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Strawberry Grapefruit Smoothie

Hi Everyone,

Happy Smoothie Monday to you!!  Today I took one of my favorite classic recipes, strawberry and banana and zipped it up by adding a secret ingredient, grapefruit juice.  Oh boy now this is one refreshing smoothie.

The Strawberry Banana with Grapefruit smoothie is so good. The grapefruit adds a nice citrus taste to it but doesn’t make it sour at all. To give the recipe a punch of protein I added my beloved greek yogurt to it. For sweetness I added a little bit of sugar. Normally I use stevia in my smoothies, but for one I was out of it and two I have been trying to go more natural with my meals. I found that going back to my roots with regular ingredients like butter and sugar, I am actually losing weight and I am satisfied with my meals and desserts. I know it sounds a little crazy, but honestly it’s true. You may have noticed my recipes lately that include those ingredients. I would rather have a little bit of fat and sugary foods then eat a ton of sugar-free recipes. Will I still use stevia? Yes, I will but in moderation. 🙂

Strawberry Grapefruit Smoothie
Prep time
Total time
A creamy, sweet strawberry smoothie with a light, refreshing hint of grapefruit.
Serves: 2 cups
  • ½ cup grapefruit juice, freshly squeezed
  • ½ cup strawberries, frozen
  • ½ banana, frozen
  • ½ cup greek yogurt, plain
  • 1 tsp. sugar (more to taste)
  1. Add all ingredients to a blender and process until smooth.
Calories: 216, Fat: .05, Cholesterol: 0, Sodium: 47, Potassium: 620, Crabs: 42, Fiber: 5, Sugar: 29, Protein: 13
Nutrition Information
Serving size: The Whole Recipe

I hope everyone has a wonderful week. I know I will! It’s going to be in the 90’s later this week and I can’t wait for some summer heat!

Enjoy your day!



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