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Healthy Surprise Giveaway

Winner:  Author: Julie B.
Comment:  I repinned your recipe for Baked Acorn Squash stuffed with Apple and Sausage Stuffing.

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Hi Everyone!

I got an awesome package in the mail the other day!  It’s full of healthy, guilt-free treats for me to eat!  I love getting food in the mail especially ones I can feel good about!!  When I got my package, this is what it looked like on the inside.

It was all wrapped in pretty tissue paper, with a couple of healthy recipes tucked inside the wrap. Then I opened it and low and behold, a bundle of healthy treats!! I love getting gifts like this!

So I started to dig in, what can I try first? Let’s go for fruit and chocolate! I got Cinnamon Apple Crisps, only 50 calories for the whole bag. Maca Bar, which is gluten free, dairy free and organic chocolate bar! I am saving this one for my sweet-tooth! Just Fruit Bar in Pear and Strawberry, it’s all natural with no added sugars or artificial ingredients. Fig Almond Bar, oh this will be a good afternoon snack!

Ohhh, I got more stuff! Coco-Roons! Dangerous!! These are Vanilla Maple gluten-free, low glycemic cookies. I won’t be sharing these!!

Buddy Fruits! How cute are these? I got pure fruit bites in orange flavor, and two fruit drinks, one in Raspberry & Cranberry and the other is Mango Passion and Banana. I think I’m going to drink the Raspberry & Cranberry now!

I also got Garlic Herb Pumpkin Seeds, Orchard Blend Crunchy Dried Fruit (love dried fruit) and Candied Pistachios! The pistachios will be perfect for one of my salads!

I got full size treats too like Kale Joys in Mesquite Flavor, Raw Carrots with Paprika (one of my favorites) and Wasabi flavored Seasnax.

A big bag of Beanfields Beans and Rice Chips in Sea Salt. Beanfields is one brand I know! I love these chips and they are a full size too!

What I failed to take a picture of is I also got a $25 gift certificate and a One Bar, which is a serving a fruit! I ate the One Bar before I could take a picture of it. he he!!

So what is Healthy Surprise all about? They are a Los Angeles based company that has
been featured in Oprah, Time, Shape and Techcrunch. Healthy Surprise
provides healthy snack food for all food types in gift boxes delivered to
your home or business. Through tailored monthly subscriptions and a
hassle-free online order and cancellation website, Healthy Surprise has developed a
first – a unique order or pause, delivery to 1, 10 or 20-plus homes or
business – at a click of a button. You could complete your Holiday gift
list in a minute.

Healthy Surprise makes an ideal gift for the Holiday Season – Gluten Free, Natural,
Vegan, Soy, Corn and Wheat Free – healthy and mindful gifts. Healthy Surprise also ships
boxes every day and delivers all over the world.  Have a friend in England?  Send them a Healthy Surprise Box!  🙂

What I like about Healthy Surprise is that you are not locked into a monthly subscription. If you want to cancel, you can do it online without talking to anyone, so no pressure to keep the subscription!  I hate when I have to call to cancel something and then they talk me into keeping it!  So annoying!   You can place an order for one box and that’s it.  You like it, get another.  Have a friend or family member that is vegan or gluten free and you don’t know what to get them?  Send them a box of Healthy Surprise!  It’ comes beautifully wrapped and make a perfect gift! Or you can send them a monthly subscription, your choice!!!

I also found that placing an order is simple and easy, plus they shipped it the next day!  I ordered on a Friday, it was sent to the post office on Saturday and I had it on Tuesday!  Pretty quick!  So you still have time for Christmas orders!

You can check out Healthy Surprise website here to get more information.

So what is the giveaway?  I am giving away one lucky reader a $75 gift card for Healthy Surprise!  Order a gift for yourself or a friend!  I am making this giveaway quick, so you can have it for Christmas!!!  I will announce a winner tomorrow!!!

To win, all you have to do is tell me:  What is your favorite Healthy Snack?

For additional entries:

Good luck and have a great day!!!




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