The Start of a Mini Kitchen Upgrade

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Hi Everyone,

For Christmas last year, my Husband bought me a new refrigerator.  It’s beautiful and shiny, and I LOVE it, but the rest of the kitchen needs some overhauling.  I really need more space and a convenient work station!!!  Maybe a bigger house?  Just kidding!  Since Christmas, life has gotten pretty busy and the only new thing we have done in the kitchen is install the refrigerator.   Since times are a little tough and not to mention my Husband has found better things he would rather do with his summer than remodel a complete kitchen, I thought I would start small, for now.  I figured I would start with something that I use everyday that kind of annoys me, which is the faucet.  Our kitchen faucet, is not the best, it doesn’t turn very well, unless you use some major arm power, it makes cleaning the sink difficult, plus it’s also not too pretty to look at.   So I thought I would start my faucet journey by checking out Delta Faucet website to see what they had available for a new faucet, plus get some remodeling tips.  Maybe it will push my Husband to finish remodeling the kitchen?  After all my birthday is next month and this would be a perfect gift.  hint, hint…

The first place I went to is DELTA’s Inspired Living Page.  They have design tools to help you pick out your own personal style.  They do this by having you take a couple of  tests, which were fun to take, not like ones in school.  The first one I took, is what is your style.  They asked questions like what chair do you like and what cupcake would you take a bite of.  After I took the test, my end results were your style is Contemporary.

What is your style quiz  #DeltaFaucetInspired

I never thought of myself as contemporary, I thought I was always traditional, but the facts are right on.  I don’t like clutter and I like sparkle, texture and stainless!  That was fun!  Now lets find out my Kitchen ID.  I have to laugh the first question is “If you were going to splurge in a kitchenware store, you’d buy?”  ha ha!!  Love it, I’d buy it all!  After taking the test, the results are in, my kitchen is a workshop!  They got that right!   I am a tad obsessed with cooking, that’s an under statement.  I love to cook!   But I think everyone knows that!  🙂

My Kitchen ID Test  #DeltaFaucetInspired

Ok, two results and the tests are right!  I think I scored a 100%!  You have to take the tests to see your style and kitchen ID, then share them with me!   Ok, now that I know my style and that I love to cook, what kind of ideas can I get?  I need to see pretty pictures.
Kitchen Styles#DeltaFaucetInspired
The kitchens are gorgeous!  I want a whole new kitchen now!!  This one is my dream kitchen!!  I want this kitchen!!  I love the island with the pretty faucet in the center.  I also love the granite counter tops, the molding on the walls and the lights above the sink.  The lights would show off my new faucet.   By the way, the kitchen below is the same color as my kitchen now!  🙂

Dream Kitchen #DeltaFaucetInspired

Now that I got a pretty good idea of what I want, time to research the faucets.  Delta Faucet has some basic rules or ideas of what to do next.  They have 6 steps:

1. Your Obsession

2. Your Kitchen Style

3. Your Finish Philosophy

4. Your Budget

5. Your Countertop

6. Your Sink

Ok, I got it, now lets shop!!!  Delta has a line called Touch2O Kitchen Faucets.  This is a nice line!    Beautiful faucets!!  Time for more research, what are the Touch2O Kitchen Faucets all about?  Here are the stats:

  • A simple tap anywhere on the faucet activates the flow of water.  Awesome!!!
  • Touch2O Technology is a highly responsive, precise and reliable technology similar to that found on smart phones, tablets and other touch-activated devices.  Cool, I love technology!  Wow, all that in a faucet, I never knew!!
  • Touch2O Technology is thoughtfully designed for precise, reliable control, enabling users to activate the flow of water exactly when and where they need it.
  • The water temperature is easily controlled above the deck using the faucet handle.  I need this, my faucet is a pain to make hot and cold water.
  • Automatic shut off also helps prevent water waste.  That’s good for me and my water bill!!  It shuts off at 4 minutes of running!
  • When hands are messy, you can start the flow of water with a forearm or wrist, helping reduce the potential for cross-contamination.  Yah!  This is great when I’m cooking with raw meat and I need to turn the faucet on or off.

Ok, I’m sold, I need one of these faucets and after much research of style I found one I just LOVE!!!!  I ran and showed my Husband and he said whatever one you want dear!  Good this is what I want to get!!

Cassidy Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O® Technology  Read more

This is the Cassidy Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O® Technology.  I love the style of it!  Plus I had options of what kind of finish I want, my selections are Chrome, Arctic Stainless, Champagne Bronze and Venetian Bronze.  I’m going with the Arctic Stainless because it will match my refrigerator perfectly!!  Plus I plan on buying the rest of my appliances in the Arctic Stainless.  And to boot, the faucet received a 5 star review!   Woohoo!!  Here are just some of the stats of my future faucet:

  • Classical design combines with modern technology in the Cassidy™ Kitchen Collection
  • The Cassidy™ Collection is the obvious choice for a timeless, traditionally styled kitchen
  • High-arc pull-down swivels 360°
  • Features Euro-motion DIAMOND Valve

Since I started my research for a new faucet, I started a Inspired Living board on Pintrest.  Check it out, get some ideas and have fun with it!  Really, I recommend taking the quizzes, they really are fun!  I am really impressed on how much design ideas are on Delta Faucet’s website.  It’s a great tool for remodeling your kitchen or bathroom.

Here are some more fun facts!  Delta Faucet proudly sponsors HGTV’s 2013 Dream Home and is a sponsor for Food Networks Star!  Two shows I love to watch!  No wonder why I like Delta Faucet!

You can check out Delta Faucet and get your own ideas by visiting them at the following places:

You Tube

Now you have to tell me, did I make the right choice for the faucet?  What faucet do you like?  Check out your style and kitchen ID to see what is recommended for you.  Have some fun, you never know what you will discover!

Have a great week everyone!  I know I will because I am going to be dreaming of my new faucet!!  he he, to think I can touch it with my arm and it will turn on and off, I am so excited for that!!  You know I’ll be turning it on and off for hours because I am easily amused!  lol



All pictures from of Delta Faucet website

Delta Touch2O Technology for your kitchen and bathroom is precisely in tune with your every touch. Take the quiz to learn which faucet style best describes you at

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Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Delta via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Delta.


  1. I would pretty much LOVE a whole new kitchen also! Unfortunately..that’s not going to happen. But I can ogle (and dream).

    • I would love one about half the size of my house with cathedral ceilings, a big island and a walk in pantry. Sigh….

      • Jennifer,
        Wow! Wouldn’t that be great! You need a big kitchen with lots of counter space for all the dishes that you make. A center island would be ideal! Big windows for ample lighting and a place for your herb’s, a wine cooler 😉 and two side-by-side stainless steal refrigerators and two built-in ovens, one preferably a convection. I also like inset lighting and lighting below the cabinetry. WTH, a built-in pizza oven and a wood burning fireplace would be nice too! I think you need a new home in Sonoma County with a view and a great patio for grilling. Don’t forget to invite your favorite Aunt for a house warming. 😀 xo

  2. I am mildly obsessed with looking at pictures of dream kitchens on Pinterest. OK, not so mildly! 🙂 Right now my kitchen is literally a converted hallway closet, so I’ve got a long way to go, haha!

  3. I took the tests and came out the same as you. We did remodel our kitchen several years ago. The main thing was new cabinets and countertops and flooring. We love our new cabinets and the quartz countertop, and slightly expanded cabinet and counter space. Unfortunately we had a severe freeze about two weeks after the remodel was finished, which resulted in frozen pipes and a ruined floor (which we still need to replace). Unfortunately, our choice of faucets is limited by the fact that we have a portable dishwasher that needs to be hooked up to the kitchen faucet. I can tell you that if you can get the cabinets, countertop and layout that you want, you will be very happy. This last kitchen remodel was my second full one, and I was really happy with both of them. Just make sure that if you have a contractor do it to choose the contractor very carefully. 🙂

    • We are slowly making our way to cabinets. My Husband likes to build them, but it’s so much work, we have one built. lol I’ll post a picture in a couple of weeks, when my kitchen is a little more tidy. That is crappy about your pipes freezing. I remember that happening to us when I lived in NY. Just crap when you put down a new flooring. About 5 years ago we put in new flooring in the kitchen and the refrigerator leaked in the back and now we need new floors in at least that part of the kitchen. Good excuse to get new floors throughout the kitchen. 🙂

  4. What fun kitchens, now you’ve got me dreaming ……….

  5. Oh my I really need a kitchen makeover! LOL! I have lineolium from the 70’s in goldenrod! Booo!

  6. Hi Jen ~

    I had fun doing the test and it turns out that my style is Traditional.

    I hope you have lots of fun remodeling your kitchen, at least you have your very own to remodel! If & when you do, please post all of your updates for us so that we can kind of take part in it with you.

    Take Care & good luck!

    Love always,
    Aunt Liz

  7. The faucet is beautiful!! Good for you 😀 I love those dream kitchen photos! I wish my kitchen looked like that!

  8. I think I am a mix of traditional and contemporary!

  9. Jenn, we are looking forward to seeing your Cassidy Kitchen Faucet with Touch2O® Technology in your kitchen. We are so happy to hear that your readers had fun playing with our design tools.


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