Baton Rouge Round Up / Weekly Recap

Hi Everyone,

Well this is it, I’m officially sad!  This is my last post about my trip to Baton Rouge.  I thought I would give you a round-up this weeks eats, introduce you to my fellow bloggers that I joined on this trip and give some web links to the places I ate, stayed and saw.  So let me first introduce to you the group of bloggers that I joined on my mini weekend getaway to Baton Rouge.  I snagged this picture from Theresa from The Food Hunters Guide to Cuisine.

Batton Rouge Bloggers

From the top Paul, Susan, Me, Christy, Katie, my Mom Linda, Theresa, David, Lisa, Lisa’s Boyfriend, Lindsay and her friend and in the front Caroline.

Susan from 30AEats

Theresa from Food Hunters Guide to Cuisine

David Bodle from Leisure Group Travel

Lisa from Eat.Drink.Travel. Magazine

Lindsay from The Traveluster

Caroline from This is my South

Of course I have to introduce you to the two lovely ladies that took us all around town; Christy and Katie!

Christy and Katie are just the two sweetest girls.  They really know their town and you can tell that they are just so proud of it!!  They both have wonderful personalities and really made this trip fun!! If you plan a visit to Baton Rouge contact these girls, I promise they will take good, no make that great care of you!!! I plan on catching up with them again when I come back to Baton Rouge and believe me there will be another trip! Christy is the the lovely lady on the left and Katie, who just had a baby and looks fabulous is on the right.

Christy and Katie

The events:

Fete Rouge – Next year’s event date is set for August 21 – 22, 2014 at the Crown Plaza Hotel.  The event is fabulous, if you’re in the area you must go!

Fete Rouge

Louie’s Cafe – I love this restaurant, great diner food, open 24 hours and the pancakes and omelets are to die for!!

Louies Cafe

Red Sticks Farmers Market – It’s open Monday – Friday and I think they are open all year round.  It’s a must go to, to find local produce, pies, honey and more!!

Red Stick Farmers Market

Tony’s Seafood Market and Deli  – Love, Love, Love Tony’s!  This is where I tried catfish for the first time and I just love it!  So good!  Catch lunch at Toni’s and see if Steve can give you a tour.  It’s so much fun!!

Tony's Fish Market

Tin Roof Brewery – Fantastic tour, fantastic beer! If you like hand crafted beer with a Southern charm, check out Tin Roof!!

Tin Roof Beer Brewing Company

White Oak Plantation – Lush gardens, large lakes and just a simply beautiful place to visit.
White Oak Plantation
Doe’s Eat Place – A cute little restaurant that probably serves the biggest steaks I have ever seen.  If my Husband goes with me next time to Baton Rouge, I can GUARANTEE I will have to take him here!

Doe's Eat Place

The two Chefs that I had the honor of meeting. Chef Jay Ducote from Bite and and Chef Chris Wadsworth from Restaurant IPO.  Sorry for the bad picture.  My camera didn’t like the lighting.

Chef Jay Ducot and Chef Chris Wadsworth

Hotel:  Crown Plaza Baton Rouge

Transportation:  Riverside Limousines and they even have a blog!

Things to do, see, eat and more!

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Now for this weeks weekly recap:

Monday:  Banana Cream Pie Smoothie – So darn good!!   I promise if you like banana cream pie, you will love this drink and much as I do!!

Banana Cream Pie Smoothie

Tuesday:  Mini Sweet Potato Hand Pies –  I have to laugh, my Husband told me, the pies you made taste funny.  I said really they didn’t defrost right?  No that was fine, they tasted like squash and he gave me a dirty look!  Ha ha  He actually loved the mini pies, but HATES sweet potato!  I told him it was pumpkin when I gave them to him.  He read my blog when he discovered he ate sweet potatoes.  I knew I would get him to eat Sweet Potatoes one day.  By the way, I froze these mini pies and my Husband said he left them out on the counter at work and they defrosted very nicely.  Which is good to know for future pie making!

Mini Sweet Potato Hand Pie

Wednesday: Grilled Cajun Shrimp with Red Beans and Rice – I loved this dish!  It’s very filling.  I had leftovers and took them to lunch, even better the next day.  I ate the shrimp cold and it was still just as good!!

Cajun Grilled Shrimp

Thursday: Jambalaya and Corn Bread – Love this dish and it’s another one that tastes fantastic the next day!! The Jambalaya is hearty, full of flavor, super thick, low-calorie and is a reader and family favorite too!!

Jambalya and Corn Bread

Friday: Sweet Potato Pecan Pie Pancakes with Bourbon infused Maple Syrup – All I have to say is OMG! This is one of the BEST pancakes I have ever made! So moist, that it really tastes like pie and it’s low calorie!! You must make these pancakes!!!  Make them this weekend!!!
Sweet Potato Pie Pancakes with Bourbon Maple Syrup cc
I guess that sums it up for this weeks post. I know I promised a sweet treat for today, but my sweet treat didn’t turn out. I tried to make pralines and they burnt. I always burn my food that has to be made with a candy thermometer. I am so buying a new one this weekend!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks post as I did reliving my 2 day weekend in Baton Rouge. I really did have a blast! I never would have thought, let’s go to Louisiana for vacation, but this trip changed my mind. I am hoping to make it back there this coming spring. There is so much more I want to see, plus I want to try a Po Boy Sandwich!  Great excuse for me to go back!

Have a fabulous weekend!



P.S.  The winner of the Louisiana Giveaway is Shelly.  I sent you an e-mail.  Please contact me within 48 hours.

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  1. It’s been so fun reading about your trip and drooling over the food!!

  2. What an awesome wrap up! I am drooling! Had so much fun in Baton Rouge and meeting you and your Mom.

  3. What a fun trip you had Jennifer – everyone looks like they’re having such a wonderful time. I know it will be fun re-living the memories for a long time! Love those little sweet potato pies, I so want one now!!

  4. Great wrap up to a wonderful weekend! Loved meeting you and hanging out in BR together w/ some amazing food experiences!

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