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Hi Everyone,

I am so excited for today’s recipe.  For the first time ever, I made ice cream that didn’t turn out hard as a rock!   Ok, you have no idea how proud I am, plus I think the ingredients are semi-healthy except for the whipping cream, but the rest is all good!  Plus my ice cream doesn’t contain eggs, even better!  Especially for those who are afraid of raw eggs!

I decided to make Pistachio Cherry Ice Cream because for some odd reason, pistachio ice cream is hard to find in these parts of California and it’s my Husband favorite flavor.  The only brand we can find is Ben and Jerry’s Pistachio Pistachio.  Not only is it expensive for a small pint of it, but it’s also loaded with sugar and is 280 calories a 1/2 cup.  Way to much!!  My ice cream is just a pinch over 200 calories and 50 calorie of it is pistachio and cherries!!  Which is good stuff!!!

I originally was planning on using my ice cream maker, but I would have to freeze the bowl for 24 hours and I didn’t have patience for that.   As I said above the ice cream is pretty healthy!  I have real natural cherries, pistachios, NuNaturals Presweet Tagatose, coconut milk from a carton and only 1 cup of whipping cream.  The flavor of the ice cream is spot on for Pistachio!!  The ice creamy is creamy the first day, but I’ll be honest, it gets an icy texture to it in the freezer.  I don’t mind that because the flavor is wonderful!!  I like the fact that I didn’t need to use egg yolks in the ice cream, which takes away a huge step in making ice cream.  I didn’t like the idea of tempering the eggs and adding the milk, ect… I’m purely to lazy for that, plus I’m kind of afraid of over cooking the eggs.  All I did was pour my ingredients in a bowl, whip it together and place in a freezer safe container.

The biggest piece of advice I have on this recipe, is place the ice cream in a shallow container and place it in the freezer.  I used a deeper container and it takes forever and I’m talking more than 6 hours for it to freeze.  Using a shallow container it should take anywhere from 1 1/2 – 3 hours.  When you make this ice cream, I recommend being home for the day.  You have to vigorously whip the ice cream every 30 minutes until it hardens.  You do this so air incorporates in the ice cream which makes it fluffy and light.

I love the fact that you don’t need an ice cream maker to make real ice cream.  They did it in the old fashion days and you still don’t need to these days.  I love my ice cream maker, but it’s bulky and takes up so much room in the freezer.   Another recommendation that I have is if you don’t like an icy texture to your ice cream, I would use full fat coconut milk.  I used unsweetened coconut milk from the carton.  It’s only 60 calories a cup and I used two cups in this recipe.  I also used Trader Joe’s Whipping Cream, which is only 45 calories a tablespoon.  That’s pretty low for cream, you can find it on a shelf in the baking section.  Just make sure if you use it, to chill it first.  You want all of our ingredients to be chilled.

Pistachio Cherry Ice Cream (Egg-less)
Prep time
Total time
An egg-less ice cream, made with coconut milk, cherries and pistachios.
Serves: approx. 4 cups (serves 8)
  • 1 cup heaving whipping cream (I used Trader Joe's 45 calories tbsp.)
  • 2 cups Unsweetened coconut milk (in a carton)
  • 1 cup sugar or 1½ cup Nunaturals Presweet Tagatose
  • 1 tsp. almond extract
  • 1 cup cherries, pitted cut into quarters
  • ½ cup pistachio, ground
  1. In a bowl, add whipping cream, coconut milk, sugar, and almond extract; mix until thoroughly combined. Stir in cherries and nuts.
  2. Add mixture in a freezer safe shallow bowl. Place in freezer for 45 minutes. Take out of the freezer and vigorously whip it. Place it back in the freezer. Continue to do this every 30 minutes, until the ice cream is the constancy you like. Will take anywhere from 1½ - 3 hours. If you use a deep container, it will take up to 6 hours and possibly over night.
Calories per ½ cup: 203, Fat: 13.8, Cholesterol: 40, Sodium: 177, Potassium: 40, Carbs: 35, Fiber: 1.1, Sugar: 3.1, Protein: 1.7
Nutrition Information
Serving size: ½ cup

With this recipe you could really change it up very easily.  If you want vanilla ice cream, add vanilla bean and vanilla extract.  Do you like strawberries?  Add that instead of cherries.  Whip in some peanut butter.  The possibilities are endless and I can guarantee I will be making a bunch of different flavors this summer.  Use your imagination and blend a flavor you will love!!!  Try it out!  You will be just as proud as I am.  I was shocked, happy and tickled pink when I woke up in the morning and took a scoop of ice cream and it was soft and scoop-able!!!  Yah!!!  Oh and a few days later, still soft!!!  But be warned it does melt quickly.  After 10 minutes of taking photos the ice cream started to melt pretty good.  So eat it right away, savor each bite of your creation and enjoy it!

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Now for this weeks weekly recap:

Sunday:  Blueberry Coffee Cake #SundaySupper – I was so happy with this coffee cake, it’s moist, sweet and chock full of plump blueberries.  It was a huge hit with my Husband and he actually asked me to make the recipe again.

Monday:  Chipotle Honey Glazed Chicken SRC – This chicken is amazing!  It’s got everything I like, spice from the chipotle, and sweet from the honey and orange juice.  It’s a nice change-up for BBQ Chicken, plus it’s awesome on sweet potatoes too!!

Tuesday:  Strawberry Lemonade Frappe – A refreshing summer drink that is perfect when it is hot out!  It’s sweet, tangy and all natural! Not to mention a breeze to make and super low calories!  I have made this drink a few times this past week!!

Wednesday:  Garlic Lime Shrimp Salad – I love my Mexican dishes and the McCormick seasoning is so perfect with shrimp.  I have used it before with chicken and it’s amazing on chicken, but on shrimp, oh baby!  I love it!!  What is also nice, is that this makes for a quick weeknight meal!

Thursday:  Zucchini Almond Bread – This recipe was my most view recipe this week!  It’s a wonderful bread that is made with greek yogurt and applesauce, plus freshly shredded zucchini.  This bread is also super moist and freezes very well!  I love it!  I bett it would make a nice french toast too!!

Friday:  Beany Weany Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies – This is one of my oddest cookies yet, but it is so addicting!  The combination of chickpeas, peanut butter and chocolate are fantastic!  You don’t even notice the beans!  I love it and I love that it’s guilt-free.  I freeze them, and leave a few on the counter and within 5 minutes, they are perfect to eat!  You can also refrigerate them too!!  BREAKING NEWS:   I just asked my Husband, didn’t you take some zucchini bread or muffins to work today?  He said no, I took what I thought were mini muffins, they were peanut butter cookies.  I said did you like them, he said they were ok, but I don’t care for peanut butter cookies (you have to know he is not a peanut butter fan!).  I said did you taste the beans in it?  You should have seen his face!  I told him they are my Beany Weany PB Chocolate Chip Cookies.  He just about fell over.  lol  No clue they were made with beans!  I love when that happens!!  he he

Well my Friends, that is it for this Saturday!  Stay tuned for a slow cooked meal tomorrow!!

Have a wonderful Saturday!!!



P.S.  This weeks craving is my Breakfast Jar Parfait.  I haven’t had this in a while and I am in need.  With all the fresh berries, this will be one of the best breakfast’s ever!!


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