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Cantaloupe Strawberry and Coconut Gazpacho #SundaySupper

Hi Everyone,

Happy Sunday to you!!  Today for #SundaySupper we had to make a dish that was free of everything!  Meaning it should or could be gluten-free, vegetarian, sugar-free ect…  So today I thought I would share with you a simple, refreshing summer soup that fits all categories and that is perfect to accompany any meal!

This is my Cantaloupe Strawberry and Coconut Gazpacho.  I decided on this recipe because I got two little cantaloupes in my CSA box last week, and they were standing on their last legs.  I knew I needed to make something with them and fast!  I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to do with them, but I thought originally making a cantaloupe soda, so I processed my cantaloupe in the blender and it turned into a wonderful thick liquid in a matter of seconds.  This was one sweet and fresh cantaloupe.  I took a sip and thought, hmmmmm I bet strawberries would be good in here.  In went the strawberries.  Once I took one more taste, I thought that this is so thick it would make a wonderful summer soup.  So the idea of gazpacho was born.

Since my Husband doesn’t like seeds from strawberries, I decided to strain the seeds from the fruit.  It made it all that much creamier, but the only thing about doing this, is I lost about 1/2 cup of my mixture.  To make up the difference for lost fruit, I added some coconut milk to it, which made it creamier and while I was at it, I added a pinch of coconut extract.  Amazing!  I would have never of thought of coconut and cantaloupe together, but it is pretty darn good!

This little soup is perfect for a hot summers day, plus it makes for great use of  melon that needs to be used.  Not only is this dish healthy, full of vitamins and nutrients, but it is also gluten-free, vegan and sugar-free!  The only sugar in this dish is the natural sugar from the fruit!  So grab a spoon and enjoy!!

Cantaloupe Strawberry and Coconut Gazpacho
Prep time
Total time
A sweet creamy cold soup made with cantaloupe, strawberries and coconut.
Serves: 4½ Cups
  • 4 cups cantaloupe, roughly chopped
  • 2 cups strawberries, stem removed, roughly chopped
  • 1 tsp. stevia or sugar to taste
  • 1 cup coconut milk, unsweetened (from a carton)
  • ¼ tsp. coconut extract
  1. In a blender add cantaloupe and strawberries. Process until smooth. Add stevia or sugar to taste. Place a fine mesh sieve or line a bowl with cheesecloth and pour the fruit into sieve. With a back of a spoon, push the fruit through. You want to get rid of the seeds and pulp.
  2. Discard the pulp and seeds and place your mixture in a bowl. Stir in coconut milk. Taste one more time to see if additional sugar is needed.
  3. Refrigerate until cold, serve within one day. You can freeze it make like a smoothie,if your not going to use right away.
Calorie per cup: 92.4, Fat: 2, Cholesterol: 0, Sodium: 52, Potassium: 608, Carbs: 18, Fiber: 3, Sugar: 16, Protein: 1.9
Nutrition Information
Serving size: A pinch over 1 cup

I just love summer produce!  Nothing beats it!!!  Now be sure to check out what the others brought to the table for #SundaySupper.

Have a great rest of the weekend!




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