste like protein. I was soooooooooo wrong! It tastes like a Starbucks Frappuccino, but even better. Guys, this stuff is amazing!! When I searched the Big Train Website, I saw that GNC sells it. So I went to GNC and they did have it. It costs $19.99 for 1.2lbs container.
Fit Frappe by Big Train
The Coffee Protein Drink Mix, is one serving at 70 calories or two servings for 130 calories. The recipe says to use two scoops for a frappe, but one scoop was enough. For one scoop it has 70 calories, 1.5 grams fat, 12 carbs, 3 grams fiber, 7 grams sugar alcohol, 10 grams protein. Plus lots of vitamins and minerals. So my 2 cup frappe was only 160 calories! Healthier than Starbucks too! They also come in a Mocha, Vanilla Latte, Espresso, Chocolate, Vanilla and Spice Chai Latte. The Mocha is next on my list to try. So I highly, highly recommend this protein powder if you like Vanilla Lattes. Oh and you can mix it in your morning coffee, it doesn’t lump up and mixes well. You can go to the Big Train website here to get more information or you can check it out on GNC’s website.
Fit Frappe Nutritonal Stats
Well my Friends, that’s it for me!

Have a super wonderful day!


P.S.  You can get the Debloating Smoothie Recipe here.
Debloating Smoothie


  1. This looks so luscious and creamy. I am a smoothie addict so I will definitely be trying this.

  2. I have just printed this recipe and will try it out tonight. Thank you.

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