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Easter Round-Up

Hi Everyone,

I’ll be honest with you, life has been pretty busy!  It seems I can’t get ahead, but this weekend I plan on doing some major catching up on!  Can you believe next weekend is Easter?  Time is just going so fast.  So with that in mind, I thought I would share with you some of my all time favorite Easter Recipes.

First up on the list is….  Deviled Eggs!  Sorry, but Easter is just not Easter without Deviled Eggs.  Every year for Easter my Mom would make Deviled Eggs and the recipe is pretty traditional, but it’s the one I grew up with!  Follow these directions to make the perfect hard-boiled egg.

Blueberry Loaf Cake – This is not really Easter, but would make for a wonderful little breakfast treat or even have as dessert. I made this recipe this year and I just fell in love with it! It’s so good!! Nothing like a portioned out cake in bread form, filled with plump, juice blueberries!  Oh yah!!

Lightened Up Chocolate Zucchini Bread – I love chocolate bread and with little hints of zucchini really makes it moist! This makes for a great breakfast or to give away as a gift!!

Asparagus, Tomato and Dill Egg Bake – I love baking eggs for breakfast. I do it every year for Christmas. You can basically add whatever you like to it. I did this last year and had everyone fill their eggs with the ingredients that they love! For me it was peppers, onions and ham.  It’s such a simple recipe!

Baked Maple Glazed Bacon – Ever since I got this recipe from Williams and Sonoma I have been in bacon heaven. I love baking my bacon because it’s so easy, less of a mess and I don’t have to stand in front of the stove. Plus to boot, the sweet maple syrup with salty bacon, OMG!!!!! Amazing!!!

Berry Popover Pancakes – I love these little portion control pancakes. They just scream spring, plus they are cute. They kind of remind me of a mix between pancakes and muffins! Perfect for serving for brunch!

Carrot Cake Pancakes – Ok, Easter isn’t Easter without carrot cake. So why not make it into pancakes? You know how much I love pancakes! This recipe is super easy to make and tastes just like carrot cake. The pictures are not beautiful since I made this a couple of years ago, but man does it taste good! I think I’ll re-make it this week!

Angel Food Cake with Strawberry Sauce – I have to admit angel food cake is probably one of my all time favorite desserts. It’s so light and fluffy!! Plus this recipe has the most wonderful strawberry sauce. Oh how I love strawberries! This makes for a nice, light, wonderful dessert!

Coconut Angel Food Cake Cupcakes – Apparently from the recipe above you know I love angel food cake, but in muffin form with a creamy, sweet coconut frosting! Of course I had to top it with a pastel M&M!  darn those cute M&M’s!

Strawberry Coconut Shortcake – I don’t make cakes very often, since it is just the two of us, but this cake is so worth making! I love the coconut flavor with the addition of fresh strawberries! It’s just so darn good, plus pretty!

Coconut M&M’s Cookies – I am kind of a cookie monster and if you add coconut and M&M’s, I am sold! These are a wonderful, pretty little cookie that will sure to please kids of all ages! Yes I mean adults too!

Lightened Up Buttery M&M’s Cookies – Yes when I think of Easter, I think of those pretty pastel M&M’s! I guess you could tell by my recipes.  I made these cookies twice a few weeks ago. They are light, fluffy and have a magnificent butter flavor! They were a huge hit in my household.

Valentines Loft House Cookie Bars – Ok these aren’t exactly Easter because I made them for Valentine’s Day, but add some colorful Easter sprinkles and you have the perfect little holiday bars. I made these and Little Jenny’s boyfriend just loved them. I ended up giving him the whole batch!! These loft house cookie bars are well worth making!

Chocolate Coconut Mousse – Ok, we all need chocolate for Easter and oh my gosh does this scream chocolate. This dessert is so decant and sweet and just amazing! If you’re a chocoholic, give this simple, no bake recipe a try, you will LOVE it!!  Guaranteed!!

Easter Bunny Chow – I love this little treat and yes it is a treat! I made the traditional puppy chow recipe but lightened up in my own way. I made this for little Jenny and she just loved it! I saw it in a container on the side of her bed. She said it was too good to share! So if you like Puppy Chow, try Bunny Chow!!

Honey Glazed Roast Carrots – Carrots are totally Easter and I couldn’t have a round-up with my ever so popular Honey Glazed Roasted Carrots! These are so good! I make this recipe all of the time. It really adds some wonderful flavor to carrots! Makes for a great side dish!!

Maple Glazed Carrots – If you’re not a honey lover, maybe you will like maple flavored carrots. I honestly don’t know what I like best? Honey or Maple? They both taste remarkable, yet different! It’s really all up to what you like! Heck make them both?

Well that is it for my Easter Round-Up! Lots of fun different recipes that are lightened up, especially for those who get an Easter basket on Easter morning!!

Have a wonderful weekend!



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