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Yum Yum Wednesday

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Yum, Yum Wednesday.  This is where I take an old recipe and bring it back to life.  Today I am sharing with you one of my family favorites, Lemon Infused Shrimp Scampi Pasta.  This dish is so easy to make and loaded with lots of flavor.  This is one of my Husbands favorite meals.  It is light, buttery and has the most amazing lemon flavor without going overboard.  The Parmesan cheese really compliments this dish too.  This makes for a fancy, schmancy easy week night meal!!  You can check out the recipe here!

Since I have a kaboodle of new products that I have tried, I thought I would share with you what I thought. First up is The Kitchen Table Bakers Cheese Crisps. These Cheese Crisps come in a variety of flavors. I tried the Chia Parmesan Crisps, Caraway Seed Parmesan Crisps and Aged Parmesan Cheese Crisps. The crisps are made with entirely of cheese. Pretty cool, huh?  I tried them plain, but they would be really  good dipped in a nice marinade or a compliment to your pasta dish. My Friend tried them and she said they would be really good crushed and baked on chicken. I like her idea. My favorite one is the Aged Parmesan Cheese Crisps. I took a box of the crisps to work and my co-workers really liked them too. If you’re a cheesy kind of person I think you will go bonkers for these! You can find them on there website or at retail stores across the US and Canada.

This is Canyon BakeHouse Gluten Free Bread. I have to tell you, I kid you not this is the best Gluten Free Bread I have tried. It’s fresh, light and tastes just like regular bread. I bought this at my local grocery store, but my Nutritionist said they also sell it at Costco. I almost want to think they lied, saying it is gluten-free because it is just that good. I have also tried their hot dog rolls and they are just as good. And to boot the hot dog rolls are 140 calories and the sliced bread is 90 calories. I love it! This is one bread that I will be sure to buy again and again!

To go with my Canyon BakeHouse GF Bread, I bought Trader Joes Red-Leicester Cheese. This is their newest member of their cheese family. It has bits of sweet bell pepper and has the perfect amount of heat. I have been eating little slivers of it with my crackers, but I also made a grilled cheese sandwich, which is pictured above. This is full fat cheese, but so worth the calories. I love it!!

Since we are talking Trader Joe’s I tried their Brown Rice Tortillas which are gluten-free. I have to say YUCK!!! These were horrible!! They were hard, no matter how I tried to soften them and I didn’t like the flavor at all. I am so disappointed in this product. The calories were low, which was great for a large tortilla, but the flavor, to me, it was not good. Sorry TJ’s, this one is not a winner in my book!  What a shame because I threw out the whole pack!

This is Terrapin Ridge Farms Marinades and Vinaigrette’s. I received these as a sample and I had to give them a try.  I think they are really good!  They are fat-free, gluten-free and vegan and the flavor is amazing.  I used the Dijon Mustard Vinaigrette for marinating my chicken.  My chicken came out moist and delicious and the flavor of the vinaigrette is just amazing!  It had the perfect balance of flavor and I love the mustard flavor.   I used the chicken in my Warmed Greek Salad that I posted the other day!  You wouldn’t know the dressings are fat-free.  These are a must and perfect for watching your weight. Oh and the Garlic & Herb is amazing on my salad.   You can find these at the Terrapin Ridge Farms website. They also have jelly, dessert toppings, mustard, salsa and so much more and not everything is vegan or gluten-free, so check your labels.  They only charge $5.00 flat rate for shipping, which is great considering most everything is in packaged in glass bottles or jars.  The prices of the dressings are $7.00 for a 12 oz bottle.  The prices of all the food products on their site range from $4.00 – $7.00.  You can check them out here.
Gratify Gluten Free Pretzels and Snacks. You know how much of a snacker I am, so I couldn’t wait to check out these pretzels. I have to say the Sea Salt Twists were my favorite.  The pretzels have a wonderful buttery flavor.  I tried the chocolate dipped pretzels and I honestly didn’t care for them as much, which is shocking.  I did love the Cracker Thins, they tasted just like saltines to me.  I’m not gluten-free, but for a month my nutritionist put me on a gluten-free diet, so I was happy to have found tasty gluten-free crackers and pretzels.  Want to hear something funny?  I actually like the gluten-free pretzels better than regular.  I love how much crunchier they are and the calories are the same!  You can find Gratify Gluten Free Pretzels and Snacks at your local grocer, but you can also check them out online here.

The last item that I could wait to share with you, it is my newest discovery, well they actually discovered me, but anyway it doesn’t matter how we met, it became love at first sight, at least for me!  This is Angie’s BOOM CHICKA POP popcorn.  Amazing stuff!!!  The bags of popcorn are so colorful, that my Husband couldn’t keep his paws off of it!  He instantly grabbed and ate the whole bag of White Cheddar Popcorn in one sitting.  He said this stuff is really good, can we buy it at the store.  I said yes Dear, just give me a handful so I can try it.  He loves cheesy popcorn and he’s pretty picky about it too, so he was loving BOOM CHICKA POP popcorn.  Me, I loved the Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn the best. So good and satisfied that sweet and salty flavor I just love.  Angie’s BOOM CHICKA POP is gluten-free, NON-GMO, made with whole grains, vegan, cholesterol free, no high fructose corn syrup and made with natural ingredients.  I truly love Angie’s Popcorn.  I know it’s at my local grocery store because I have seen it, but never tried it. That was a big mistake on my part.  I now have a new snack that I can feel good about eating!  You can check out Angie’s BOOM CHICKA POP’s website here and if you like them on Facebook you can win BOOM CHICKA POP Popcorn!

Well that’s it for reviews this week and my Yum Yum Wednesday recipe.

Have a great day and get out there and try something new. You never know what you will discover.


P.S. The Kitchen Table Bakers Cheese Crisps, Terrapin Ridge Farms, Gratify Gluten Free Pretzels and Snacks and  Angie’s BOOM CHICKA POP popcorn were samples that were sent to me.  The other products are ones I bought on my own.  I was not asked to post or give a review on what I thought and did this on my own.  My opinions are truthful and were not influenced by others.

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